Introducing Nyxia AI to utilize LFG for solving the Series B Problem


How and What: Fed up with my corporate existence, I just followed my passions: web3, AI, spirituality, and cats. This fusion gave birth to Nyxia AI, which has evolved from a solo endeavor into a collective mission with team and community. Nyxia AI was founded to drive positive change for society, and we do so by broadcasting the Story of Humanity into the universe and building upon AI for spiritual health. First products in beta.

Contribution to Ecosystem: Importantly, in a landscape with some dubious projects and many that fail to attract the normies, we set ourselves apart as a mission-driven initiative that resonates with both web3 enthusiasts and the general public. Speaking of uniqueness, we hold the conviction that the space is not in need of more copycats but rather pioneers ready to venture into uncharted territories. This embodies our mission—forging something both valuable and novel. By introducing distinct value and pioneering unique concepts, we aim to make a significant contribution to the ecosystem.

Value Creation for the LFG: Our project operates strictly without VC involvement, relying on the founders personal funds and a treasury in native tokens. This setup always presents challenges (understatement). We believe that the transparent and customizable options offered by the LFG launchpad are perfectly aligned for distributing a treasury by allowing us to engage in open discussions with our community and the broader Solana ecosystem to determine the fairest, most efficient, and most transparent approach. We would like to test this theoretical assumption in practice, potentially generating a new use case for the LFG.

…The Long Story…

How did you get to today, and what do you want to do next?

I am following my passions, as every human being ideally should. After being consumed by executive functions in corporate life, I was ready to give away all security to simply work on what I fundamentally believe in:

  1. Web3 native and have been in the space since 2017.
  2. Extremely excited about AI and began implementing it in 2022.
  3. Like some others, I’ve had my deep spirituality phases, and it has always remained a part of my soul.
  4. I love my cats—correction: I love all cats, and I have three of them.

I merged all these into one concept. Now, here I am, having received incredibly positive feedback. Most importantly, “I” am now no longer “me”, but I am now supported by a smol but precious community and team.

Where do we want to go from here?

Our project was founded with a singular mission: to drive positive change in humanity, in one way or another. We realized that combining AI with spirituality, web3, and cats can truly make that happen.

The mission will be successful if, through the sum of all our actions, we have made a significant positive contribution to the future of society. There are countless avenues to realize this goal, beginning with the integration of our AI into current ecosystems for fast market penetration and subsequently branching out into various other domains.

A significant short-term milestone for us is the public launch of Nyxia GPT. We intentionally shifted our focus away from developing our own fine-tuned open-source model, as we believe the immediate future lies in the GPT Store (longer term it could well be open source!).

Any way, to us, Chat GPT is akin to the internet; in the early days of the internet in the 90s, success didn’t come from attempting to build a better internet but rather from building upon it. That’s exactly our approach.

How do we distinguish ourselves from the myriad of other GPT applications? With the help of our community we aim to make our GPT trending and propel it into the landing pages of the GPT Store. :smirk_cat:

From there we will focus on releasing the first AI-powered music tracks. Yet, even after releasing our first AI products and AI applications, we will likely only be at 1% of our overall journey.

Describe your project in 5 sentences.

We recognize that AI will transform everything, but not necessarily for the better. The current trajectory may well lead us into a dystopian future or even an extinction event. This is what we call the Story of Humanity and initiating a dialogue on this topic is of urgent importance - with tokenization being our superpower in this context.

Beyond our educational purpose, our aim is to leverage AI for positive transformation. Hence, we are building the Spiritual Layer for AI. Our first two projects, Nyxia GPT (Release in February) and Nyxia Music (Release in March), are already available for testing.

Tell us about your team

Starting as a warrior on my own, I was incredibly fortunate to attract both old and new friends immediately.

