Introducing Space Mission By Cadets

I’ve been working on my art and refining it for a year, and it was truly a process that I loved. I developed a click-to-earn game accompanied by tokens. Honestly, from the moment I started planning everything, I got very excited. Now, thanks to God, I was able to release my collection on Magic Eden, and it sold out. 5555 NFTs sold at 0.069 each. My goal wasn’t to raise a lot of money, but rather to have the opportunity to enter the market to launch my product, which is Space Mission By Cadets. Next, I aim to implement my game on Solana and make it the new boom of click-to-earn games.

Cadets is an ecosystem that features a collection of 5555 PFP NFTs and 2 games.

Game1: Space Mission, which is a click-to-earn game. It involves creating teams of cadets and rockets to attack planets and earn rewards in $ODYS.

Game2: Space Race: It’s a fun racing game where you play against other holders, betting your $ODYS.

$ODYS: It’s our token, and it holds power throughout the Cadets ecosystem, for future merchandise, games currently in development, and future plans.

I want to dox all project wallets and demonstrate that 100% of all revenue will be dedicated to maintaining the value of $ODYS, aiming to be one of the few projects on Solana that is completely transparent and legit, As holder I’m tired and wanna start the change.

I’m the only owner of Cadets at the moment, but I may add more people to my team later. My name is Marcos, but the Solana community knows me as Stromp. I’ve been an artist and Twitch content creator since 2021.

I’ve been working as an artist since 2021, assisting various projects with artwork and creating 1/1s and marketing content. Additionally, I’m proficient in 3D and 2D animation. Some of the projects in my portfolio include Oogy, Reavers, Fuddies, Bastardz, Bruh Bears, among others.

The Jupiter ecosystem fits perfectly with Cadets, as the theme revolves around the universe and planets. Our main idea is to add a planet called Jupiter, where players can obtain Jupiter from it. It would be very entertaining, and if not in that manner, there are many other ways to incorporate Jupiter into the lore. The reason Jupiter would add value to us is that we are a token-based project, and the entire ecosystem revolves around the token. It would be a pleasure to have the best DAO on Solana as holders, as far as I’m concerned. I plan to launch the token in March alongside the game since everything is fully developed, and my collection is already on the market. All I need is the push to launch the token, and I’m confident that with your support, I’ll have that push.

If my project succeeds, the most significant change will be how many founders and projects often keep money from holders, and Cadets aims to change that. I give my word that 100% of all circulating money will be dedicated to sustaining the token and the project as a whole. It would please me to bring about a change in these aspects because, from my point of view, transparency and honesty are lacking in Solana and in Web3 in general. Through my daily Twitch streams, you can monitor the legitimacy.

My biggest challenges will be adapting to the Solana ecosystem as the project progresses, as the meta in Solana is very dynamic. However, this excites me because I have many plans to implement as time goes on. Another challenge will be long-term sustainability, but there is a developed economy for that.

A piece of advice for other developers would be to develop an economy that includes external revenue streams for the project in general. Long-term success stems from this, as well as being honest with the numbers and not exaggerating what they take for themselves.

Many teams make mistakes with the distribution of the token supply and the economy surrounding the token. The measures taken include not exaggerating with pre-sales, meaning only selling a little to inject stable initial liquidity and allowing many people to have the need to buy after the token is launched. They will also have the opportunity to mint assets within the project with their tokens, and there will be many burn mechanisms in general. I believe one of the most important points is that royalties from secondary markets will greatly contribute to the sustainability of the token and the ecosystem as a whole, as all tokens acquired by my wallets will be burned to further increase the value of the $ODYS token.


game site (can give you some access and explain for the beta game, dont need to conect wallet for the moment we are giving user and pass access)

Thanks for your time I know its a lot of text but I’m being full honest!.


Congratulations on the success of your project, Stromp! It’s inspiring to see how you’ve diligently worked on developing Cadets and managed to sell out your entire collection on Magic Eden.

Your emphasis on transparency and dedicating 100% of the revenue to maintaining the value of $ODYS is commendable. The inclusion of two games, Space Mission and Space Race, adds an interactive and fun element to the Cadets experience.

The integration of the Jupiter theme into the ecosystem makes a lot of sense and could bring an additional layer of excitement and benefits for players.

I look forward to the token launch in March, and I’m confident that with your honest and transparent approach, Cadets could make a difference in the Solana community.

Best of luck with your future developments, and may your project reach new heights in the NFT and blockchain space! :rocket::sparkles:


This give me Cryptomines vibes, less than 0.1 sol and has more to show than other projects that charged more than 2 sol, its great to have people actually building and not trying to rug their community
Art project with an actual game to show already in beta :white_check_mark:
1 person team :negative_squared_cross_mark:
Content creator which you can see his face fully Dox :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:
Communication with developer :white_check_mark:
marketing plan :white_check_mark:
active discord: doesnt look like bots :white_check_mark:
Active community in general :white_check_mark:

Making this with only 0.1 as mint price sounds very dificult but there it is with proofs,
I highly recomend to get more people in the team so you can prioritize the most important parts of the project.


