LFG Launchpad: Introducing Blackfin Explorer

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Blackfin LFG Intro
Over the past 9 months our team has been building in stealth mode, today we’re excited to announce Blackfin Explorer, the first of a suite of products for the Solana ecosystem.

Introductory Story:

We started with a vision to make the vast, complex ocean of blockchain data on Solana accessible for everyone. We noticed that navigating blockchain explorers felt like trying to read a map with no legend — needlessly complicated. Our question was simple: How can we expect to grow our ecosystem, and grow the pie if the very tools meant to welcome them are unwelcoming?

Over the last 9 months, we’ve been dedicated to building something different, something better: Blackfin. As we look to the future, our aim is to keep expanding Blackfin’s features, making it an essential tool for everyone in the Solana ecosystem. And, we’re really excited about unveiling Sierra, our custom AI tool that will change how you interact with data, trade and assess your portfolio.

We want Blackfin to be community owned, so we’re not seeking Angels, VC’s or anything outside the LFG launchpad - everything to date has been self funded from our small team.

Tell us about your team

We’re small, nimble and focused, and we ship products, it’s what we love to do:
Toly said it best below :slightly_smiling_face:

Our team consists of two engineers who always aim for 10x impact and a product manager who doubles as our in-house designer (though he modestly claims to be dabbling in design). Led by @ChiefBlackfin (Twitter).

We come from diverse backgrounds, bringing together a rich blend of expertise in full-stack software development, data architecture, UX design, and product management from both traditional finance, SaaS and the start-up world.

What unites us is our obsession with the user experience and a shared belief in simplifying complexity to welcome more users into the blockchain space. This is our mission with Blackfin, and every step we take is aimed at growing the pie.

TLDR: Describe Blackfin in 5 sentences

We’ve created Blackfin, a Solana explorer that’s not just innovative but also enhanced with AI to offer intuitive features, deep insights into blockchain transactions and trends. Our platform simplifies the experience, with a clean, modern interface that makes blockchain data easily accessible to both novices and experts. We’ve removed all the unnecessary jargon, technical blockers which most Explorers have today which make it near impossible to understand what exactly is going on.

Clean UI & UX - see what was swapped, automated tx flagging to view incoming transactions

By incorporating AI, we’re set to provide predictive analytics and personalised insights for portfolios, along with a type-to-trade feature (Sierra) that unlocks new value from blockchain data. Imagine being able to execute trades or receive portfolio insights through simple voice or text commands. Our commitment goes beyond just enhancing user experience; we’re here to transform blockchain interaction, turning data into actionable intelligence.

Near term possibilities:

  • Imagine logging into Blackfin and asking our AI trade tool and typing: “buy 10 SOL worth of JUP at the current price” and it executes seamlessly

  • Quickly connecting your wallet or pasting in a wallet address and asking Sierra to give you real-time AI insights about the current portfolio. We’re working on this currently and more, as mentioned above were more than an explorer but we had to start where the magic happens, the blockchain.

  • Using natural language to find tokens that meet a specific criteria, for exmaple “give me alist of tokens that launched more than 30 days ago, under 5 million market cap with volume higher than $5M”

As seen below, we currently utlise AI to simplify transaction events into easy digestible natural language tx summaries:

Jupiter Ecosystem and Blackfin

Main pitch on how the product collaborates with the Jupiter & Solana ecosystem

We designed Blackfin to be a cornerstone within both the Jupiter and Solana ecosystems, enhancing the way users access and utilise blockchain data. Our AI-driven analytics and insights are positioned to offer Jupiter users better decision-making tools. Imagine executing trades in seconds using natural language, thanks to our AI trading tool. We’re eager to collaborate with Jupiter, hoping to become a listed explorer that makes transactions clearer for novice users.

By integrating with other Solana projects, we aim to foster a more collaborative, data-rich environment, driving adoption and engaging more users over the long-term.

Describe partners, supporters, or collaborative efforts:

Our journey so far has been bolstered by incredible partnerships with infrastructure giants in both the Web3 and traditional tech spaces. Special thanks go to Chainstack, Shyft, Vercel, Phantom, Jupiter Pricing infrastructure and the supportive Solana community for helping us turn our vision into reality. Without them, Blackfin would still be a concept on paper. There’s more room for collaborations which we will share later during any AMA’s or livestreams.

TGE & Token Details

We’re planning our token launch for the end of April 2024, focusing on making it as community-driven as possible - no VC’s, no insiders, no Angels. With the $FIN token, we’re not just launching a currency; we’re inviting the community to join us in shaping the future of blockchain exploration.

Date: End of April 2024

Symbol: $FIN

Token name: Blackfin

Max Supply: 2 billion (2% airdrop to JUP holders above certain threshold TBD)

Supply available at TGE: 60%

Launch market cap: $3M - $5M

Launch price: Minimum: $0.0025 | Maximum: $0.004167

Note: We will work with the JUP/CWG if selected to make this launch as inclusive as possible - there’s a lot we can learn from LFG launched previous successful projects. Further details will be shared as we near TGE.

Token Use Case

Governance: Holding $FIN will be needed to help direct and have a say in major decisions concerning Blackfin from which CEX’s we list on to which acquisitions we make over the coming years - you’ll have a voice.

Value accrual: Any revenues generated from ads, swaps revenue from Sierra (natural language trading tool) and other revenue streams will be proportionately distributed to $FIN holders on a monthly basis - % amount TBD.

Airdrops & Rewards: We’ll reward early Beta tests and the wider community, additionally we are pledging 2% of the supply to be airdropped to JUP holders above a certain threshold, details soon.

