TLDR of LFG launch

Here is the list of projects submitted in LFG introductions (not ranked). Enjoy :slight_smile:

1. Sharky

Lending and Financing protocol
Ambition to become the liquidity layer across protocols and chains
Building peer-to-peer economies at scale
Ticker: $SHARK
Total Supply: 100,000,000
TGE Date: 3rd or 4th week of March 2024

More: Sharky ๐Ÿฆˆ โ€” #1 NFT-lending protocol ($HARK application for LFG)

2. Banx

Perpetual P2P NFT lending protocol
Solana NFT-fi
Banx uses 100% of its revenue (fees + royalties) to buy back $BANX
$BANX: End of March 2024

More: P2P Perpetual NFT Loans - $BANX

3. Sanctum

Liquid staking - Liquid staking gives you the best of both worlds: it lets you secure the network and use your SOL at the same time
The unified liquidity layer powering all liquid staking on Solana

More: Sanctum LFG: building the infinite-LST future

4. deBridge

Cross-chain infrastructure, Bridge
0-TVL model, No LP

More: Introducing deBridge to LFG

5. Clone Protocol

Non-native token liquidity is introduced to Solana
TGE for Q3-Q4 2024

More: Clone Protocol Application for LFG Launchpad


On-chain analysis, scrutinizing blockchain transactions and activities, LOST identifies and exposes rogue developers and dubious projects, providing the community with essential insights and warnings
Token already launched

More: Introducing LOST- The detective dog on Solana blockchain

7. Zeus Network

An open communication layer linking Solana & Bitcoin
Launchpad: March 15th
Total supply: 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion)

More: LFG Launchpad Introduction: Bitcoin <> Zeus Network <> Solana

8. Uprock - DePIN (Decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePIN)

AI that talks to you, helping you navigate the crypto world, finding deals, and earning for you while youโ€™re off doing other things
Approximate date for TGE:
TBD (target is mid-March)

More: Introducing UpRock! DePin for AI - Share your idle internet and earn $UPT

9. Nyxia AI

Spiritual Layer for AI - spiritual voice of web3, creating an exceptionally positive and uplifting brand identity

More: Introducing Nyxia AI to utilize LFG for solving the Series B Problem

10. Space Mission By Cadets

Click-to-earn game accompanied by tokens

More: Introducing Space Mission By Cadets

11. Angels of Ryina

eSports and eLearning game

More: LFG Launchpad introduction: Utility Token (GameFi Token) Angels of Ryina Metaverse $AoR

12. BSKTfi

Simplifies the investment process in DeFi projects

More: LFG Launchpad: Bsktfi (BSKT)

13. Droplet

A platform set to transform how we discover and interact with new token projects on Solana
Solana EcoTrack

Track and manage eco-friendly initiatives on the Solana blockchain

More: LFG | Droplet - Token Platform

14. Zippy Stake pool

Zippy Stake pool provides competitive liquid staking using the standard SPL stake pool program
Token $ZPY - April 2024

More: LFG candidate - ZPY, a utility token for Zippy Stake Pool

15. All-Gen Crypto

A community-driven DAO with an ecosystem token, breeding NFT project, DAO token, and DAO NFT

More: All Gen Crypto Project Proposal

16. Beetcoin

Decentralized cryptocurrency mining project built on the Solana
TGE: Already Launched

More: Beetcoin Reliving BTC on Solana

17. Monkey Dex

All-in-one dex solution to simplify trading
Multi-chain DEX
Copy trading
$MOGO at the end of March

More: LFG Launchpad Introduction - Monkey Dex / Monkey Gold $MOGO

18. Srcful - DePIN

Community-driven virtual power plant.
Rewarded for sharing their energy data openly and transparently.
In simple terms: Srcful Tokens are backed by Sustainable Energy.

EXAMPLE: If you have solar panels on your roof, for example, you can use the Srcful Energy Gateway to connect to the network. The Gateway will measure how much energy you produce, and if itโ€™s validated as green energy, youโ€™ll get rewarded with SRC tokens. By utilizing these tokens, you gain access to participate in the energy marketplace. As a token holder, you are granted the authority to influence decisions regarding the networkโ€™s operations. Leveraging the power of Solana, we offer a variety of innovative services that enhance your experience with Srcful.

More: Srcful - Decentralized Virtual Power Plant

19. Picasso Network

IBC network hub of connected chains


More: Picasso Network Intro to LFG


Decentralized dynamic hub for artists and art enthusiasts alike leveraging low cost-to-mint NFTs on SOL blockchain to empower artists

MATTE Token will power the ecosystem


More: LFG intro (& help wanted): MATTE! Redefining Independent Digital Media Distribution, Empowering Creators

21. Mentaverse

Mentaverse is a project about planets and timetravel.

NFT-collections, the $MVC reflection token, staking for SOL, game-developing, ever evolving lores and planet-merchandise.

More: Mentaverse - launching the $MVC (application for LFG)

22. Sage Markets

Democratizing access to sophisticated market making strategies and its rewards

More: Sage Markets - Decentralized Market Making $SAGE

23. Blackfin

A Solana explorer.
Enhanced with AI.
Blockchain transactions and trends.
Clean UI & UX

More: LFG Launchpad: Introducing Blackfin Explorer


socean/sanctum, zeus, sage, blackfin for me fam! super hyped on these and I think will be well received by the entirety of the jup and sol manlets