LFG Launchpad Introduction: Bitcoin <> Zeus Network <> Solana

Hello Jupiter DAO and Space Catdets! We are on a mission to bring BTC to the Solana world and we are backed by a set of awesome investors from across the Solana, Bitcoin and DeFi worlds in this mission.

As we prepare for launch, we are looking for awesome users and community members to join us on our journey, and we believe LFG launchpad is a great way to kickstart this!

Zeus Network Introduction

We’re building Zeus Network – an open communication layer linking Solana & Bitcoin. Our key objective is to bring the power of BTC as an asset to the high-performance, decentralized trading chain which is Solana.

We are extremely motivated to build this. As a player in Solana DeFi throughout the past 2 years, we’ve felt the pinch of unreliable wrapped assets (soBTC) and lack of strong native assets to trade. zBTC is our solution, and we are excited to have the rest of the ecosystem to help bring it to life.

Zeus Network serves as a crucial permissionless layer, harnessing the formidable strengths of both Solana and Bitcoin. Solana’s rapid transaction capabilities and scalability, combined with Bitcoin’s security, trust, and liquidity, create a powerful synergy. Developers can build diverse applications and services on Zeus Network, connecting Solana and Bitcoin without barriers. This unique blend paves the way for a plethora of possibilities, from high-performance decentralized apps to efficient and secure financial services.

Zeus Network Ecosystem

We expect a full network of powerful dApps to be built on top of Zeus. The current roadmap includes:

  • Stake/Wrap Bitcoin with Solana Yield (Chapter APOLLO)
  • Liquidity Tranche of Bribery System (Chapter ARTEMIS)
  • Native Bitcoin Collateralized Stablecoin (Future)
  • Native & CrossChain NFT tools (Future)
  • Native & Borrow/Lending between all Bitcoin layers and Solana (Future)
  • Bitcoin Layer 2 integration (e.g. Stacks)
  • And countless more opportunities for founders/developers to discover and explore, fortified by the security and value Zeus Network delivers.

Immediate Timeline

  • Q1 2024: Focused on community building, documentation, tokenomics, launching the Testnet, and $ZEUS token
  • Q2 2024: Launch of APOLLO. The first ZEUS dApp.


Zeus Network is backed by key VCs & Angels in the Solana, Bitcoin, and DeFi space, including the co-founder of the top 5 blockchains, the founder of BTC layer 2, top-tier miners, and more. Investors’ lineup will be revealed soon.


Our team is one that has weathered many years in crypto and Solana.

Justin Wang | Founder

Born in Taiwan, raised in Canada, graduated from UBC. Started a successful VPN business in Dubai in 2014, targeting the Saudi market. Sold it for a 3.5 million equity exit in 2016. Founded “dAppio Lab” in 2020, pioneering advanced innovation technology in Solana and other blockchain ecosystems.

Jim Ironaddicteddog | Chief Architect

I am a blockchain professional with a diverse background who has contributed to various projects. Currently, I am an Architect at Zeus Network, developing the first Permissionless Communication Layer for Solana and Bitcoin. Prior to this, I played a pivotal role in fostering the non-EVM community in Taiwan for Solana at Gen3, and worked as a Tech Lead and Project Manager at dAppioLab where I led the development of dAppio Wonderland. Earlier, I worked as a Researcher at BSOS and Unitychain. During my tenure as a Contributor to the Taipei Ethereum Meetup, I organized meetups, study groups, hosted conferences, and earned a work endorsement from Vitalik.

Dean | Chief Scientist

I am a professional developer from Australia with expertise in software, hardware, and blockchain. I have previously lived in Hong Kong, spent significant time in Taiwan, and am proficient in Mandarin Chinese. With 7 years of experience in Bitcoin blockchain, I have won hackathons and built multiple successful companies.



We look forward to meeting the JUP DAO via discussions here, Discord or in Twitter Spaces!


Introducing Zeus Network: A modern, open communication layer linking Solana and Bitcoin

Zeus Network envisions a pioneering role in shaping the future of blockchain connectivity by strategically combining the unparalleled speed and scalability of Solana with the robust security and liquidity of Bitcoin. Our vision is to establish a dynamic and secure communication layer that empowers developers and users, fostering a decentralized ecosystem where high-performance decentralized applications, secure financial services, and a vibrant community flourish seamlessly.

We aspire to lead the industry by eliminating barriers and providing a versatile platform that taps into the unique strengths of Solana and Bitcoin, propelling Zeus Network to the forefront of decentralized innovation.


At Zeus Network, our vision is straightforward – we want to mix the speed of Solana with the security of Bitcoin. Think of us like buddies crafting a safe and easy way for folks to connect in the decentralized world. Zeus Network is here to simplify things for developers and build a community where everyone feels at home.

We’re all about tearing down barriers and giving you a platform that uses the best parts of Solana and Bitcoin. Imagine Zeus Network as your guide, not just leading the way but making decentralized tech feel easy, friendly, and down-to-earth.

Explore the Zeus Network Ecosystem

  • Stake/Wrap Bitcoin with Solana Yield (Chapter APOLLO)
  • Liquidity Tranche of Bribery System (Chapter ARTEMIS)
  • Native Bitcoin Collateralized Stablecoin (Future)
  • Native & CrossChain NFT tools (Future)
  • Native & Borrow/Lending between all Bitcoin layers and Solana (Future)
  • Bitcoin Layer 2 integration (e.g. Stacks)
  • And countless more opportunities for founders/developers to discover and explore, fortified by the security and value Zeus Network delivers.

$ZEUS Token

  • Launchpad: March 15th
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion)
  • Tokenomics: Coming soon

APOLLO: First dApp for Native BTC staking

Our latest initiative, serving as a native and permissionless wrapper at the intersection of Bitcoin and Solana within the dynamic landscape of blockchain technology. This strategic venture redefines cross-chain interoperability by sidestepping conventional bridging mechanisms, positioning APOLLO as a pioneering force.

Key Building Blocks:

  • Zeus Consensus: APOLLO operates under the Zeus Consensus, ensuring trustless governance through the active involvement of verifiers.
  • Programmatic Structure: Running on the Solana Virtual Machine (SVM), APOLLO incorporates crucial elements like the Two-Way Peg program (2WP), the Liquidity Management Program, and the Revenue Management Program. These pieces work together to make APOLLO tick.

Managing Cross-Chain Liquidity: We’ve strategically set up APOLLO to handle cross-chain liquidity with a strong commitment to decentralized principles. Initiating different cases to allocate liquidity, offering flexibility in how we operate.

Decentralized Liquidity Handling: Think of APOLLO as a custodian for zBTC, pegged at a 1:1 ratio with Bitcoin. This ensures smooth operations and opens up opportunities for earning within my ecosystem. The Hot/Cold reserve design is our way of overseeing the 1:1 peg and giving liquidity providers some flexibility.

Zeus Consensus for Governance and Security: The backbone is the Zeus Consensus, powered by verifiers. This decentralized governance framework keeps things secure and ensures everything within APOLLO operates with integrity.

Key Features

  • Native $BTC Staking: Stake your native $BTC directly on the Bitcoin chain, enjoying a seamless and empowering staking experience.
  • Two-Way-Pegged $zBTC: Explore cross-chain possibilities by effortlessly Two-way-pegging your $zBTC on the Solana blockchain, offering unparalleled flexibility.
  • Lend, Borrow, Earn: APOLLO isn’t just about assets; it’s about opportunities in a decentralized world where you can lend, borrow, and earn, maximizing your potential in the crypto space.

Public Testing

  • February
    • APOLLO Alpha Testing: Closed
    • Snapshot for Public Testing: February 28th 23:59 (UTC)
      • Jupiter Holders: Hold at least 555 $JUP to be eligible.
  • March
    • APOLLO Public Testing: March 1st - March 7th
    • ZEUS token launchpad: late March

Looks very promising! This would open a big avenue for BTC in Solana :smiley:


People have always been talking about how Solana and Bitcoin are a perfect match for eachother.

I’m glad to see people are acting on this.

Very cool.


Agree with this. Quite exciting plans by Zeus IMO!


Achieving permissionless communication with Bitcoin and Solana… This will leave a strong impression in people’s memories as an innovative project in the new bull market.


Big narrative in 2024

I personally love this innovative idea which will break the existing situation and make Solana become stronger


A very clever plan that makes full use of the value of BTC and the performance of Solana to generate greater value, allowing BTC holders to obtain more benefits more safely and easily. At the same time, there is no need to stake and unstake BTC, it can be implemented directly through the permissionless communication layer, which is really great.


Zeus Network opens the gate for myriad of possibilities with the permissionless communication layer connecting Solana and Bitcoin. With the likes of cross-chain NFT Dapps, lending & borrowing and integrating Bitcoin L2s, Zeus network is undeniably the game changer in cross-chain composability.
Looking forward to the launch.


The idea of ​​combining the strengths of Solana and Bitcoin is very good, having the speed and scalability of Solana combined with the security and reliability of Bitcoin seems like a dream. I can’t wait to see this dream happen.


Solid plan, SOL and BTC mix great!


I imagine a lot of this might go over many people’s heads, or that they will find it difficult to imagine what exactly will be enabled.

I think it would be useful to provide a simple comparison with the existing tBTC – both in terms of security assumptions as well as what is and isn’t enabled by each.


This might be the biggest narrative in 2024, looks like Zeus Network has the potential to change the whole crypto world.

“I am prepared for the massive influx of BTC liquidity into Solana.”, LFG!


This is in my Top 3 for projects to launch on LFG; very strong narrative and strong team imo


Am a fan of more wrapped assets on Solana. Great inclusion of utilizing existing JUP holders as potential beta testers — what better way to demonstrate product worthiness than to give people early access to it, bravo.


I like both SOL and BTC.
I’m really looking forward to this project


We’re already seeing the narrative being built similar to this project as we see more build around BTC itself, seems like a no brainer to bring together BTC and SOL. Also integrating BTC L2s like Stacks? This is all perfectly timed narrative with the upcoming halving.


The synergy of Bitcoin and Solana is undeniable, and Zeus unlocks its potential by bringing BTC liquidity to Solana in a truly permissionless way. It’s a novel system with unparalleled promise, exceeding any other existing protocol in this space. A collaboration between Zeus and Jup LFG launchpad for the upcoming TGE event would be mutually beneficial. LFG


In an environment characterized by the Bitcoin halving, increased ETF inflows, and the expansion of Bitcoin’s Layer 2 solutions, Bitcoin is gaining more traction and volume. Simultaneously, the Solana ecosystem is experiencing a revival, highlighted by new airdrops and a flourishing DeFi ecosystem.

At the heart of these developments is ZEUS, serving as a vital communication layer that connects Bitcoin liquidity directly to Solana, signaling bullish prospects.

This permissionless and secure communication layer is particularly significant, considering the current landscape’s void of secure, permissionless platforms, with only centralized and insecure bridges available. Zeus bridges Bitcoin - the largest source of idle liquidity in the Web 3.0 space - with Solana, known for having the most efficient, cost-effective, and fastest DeFi ecosystem in Web 3.0. This represents an optimal fusion of both ecosystems’ strengths.

Notably, Stacks, the largest Bitcoin Layer 2, is utilizing Zeus to establish connectivity with Solana. The team behind Zeus consists of resilient builders who continue to innovate through bear markets, setting them apart from the typical, less reliable Web3 founders. The momentum behind $ZEUS seems unstoppable, and it would be unwise to overlook its potential.

TLDR; Zeus is inevitable :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain::cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:


This brings staking to the ultimate proof of work chain !


Hello Zeus,

Well explained. I have a few questions:

  1. “we want to mix the speed of Solana with the security of Bitcoin” Solana isn’t secure enough for the dApp? or what exactly does Bitcoin security mean? What is the reason behind using Bitcoin Security?
  2. Will there be multiple token launches? APOLLO, zBTC, ZEUS?

This is an amazing project, Bitcoin and Solana, hand in hand. Exciting