Vision Category:

If your project were to succeed, how would it fundamentally change the web3 space?

Our success with Blackfin would mean making blockchain data exploration as intuitive as browsing the internet. This isn’t just about us; it’s about enabling a wave of innovation, transparency, and efficiency across web3, empowering users and developers alike.

What would you say is your biggest challenge or obstacle as a project?

Scaling to manage real-time data processing and feeding this data into our AI model is our biggest challenge. We’re committed to continuous innovation in our data architecture and AI algorithms, ensuring we can climb this peak and plant our flag. Being able to process and create LLM integration with indexed data to produce accurate results when using natural language in a timely manner and present this with awesome UX is one of the things we are dedicated to solving.

What advice would you give to another team launching a token in web3?

Start with a strong product and build a transparent, engaged community around it. Transparency, clear communication, and a relentless focus on delivering value are the keystones to any successful project.

What is something most tokens get wrong, and what steps are we taking to ensure we won’t fall into the same traps?

Many tokens miss the mark on establishing a clear utility or value proposition. We’re dedicated to ensuring our token offers real, tangible benefits, value accrual, providing a foundation for value, DAO membership, and a say in Blackfin’s future direction. Additionally, most projects launch at too high of a valuation which limits the upside and growth potential.



We’re at your service for any questions, ideas or if you just want to bounce ideas - please message us here on in the lfg-candidates channel in the Jupiter discord.


Thanks for the introduction! Interested to see how AI can enhance the experience for a Solana explorer.


Hey thanks for taking the time to read and understand our vision.

There’s so much potential with crypto x AI, especially at the user layer. The user layer being what me and you will interact wit everyday. There has been and there is a lot of work being done by other projects at the infrastructure layer - but that doe snot directly benefit users unless someone builds products that presents the tech to users in a simple way…

Right now we have AI integrated in our Tx Summary for our explorer, this summarises transactions using natural language.

Next up is, Sierra, type to trade, where you can in seconds type your trade command and it’ll execute.

Imagine, placing a trade and asking Sierra, “What is my current profit on this trade now”, “I want to increase my exposure at current price, what will be my avg entry if i buy 5 SOL worth of X coin”

Any questions, ideas and thoughts pls feel free to drop us a line :slightly_smiling_face:

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Also must add that, we targeted Solana Explorers initially because 1) nobody was working on them 2) they are bloody hard to use

I don’t think you can say the current experience of blockchain explorers is great

Below is a super clear and simple AI-processed tx summary, even my mother could understand what happened in this tx and she’s 65 :laughing:

Check it out: Blackfin | Solana's AI Explorer

thank you for pitch, i want to ask more about the AI portfolio feature and the Sierra one

for the portfolio feature, how it will work exactly, what things could i ask him …?

when the Sierra AI feature be out, i would like try …?

i try your platform and i like very easy to use

very cool idea. perhaps a tougher question but curious how you plan to compete with other block explorers, e.g Solscan, if they also choose to integrate AI to enhance user experience /why Blackfin would be the better choice.

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Hey again, thanks for engaging!

Thank you for the insightful question!

  • Market Opportunity and Adaptability: With the blockchain market still in its early stages, Blackfin will focus on modern, scalable technologies and AI from the start. Unlike Solscan, which faces integration challenges post-acquisition by Etherscan, our framework allows us to quickly adapt and innovate, addressing market needs more efficiently.

  • User-first Approach: Our foundation is built on addressing the issues of current explorers. Blackfin prioritises a seamless, intuitive user experience, integrating AI to provide insights and make blockchain data more accessible to new users who have never heard of crypto and to more advanced users.

  • AI Integration: We focus on using AI not just as a layer of technology but as a core feature to enhance the user experience. Predictive analytics, personalised alerts, and smarter searches set Blackfin apart.

Blackfin is not just another blockchain explorer; it’s a full platform designed to transform how users interact with blockchain data, ensuring we stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

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Hey Avi, thanks for taking the time to read our proposal for LFG, we appreciate it!
I can give you a quick overview - our portfolio feature will allow you to connect a wallet or enter a wallet address on SOL, and ask questions about the historical performance and any potential future ways to increase your portfolio, it ingests market data which is then refined and processed by our in-house algorithm and we then combine this with LLM’s to allow you to chat and learn more about your portfolio or others portfolio.

For example: You can put a wallet address in and ask, how did this portfolio grow? What was this portfolio’s biggest trade PnL, and we will be able to tell you in plain english, instead of you going through thousands of tx’s.

For Sierra, out team is working on it now, and we should hopefully have it release before our TGE in April! A few select users will be able to Beta test !

thank you for answer, very details - i want to learn more about other people in your competition, anyone who is doing something like this?

also i want to know more about token, how can i buy and what will be starting price and when can i buy - i am JUP holder too

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If I understand correctly, free use of your browser will involve viewing ads, and to avoid this, you’ll have to subscribe to a paid offer. Is this the plan?

What about other languages?

If I like your project, and support you on the promise that in the relatively near future I’ll be able to converse in French (because it’s an absolute necessity for me) via your browser, how long do you estimate this waiting time to be?

And speaking of which, is there a collaborative platform that would enable you to train your AI model to integrate a particular language, to speed up the process?

I think this is the most interesting aspect in your very good presentation! I think there is a big demand for a explorer that ex “a normie can read and make sense of”.

Other than that, I am wondering if you have any ideas of expanding to bots on TG or Discord, that uses blackfins AI to reply to questions. Thinking it would be cool to be able to use your services in that way!

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