Hello Marcos (Stromp),

First and foremost, congratulations on the success of your Cadets project and the sell-out of your collection on Magic Eden! It’s inspiring to see how your dedication and passion have borne fruit, and I’m confident that your vision for Cadets in the Solana ecosystem will be even more exciting.

It’s impressive to see your commitment to transparency and legitimacy in the Solana and Web3 space. Your approach to doxing all project wallets and pledging 100% of revenue to maintain the value of $ODYS is a bold and refreshing step in an often opaque world.

Incorporating the Jupiter theme into the Cadets universe sounds fascinating and promises to add an additional layer of fun and value for players. Your plan to launch the token in March, alongside the already developed game, sounds well-thought-out.

Your commitment to allocating all funds to sustain the token and the project is a bold and appreciated statement. The transparency and honesty you seek to bring to the space are valuable qualities that will undoubtedly resonate with the community.

I admire your focus on long-term sustainability, and your advice for other developers is very insightful. Attention to the project’s economy and avoiding exaggeration in initial sales are keys to lasting success.

I wish you the best on your journey with Cadets, and I look forward to seeing the positive impact you’ll undoubtedly have in the Solana space. Best of luck with the token and game launch in March! I’ll be following your Twitch streams closely to track the project’s progress.

Best regards,


Hey Stromp,

I like your cadets collection, I took a look on Magic Eden and I love the NFTs. I like when NFTs related to projects have utility in the project. Will the Cadets NFT have a use in the project?

Gaming is a difficult industry to get into because every game is vying for attention. Do you have any plans for the longevity of your game?

Best Regards,


First of all, nice to meet you Tim, and thank you for your response. The Cadets collection will have a very important utility within the games. Soon, I will be releasing a whitepaper on social media to answer that question in a more specific way. Longevity, the economy, long-term plans, and the transparency I will provide when specifying the use of funds will be key to that longevity. I already have the games ready to launch and right now I am working on implements that will give a lot of utility to the token, to Cadets, and to the ecosystem in general. I know I didn’t give any specific answers, but that’s because I plan to provide the information this week on social media!

Best Regards,


Thanks for the trust Jagra Cadets will work hard to reach the goals.

Best regards,


Hey Stromp,

Congratulations on the success of your Cadets collection on Magic Eden! The concept of integrating NFTs with a click-to-earn game and a racing game sounds intriguing. I appreciate the transparency and commitment to dedicating 100% of revenue to maintaining the value of $ODYS.

I checked out your Twitter and Twitch, and it’s great to see your journey as an artist and content creator since 2021. Your experience in 3D and 2D animation adds a unique touch to the project.

The idea of incorporating Jupiter into the Cadets ecosystem aligns well with the space theme. It’s exciting to see how it could enhance the lore and engagement for players.

As you navigate the dynamic Solana ecosystem, your commitment to transparency and honesty is commendable. The plan to launch the token in March alongside the game seems well-thought-out.

Your dedication to changing the narrative around project funding and the promise of 100% reinvestment into the token and project sustainability is refreshing. The emphasis on a balanced token supply distribution, external revenue streams, and burn mechanisms shows a thoughtful approach to long-term success.

I’m curious about the utility of the Cadets NFTs within the project and how you plan to ensure the longevity of the game in a competitive gaming industry.

Best Regards,


Thanks for your good vibes Brother, this makes work harder!

Best regards,


This is crazy dude i love it


It is incredible these days to find projects within a solid community that transmits trust but not a project that anyone, I have the feeling that this game as it is proposed has too much potential for growth since it combines important functions implemented in successful games like cryptomines in the previous bull run that make this project something unique and if we add to this that it is developed in the Solana network it gives it an even greater value since we know that SOL is currently 5th in the crypto ranking which makes this an amazing and unmissable combination, “fomo” aside xD


I am a loyal follower of the Cadets collection; I find this idea excellent in giving it a purpose beyond speculative art. It has a lot of potential in the crypto space, and I am completely bullish on this project


I find a click-to-earn concept really interesting, especially when developed with a not-so-simple economy, given that there isn’t a project like this on Solana yet. It would be interesting to see how the Solana market would react to such a project. However, I would like to know more details about the project and see the relationship between NFTs and the game. And if the claim about 100% of the money going to the game is really fulfilled.


Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it!


Hey Thanks for your reply, tbh I’m exited to see how solana community will react to Space Mission, The challenge here is fit on solana because as you said there is not other project like Space mission, but I know solana community will love us!


Love it!
Would be amazing if the game is audited, it will be so bullish, check hello moon guys!
Best luck