LFG Launchpad Introduction - Monkey Dex / Monkey Gold $MOGO


At the end of 2022, we minted our collection Monkey Gods with our dex already live with relentless hard work to make it through the bear. Next up, we are launching perps and copytrading, also using Jupiter liquidity! The UI 90% done. Adding marketing and PR to launch.

Monkey Dex is a Solana based dex and tech at its core with 12 other chains live, a coin to coin bridge solution built on Mayan/Wormhole rails, and a goal to be the most comprehensive all in one dex solution to simplify trading with an all star team of advisors.

Our Team



  • 13 years in crypto
  • Extensive fullstack experience in crypto and building multichain applications ranging through social, NFTs & DeFi.
  • 8 years of software and design(UI/UX flows) experience, working and streamlining solutions for several international companies. Skilled in both web2 and web3 software development and with experience in leading larger dev teams on enterprise solutions.



  • 5 years experience in Marketing and community management through web2 & web3, running the marketing for 3 web2 businesses.
  • 3 years experience in media creation for several youtube communities.
  • 4 years of experience in web2 mobile application development on iOS & Android



  • Former research engineer, now small business owner.
  • Crypto enthusiast since 2017. 3+ years CM experience focused on NFT projects and DeFi protocols.


Christian aka CryptoBiscuits

  • Experienced trader and advisor with a focus on growth/development of trading and defi platforms.
  • Finance and entrepreneurial background with over six years of web3 expertise.



  • Crypto and defi enthusiast since 2021 Passionate about growing web 3
  • Trader and NFT collector








Focuses on Business

  • Development at Decrypt Media.
  • Is the DAO Lead for Reflexer Finance, and the co-founder of Decentralized Stablecoin Protocol: HAI


Previous Team and Advisor Experience

The two lead engineers behind the project have also previously built: Contribute.xyz
and have a combined 34 years of dev experience, leading larger dev teams, and extensive web2 experience.

Advisor experience ranges across various trading platforms such as Perpy, Pear, Mycelium, West57th, Omega Systematic Trading, HAI and Decrypt.

Monkey Dex :handshake: Jupiter

We currently use Jupiter liquidity for all of our spot swaps, will be using them for our perps, and our first in class copy-trading solution. Jupiter is heavily integrated into Monkey Dex as we believe it is by far the best solution that Solana has to offer. Once we can launch $MOGO with Jupiter’s claim system, we would like to airdrop various OG Solana projects and integrate partnerships across the ecosystem as we keep expanding.

Monkey Dex allows for an easy way for users to bridge funds to solana to utilise Jupiter’s available liquidity. We will be providing Solanas first non-custodial copytrading solution which will drive natural volume to Jupiter’s spot and perpetual trading without users needing to even be active. Driving active volume towards Jupiters liquidity from other chains directly benefits all Jupiter users, especially JUP & JLP holders.

Our proposed token, Monkey Gold $MOGO, allows for trading to become incentivised, with each trading earning you rewards redeemable for $MOGO. This will reward those who trade through Jupiters available liquidity on Monkey Dex for their usual trades, alongside gamified rewards tied to DEX volume. This all heavily encourages users to participate in the Jupiter ecosystem daily.


Partners include:

Omega Trading and Alpha Block Trading communities (instant perp users waiting and marketing directly to users), 1inch, OKX, Wormhole, Mayan, and Jupiter (through usage of your APIs since our inception).

Approximate Launch Date

We would like to launch $MOGO at the end of March.

Our Vision

Monkey’s success will prove to be a large win for the Solana ecosystem as we aim to be a one stop DEX solution with swaps across 12 chains, perps, and first mover advantage with copy-trading on Solana. We’re looking to add our touch to the landscape of Web3 through a rewarding and fun non-custodial DEX solution, one that rewards users and allows for privacy and added decentralisation to the space, with our initial niche being a customised copy-trading solution.

Upcoming Challenges

The only obstacle is currently funding. This will allow us to expand our team with additional devs (we have them ready to go), marketing/PR (i.e. This Time Will Be Different Podcast, The Crypto Coin Show), adding influencers for extra eyes to Monkey, and most of all gives us all of the runway we need to continue to ramp up volume!