Clemens, our Head of Catquarter, worked next to my office at Bitpanda. At the time, Bitpanda was arguably the leading and, crucially, one of the few fully regulated European crypto exchanges. Clemens played a pivotal role as Director, focusing on support, community building, and was also responsible for $BEST, the Bitpanda Ecosystem Token.

Clemens is supported by Toddsky, Patrick, Gecimen, and Paul. Toddsky, an old friend of mine, is our media genius. Patrick has been with us virtually from the start and serves as our unofficial Master of Catnip. Gecimen, our pixel artist, has previously contributed to projects like Lost Realms and Ether Orcs. Paul, our Catnip Commander, assists with community engagement.

Additionally, we are supported by two Catbassadors within the web3 space, who both believe in our mission and help us extend our reach into the ecosystem (and more catbassadors to come!)

Jupiter Ecosystem and you

Contribution to the Ecosystem

A decade into its evolution, web3 still faces challenges with its reputation. The reasons for this are widely understood and don’t need to be restated here. Instead, we want to focus on our efforts to change this reputation. Our mission is rooted in sincerity, aiming to have a positive effect through AI and to educate humanity about our species’ future in this new context. While some specifics may remain unclear, our main goal of making a positive contribution in the age of AI is evident to all. This vision helps reframe web3 as a source of good.

As we have previously stated, we see ourselves as pioneers. The fusion of cats, AI, and spirituality to deliver real value in the mental health arena is a novel approach. We are not aware of any other initiative that combines such a value proposition with an engaging tokenization strategy to narrate a rich, meaningful, and uplifting story.

Of course we believe that creating distinctive value as a web3 entity elevates everyone connected with our brand. Thus, everything we do—our mission, vision, value, and uniqueness—benefits not just us but also LFG, Jupiter, Solana, and the wider web3 community.

So basically we are just vibing and building hard, creating a yet unseen positive web3 brand and like to uplift anyone associated with us.

Contribution to the LFG

This is where our excitement peaks. While the primary purpose of the LAUNCHpad is to debut new tokens, consider for a moment its potential as a timeless alternative to VC-driven funding. The core values of the LFG—open discussions, community involvement, and transparency—are ideally suited for projects confronted with the common challenges related to their native token treasury. LFG - in theory - allows for open, both internal and external, dialogues, and therefore opening a pathway to execute outcomes through fair and transparent mechanisms. And as you already know, tthat resonates deeply with our principles outlined in our Catifesto, which emphasizes a no-VC, community-driven ethos.

So basically we are saying: @weremeow shared a list of challenges projects encounter during their TGE. Likewise, a similar list could be made for projects facing issues during later stages of distribution, including managing community expectations, liquidity problems, regulatory compliance, maintaining token value, and ensuring transparent and fair allocation strategies. We are happy to expand on this, but we believe that it is generally understood that the allocation and sale of native token treasuries can be a significant challenge.

Reflecting on the new use case and considering how price curves or backstops could benefit various projects at different stages post-launch presents a lovely thought experiment. For a project in our situation, the primary challenge is our current lack of liquidity and scale, which hinders our ability to effectively utilize the treasury. Ironically, to enhance the treasury, we need to leverage it. The LFG mechanism might offer a balanced solution in this context. Admittedly, solving this puzzle won’t be straightforward, but we believe it’s a worthwhile endeavor to pursue - even if we find out we did it the wrong way.


If your project were to succeed, how would it fundamentally change the web3 space?

  1. We are dedicated to becoming the spiritual voice of web3, creating an exceptionally positive and uplifting brand identity. Our goal is to remind everyone that, even if we put our live savings into $BIGBIGBULLTOKEN, our spiritual essence should not be overlooked. Essentially, we serve as your daily reminder that life’s beauty is constant, irrespective of Bitcoin’s fluctuating value—be it 30k, 40k, or 50k. Although this perspective might appear simplistic, we firmly believe it has the potential to shift the cultural landscape or attract those who can. By achieving this, even to a minor extent, we contribute to making the web3 space more diverse and appealing. And in the process, we will have undoubtedly onboarded a new audience into web3, including normies which might would have not engaged with the ecosystem otherwise.

