All Gen Crypto Project Proposal

Introductory Story: How did you get to today, and what do you want to do next?
I got into crypto blogging in 2017 on Steemit, and then Hive. I became involved with trading and multiple projects in 2021, and that is when the idea for All Gen Crypto came into being. The idea is and continues to be onboarding All Gen (erations) into Crypto. All Gen Crypto is forming a legal DAO community-driven already built educational platform on Discord. We have a multi-step plan we are beginning to finally implement after I returned to crypto and realized Solana with the SPL22 tokens allowed me to accomplish the goals we set out to do in 2021. Our first step is to get our ecosystem token trading, and we have an innovative plan on which to accomplish this which will bring eyes to our project.

Describe your project in 5 sentences.
A community-driven DAO with an ecosystem token, breeding NFT project, DAO token, and DAO NFT.

Tell us about your team
Myself and my partner are currently the only sitting Board of Directors members, however, we are in the process of recruiting from our Core Group members now. We have about 15 active Core Group members at this time.
My X Handle is No-Buts-D and I have been active there since 2021, and Discord since 2017, I am turning 50 in April and am an IRL college-educated media creation specialist and business owner. My partner’s handle is Revolt_Tyranny and he is an experienced from 2021 crypto and NFT trader both on Sol and ETH. We have several members from other projects and mods with experience involved with our project but hesitate to name-drop further without group permission. We all have experience, however varied.

Background information in the ecosystem - previous projects or web3 experience
As I said, I began blogging on Steemit. I got into mining with ASICS in 2021 and learned trading and other crypto skills. My partner is educated in coding, however, he is new to Rust.

Main pitch on how the product collaborates with the Jupiter & Solana ecosystem
As I said, this project was envisioned to provide a fun, safe way for All Generations to get into Crypto. We are adamantly opposed to scammers and rug pulls. We understand that onboarding is hindered by this, and aim to help people learn basic skills in crypto. We have made primers and videos for various aspects of crypto and continue to do so knowing that when our token launches, we need to be prepared for the onboarding that will come into the Discord.

Describe partners, supporters, or collaborative efforts
We are open to all of this at this time, however, our Core Group is set for our launch. Others can get involved in this group by activity. We are going to use this as an interview process for future Staff Members in our project. We want to provide both employment and an investment opportunity.

Potential synergies between you and Jupiter users, DAO, holders, etc.
Again, All Gen Crypto is open to any legitimate opportunities and advancements. We have an idea to ensure longevity for our token that we want to have coded in, but we do not want to give it away in public either. It is something we have yet to see in the ecosystem.

Approximate date for TGE
When everything is ready?

Vision Category:
If your project were to succeed, how would it fundamentally change the web3 space?
By providing a real person to help you with the common issues in crypto as well as easily understood material to help yourself.

What would you say is your biggest challenges or obstacles as a project?
It is a big idea, and right now we are running it with two guys and a hype squad. We have a few team members with initiative, but there is a lot of daily direction that must be done at this stage.

What advice would you give to another team launching a token in web3?
Try to think through all you have seen others fail at and learn from it while watching for what works.

What is something most tokens get wrong, and what steps are you taking to ensure that you won’t experience these pitfalls?
Providing incentives before launch to hold the tokens versus selling for profit right away. Long-term plans.

ShireLane Media – Bringing Web3 to the Web2 World
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Socials links
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Community links
Discord: All-Gen Crypto


Super Bullish on All Gen


Hy @No-Buts-D


How will you get people onboarded?



We are using a variety of resources to onboard currently. We have several X accounts which are all onboard with their personalities willing to help with raids etc. and our project X account which was recently started is already growing rapidly. We have a Web2 website linked and are currently developing a YouTube channel for our instructional videos as well. The goal of our project, unlike a lot of others, is to drive traffic to Discord where project development and explanations are available.

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Hey I like the ambition of the project but I have a couple of questions:

the main theme of my questions are: Why would some one choose All Gen over a well established community?

How will All Gen be easier to use than other cryptos?

When a person learns the basics from you why should they stay?

Will there be any utility to the project besides education?


As to why someone would choose to enter with us versus someone who is already here. For one, we have been here as well. Our entire team has been working in the background for years looking for the right platform to use for our launch. We realized years ago that reputation is everything and wanted to ensure we did things correctly. Something we continue to do now. At one time we looked at Hive and their tokenized communities, and they did not quite provide what we needed as far as mass adoption, so we waited and came back to it, meaning me and a few others. Now we have a fully developed product. As for the basics, I have been in crypto for years and I continue to learn, not to mention TA, stocks, fiat forex, and commodities. These are all things we currently have topics for in our learning station. Mining, DeFi, NFTs. As far as staying. I mean once you are established in something what do you do other than vacation and teach others? Regarding utility, yes. We have an entire ecosystem planned around our NFT and a rather innovative breeding program which will both be inlfationary regarding the growth of the NFTs. and deflationary as to the burning of tokens with transactions needed to upgrade them. All Gen’s long-term plans are to be multi-chain, and in fact in a way already is. There are DAO talks about donations from Founding team members of a Community Wallet that will be used as leverage in the future. Regarding ease of use, we recognize that Solana is the easiest blockchain to use by far when it comes to being “retail.” We plan to integrate and use the payment systems integrated with Sol as well as our unique in-person approach to walk people through onboarding into not only our project but Solana and crypto in general! And to acknowledge what you see, yes it is ambitious, however, all grand projects have to be started somewhere. Thank you for allowing me to answer!

I can see your vision but sounds like other dao or nft projects. what is your main income producing product?

Our main product is the educational system we have put into place. I am not aware of any communities that are designed from the very beginning to help people in a one on one fashion. Not only do we provide easily understood education material to help walk people through common crypto steps, we also are on call around the clock to provide live answers and assistance. We do not only focus on Solana either. You can come into our server and learn how to mine crypto, earn crypto by creating content, trade not only crypto but other common assets and at the same time have fun! And not only that… but all those other DAOs you refer to? The ones that have alpha callers and tokens and NFTs and games and oh my! Well we are developing those as well. All Gen Crypto will be a long term name in the cryptocurrency world. It goes beyond me at this point as a founder. It is now a vision being seen by many.


I would pass on this as it is lacking a lot of information, and don’t think it would take off.

The great thing about Web3 is… You can pass on projects you do not think will take off! Just remember later when you see the big green candles that you had a chance to get in early! Have a great day!

Great to hear about your initiative! I’m curious to know who your target audience is. People " new to web3 " is still very broad. How far within exposure in terms of years are they? How diverse is your set of educational material & how deeply does it expand into each niche? Are you creating this content personally or curating it from other sources?

There is a Learn & Earn system & a Create to Earn system as well, which is great for engagement & retention but what business model do you have in place to actually generate profits?

Is the NFT breeding project meant to be a community learning experiment or is a key aspect to the growth & sustainability of the project? ( Curious on this one specifically because its a meta that a lot of projects have lost wind in their sails on )