Advice For Launching

Our advice to other teams looking to launch a token would be to do so on Solana and work with Jupiter to make sure it is done the right way with an amazing team. Ensuring the use of a tested launchpad allows for the most natural way for a token to grow and enter price discovery.

Ensuring Success

TGE and distribution tends to be what most teams do wrong when launching a token. We have vested team tokens, a burn mechanism constantly reducing supply, and have awareness plans being built around launch. We intend to work as closely as possible with the Jupiter team to learn from their recent experience in launching WEN, mockJup and JUP, very excited to do so!




Monkey Dex really makes defi simple! Whether you’re brand new to crypto or an advanced trader, Monkey Dex has everything covered with its one stop shop approach. It’s a no brainer, join the cult. :speak_no_evil:


Thank you to the Jupiter team and community for the opportunity to utilize the LFG Launchpad. We, too, were continuing to build during the bear market when things looked bleak for both Solana and Solana projects/protocols.

All of our DEX users were able to claim $WEN and $JUP at launch since we route through Jupiters liquidity and vast SPL token exposure. Several are also farming EVM protocols since we have access to 12 chains total!

Now all of our users can farm for $MOGO by swapping on our DEX (it’s retroactive for all previous volume as well). And the LFG Launchpad would help to diversify our holder base as well as put eyes on a hard working, glass-chewing team that’s here for the long haul.


Been using Monkey Dex for a while now. Smooth like butter.



Thanks for the introduction. Pretty awesome.

Crosschain Dexes will be very big in the future. Wormhole and Layer Zero paving the way.

Will or are the other chains integrated yet? If yes. All of them? Will you keep building for new chains too? See Mode Blast Scroll etc

Loving it.




This is all very impressive but I do have an ‘elephant in the room question’ please in your vision (which is understandable) to become a ‘one-stop-shop’ dex, are you not therefore in competition with Jupiter? What is the (beyond the short-term boost and interest in the lfg and Jup token, which will be short term during the ‘launch’) benefit to Jupiter in promoting a competitor? Apologies if this question is a little blunt, but nobody else was asking it. Thank you in advance.


Hello Perry! Glad you liked it!

We currently have trading available on

  • Solana
  • Ethereum
  • Arbitrum
  • Optimism
  • zkSync
  • Polygon
  • BSC
  • Avalanche
  • Fantom
  • AETH
  • Gnosis
  • Klay

And we have coin to coin direct bridge trading between Solana, ETH, BSC, Polygon, Avax & Arbitrum!

We will be adding more and more chains as we expand, following where volume is bridging too is key for multi-chain success once our foundation is complete. Perps / Copytrading will be starting with Solana as Jupiter is by far the easiest to build with. These should be available over the next month. Expansion of these to other chains will be looked into down the line as we grow.


Hey Perry_Hope! Yes, swapping on the other chains is currently live and utilizing OKX and 1inch liquidity. This includes ETH and several L2.

Further chain integration is available but down the line and will be based on demand.

Thanks for checking out MonkeyDEX!


Great write up , thanks for the info. I’m keen to try it out as I haven’t used monkeydex yet

A couple of questions I have (hope they don’t sound negative. Just want to get the best possible info)

  1. There are quite a few options for dex/perps/bridges across Solana and other chains. What sets you guys apart from the others? Why do you guys think you will be able to build market share?

  2. I understand you utilize Jup for liquidity on Solana. How do you manage cross chain liquidity ? Are you acting like an aggregator and using other bridges to move funds between chains?

Thanks and look forward to learning a lot more about monkeydex


Hello AtomicKnight,

Not blunt at all, we want to be as open as possible, and this was a really good question so thank you for asking.

We do not, and never will view Jupiter as competition. Without being in the development side, a lot may not realise how easy it is to work with develop alongside Jupiter, to expand the resources they have into new ideas.

All of our Solana based features have been built alongside Jupiter, we utilise Jupiters liquidity for Solana trades, and will be for perp trades. This in turn allows us to build a full copy trading system that will run entirely through Jupiter. Not as competition, as expansion.