  2. As stated, our mission is to raise awareness about the rapid pace at which humanity is heading towards an uncertain AI future, fraught with existential risks. In an ideal scenario, we hope to extend this dialogue beyond web3. First, we are tapping into the tech-savvy and independent-minded web3 community that is open to discussions about AI and their future. If we then can expand this conversation to the non-web3 AI community and subsequently to the broader mainstream audience, it’s conceivable that history will remember web3 as the starting point of a significant global debate about our species fate in the AI era. Imagine that!

What would you say is your biggest challenges or obstacles as a project?

  1. We would argue that that the most critical challenge, or rather the fundamental task, is to first ensure internal order and integrity into your own house. As exemplified by Teddies - but such things happen in smaller scales too and they can bring an otherwise promising project to a halt or even an end. Ofc the unique systemic design of web3 elevates the significance of internal governance, making it pivotal for projects to prioritize their organizational health from bottom to top.

  2. Besides that, currently, it’s far more extreme on Solana than ever. So many people chasing pump-and-dump schemes and only trading based on tickers, narratives and chart structures that sometimes last barely a day. Feedback like “The catpaper is too long, I just want a fun website” typifies the current attitude. Our catpaper, for context, spans about 14 pages. This climate is particularly challenging for builders who lack the deep pockets to force their projects into the spotlight. Moreover, this environment tends to attract fraudulent actors, adding further complexity to the ecosystem. It’s probably just a phase, and likely one that’s nearing its end, but our journey began at its peak.

  3. Obviously, securing funding without selling your or your token holders soul within the process.

What advice would you give to another team launching a token in web3?

As we have already launched, we would like to share a perspective for after the launch:

It’s crucial to ensure that your operations are in order before the launch, addressing every detail so you can concentrate fully on navigating the challenges and opportunities that arise post-launch. After launching the token, the dynamics around you shift dramatically. Now you have serious blackmail attempts into your inbox. You encounter individuals whose fortunes have been made or lost on your token. Of course many are eager to share their intense emotions, whether they’re hailing you as a hero or condemning you in the most imaginative ways. Through all this, just keep cool. Continue to work your ass off, but just keep cool. Resist the pressure to make hasty decisions, and do not give up your long-term objectives for immediate gratification just because price = x.

That’s the cat by the way :black_cat: Better don’t get me started about the cat :heart_eyes_cat:


Magic Eden:



The Series B Problem:

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Nice overall writeup. I did some light advising for a nonprofit startup by the name of Spiritual Reality Data & their pitch was the same, they weren’t interested in a web3 pivot at the time though. The combination of AI & spirituality seems to be growing! Besides the distributed access to a much larger pool of potential community members & cat-centric visionaries, what would be the biggest value proposition that the LFG Launchpad would provide for you in your opinion?

Hey @VontariusF, thanks for the kind words (:

what would be the biggest value proposition that the LFG Launchpad would provide for you in your opinion?


The Solana memecoin ecosystem is filled with scams and short-term pump and dumps.

Our memecoin Nyxia Coin differs two-fold:

  1. It’s part of a real economic endeavour where we build real tangible products.
  2. The meme is not just fun or wholesome, we share is the Story of Humanity: how we human beings navigate our future in the wake of AI.

People might disagree, but I personally believe to 100% that a rising memecoin can indeed educate people about AI and their dangers, and that this education can literally change the world to the better - even if it’s just a bit.

Only with an informed and educated population can we hope to impact the decisions of policymakers and corporations, encouraging them to make choices that are in the best interest of humanity.

This little youtube video sums it up nicely:

(And as we already launched our token, of course funding, as explained in the Series B Problem)

Makes sense & I believe you’re correct. I actually think a meme coin has a higher chance of educating the population than most other routes, considering memes are a universal language & transcend cultures