Introducing LOST- The detective dog on Solana blockchain

Introductory Story: How did you get to today, and what do you want to do next?

LOST started when there was no token. I was going through the sol ecosystem and following the new project launches. Found out that most of them were just farms to fool retail investors. So I started posting threads on my twitter and gradually it became a movement. Community began to form and started a TG channel where people discuss, do onchain analysis and guide newcomers.
We also found that most of the scanner bot were either incorrect or were taking money to remove the sensitive data of the project.

We launched a token to bind the community and give them a common goal of fighting against these rogue devs and bring more transparency to SOL ecosystem.

  • Describe your project in 5 sentences.

LOST is an innovative and community-focused project that resides on the Solana (SOL) blockchain. It is distinguished by its unique approach to on-chain analysis, which aims to enhance transparency and security within the Solana ecosystem. By scrutinizing blockchain transactions and activities, LOST identifies and exposes rogue developers and dubious projects, providing the community with essential insights and warnings.

In terms of education and outreach we can do something together. Our mission is to make sure the retail investors become vigilant and know how to identify such shady projects and raise a voice against them.

Since it’s a community project we do not have and corporate partners but have received quite overwhelming support from the solana holders and big names in this ecosystem.

To work towards an informed ecosystem where odds are not stacked against the retail investors. Provide them tools and education to have an advantage and better means to navigate this ruthless space.

  • Approximate date for TGE
    Already done

  • Vision Category:
    If your project were to succeed, how would it fundamentally change the web3 space?
    As we look to the future, LOST is dedicated to expanding our suite of tools to include visual wallet trackers and Telegram scanner bots. These advancements will allow users to monitor developer’s self-allocated liquidity and other critical parameters, enabling customization for personalized alerts and notifications. Our goal is to empower users with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions, navigate the complexities of the cryptocurrency world safely, and tailor their monitoring experience to their individual needs.

By providing real-time insights, warnings through our social media channels, and developing cutting-edge tools for enhanced user engagement, we aim to promote a safer, more transparent, and more trustworthy blockchain environment for all. LOST stands as a vigilant guardian, dedicated to promoting a safer, more informed, and empowered community within the Solana ecosystem.

What would you say is your biggest challenges or obstacles as a project?

To provide tools and more educational content without any funding. Being a small player and calling out bigger name/project in the space for potential wrongdoing opens up a big bag of worms for me personally. We have grown stronger and with the support of bigger players like Jupiter can really increase our outreach.

What advice would you give to another team launching a token in web3?

Launch it for the community which gels them together and work towards a cause which makes a positive change in day to life

What is something most tokens get wrong, and what steps are you taking to ensure that you won’t experience these pitfalls?

Making it more complicated than it should be. Incentives of holders and project founders should be aligned. A common cause which is power enough to navigate the ups and downs in token price.


Okay, I’m little bit confused here, you guys already have a token on the market? How do you think LFG will help you?


Is this an existing token?

Also, what is your process in place to prevent the flagging of false positives?

Yes token is already out! Just exploring the ways Jup ecosystem and us can do something which makes the ecosystem a safer place!

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I see that lost was first minted on 20th January 2024 and is already trading. I think this application will be for asking to be on the Strict List (rather than the auto All list) rather than for the LFG. However, I may be misunderstanding the rules between 1) LFG rules b) Strict Lists (which I think yours sits in) and c) All lists (tokens of which that trade are automatically listed (but without ‘acknowledgement and logo etc’)).
Regarding the project itself, it is interesting in bringing more transparency against bad actors in crypto and creating communities that do this. I would recommend that you go ahead with your idea of becoming a Solana validator aswell, as it gives more utility and strength to the LOST token, further to the ‘investigation’ and ‘community’ uses that you have factored in. Anyway from my perspective a decent project, for the ‘Strict List’. NB: Pre-Jupiter DAO launch update guidance received is that even trading projects can apply and receive feedback re: potential lfg. So, in light of this, and given its potential for growth as a positive force (I also like it’s expansive thinking in become a Solana validator etc) then this is a good project to support. The crypto space certainly needs some QA processes. It may well be that just as e.g. Pyth is used for data price and other updates, Lost may be linked to exchange accounts, e.g. and with token summary updates? Interesting.


Yes existing tokens. My bad, what do u mean by false positive?

Further addendum. Having recently joined the Kamino Discord, I put in a query to the mods there about what QA processes are happening with the super whales that are mopping up over a billion or more points atm. Having looked at the top 3, I chose one at random and after some manual check, found one that had an odd association with scam NFTs. There is currently no appetite it seems to check the source of the super whale funds (leaves less value on the table for others). I think that LOST has found a niche here, that is extremely valuable. They could run investigations, post summaries on exchanges, including Coingecko,, Jupiter etc, and also on coinmarketcap, coingecko etc, partnerships in these areas are a real possibility. Furthermore, communities in various DAOs that want to implement anti-whale (and other QA) could pass a motion to pay LOST to QA a process, an airdrop, a launch (or pre-launch). So on. There use and need for LOST and the places it can be applied is very significant

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AaaS ( Audit as a Service) maybe? I think you’re spot on though. There are so many shady practices that occur, that this type of project is prone to naturally gain traction as an opposing force. I’m curious to know whether the original TGE was used to fund the acquisition of more resources to further the development of the tools you’ve mentioned & if so, how far out are you from the launch of any of them?


I note that this topic has been shaded grey (along with several others) - is it still a live application? If so, I wanted to add that I think that the LOST project would do well to partner up with Coinsult, which has a very attractive and user-friendly platform, where the public can also view the outcome summary of various commissioned token and coin audits. Details can be found here

I’ve visited your website, my intrest was “Audit & Certification” section. I have a question regarding the reliability of these audits and the qualifications of those conducting them. Could you please provide more information on how we can trust these audits and the credentials of the auditors involved from Lost team?

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