As for cross chain liquidity flowing into Jupiter, we’ve built the most simple and cheap one site solution to transfer funds from alternative chains to Solana, to be able to immediately swap into tokens through Jupiter. Jupiter has made clear they want to stick to developing on Solana, so again we are merely expanding what is possible to utilise Jupiters ecosystem alongside them.

Trading through Monkey Dex on Solana will benefit Jupiters the same as trading on Jupiter would, we are just able to expand and develop extra new innovative ideas, such as Solanas first non-custodial copytrading solution.

We are not ‘Competition’ we don’t work against each other. We build with each other. And we believe that our views on this align with Jupiters vision of Solana based development perfectly.


I’ve used the one click bridge a few times to bridge from sol to bsc and back. It really is just one click. Smooth and user friendly. Two things that crypto needs more of if noobs are going to be welcomed.


Hey Borgy!

Thank you! We hope you enjoy it! We have a lot of exciting stuff coming up so it’s only going to get better from here!

  1. We are very close to releasing the very first completely non-custodial copy trading solution on Solana, alongside with partnerships with professional trading desks, we aim to provide high value information to allow users to best judge their copy trading admin of choice. We want to make Monkey Dex become a way to passively follow along trades of professionals, to best utilise your resources sitting in your wallets. It’s a DeFi first for Solana and we will be pushing heavily on the marketing from for this.

  2. As for cross chain liquidity, we have normal active trades on 12 chains. 1 through Jupiter, and we have 11 chains where we have a partnership with both 1inch and OKX Web3 to provide 2 different possible trading routes, we display the outcome of the 2 different liquidity routes and the user can choose the one of their choice. Then for coin-to-coin direct cross chain swaps, we utilise Mayan Finance & Wormhole for liquidity. This allows for pretty quick and extremely cheap swaps without much of a price impact.

Thanks for your questions! There has been some really valuable ones asked so far, and we are always happy to answer!


Happy to see these guys on here. One, I love how fast and how well this team builds and delivers on its promises.

Two, excited for all the things to be coming thru Jupiter. People thought the token was just an airdrop to sell…big mistake. LFG launchpad is going to be amazing!


Very impressive. Sounds amazing. It is an awesome partnership hopefully


I have used MonkeyDex’s swap and bridge, they are super smooth and easy to use! The community is awesome and the team is top notch. Nothing but respect and wish them all the success they deserve :fire: :heart:


Thank you MonkeyDex for your important and helpful clarifications. Yes, I agree that utilisation is extremely important, and I really like the copy trading system and it’s great to hear that it will run through Jupiter. Thank you also for explaining your plans re: cross chain liquidity and how this can positively impact upon Jupiter’s ecosystem. It will be a positive, symbiotic relationship. Thanks again, for taking the time to answer my query.


Love using MonkeyDex to bridge ETH to SOL, and really looking forward to Copy Trading! Think its going to be big deal. Exciting times ahead. Any Estimates on the copy trading release?


What is the plan to get the Mogo Gold to a higher level and maintain this?


Hello,really appreciate reading the introduction, however do you plan on releasing a more detailed tokenomic?


Hello @Edw1n & @Priinsiej ,

Both of your questions related to tokenomics so I will be addressing in the same reply. Thank you both for asking!

We will be having a much more in depth to our exact tokenomics posted to this forum shortly, but for now a quick summary:

  • Initial supply of 42,000,000
  • Our smart contract is designed to allocate 5% of daily revenue towards purchasing and burning $MOGO tokens, driving a healthy and organic trajectory of our token.
  • Once supply has reached 21,000,000 the smart contract will shift focus to maintaining the treasury supply of $MOGO for sustainable gamification reward distribution.
  • $MOGO will be redeemable through gamified trading rewards, allowing for instant redeemable rewards through trading volume. We hope to create a healthy balance of buybacks and redistribution into the ecosystem through our trading incentives as they will both be based around the same volume figure.
  • Team tokens 95% vested over 3 years

Exact %'s of distribution will be released here shortly, I’ll write up a proper update on it. So there are a lot more details to come, but hopefully this gives some introductory insight in the meantime :slight_smile: