Mentaverse - launching the $MVC (application for LFG)



Hello dear Solana fam! My name is Vlad, I’m from Holland, born in 1980, and in real life I’m an audio-engineer, running my own studio for the last 20+ years.
5 years ago I started learning to read and write smart-contracts in Solidity, but not long after that, I fell in love with the Solana network, Rust, and all the amazing vibes around it. As a Universe/Space enthusiast, it was a no brainer that I would start this space themed project.


Short Description

Mentaverse is a project about planets and timetravel, with as well as short term, as long term plans, that involve NFT-collections, the $MVC reflection token, staking for SOL, game-developing, ever evolving lores and planet-merchandise. There are 6 categories of planets, from the closest to the hot star, till the farrest away from the star: Scorched, Barren, Terra, Frozen, Toxic, Partner 1/1’s. Each with their own awesome traits, that will help the holder to build some great civilisations on them, by getting resources from other planets. The holder can also totally ignore the game and use the planet to showcase art, podcasts, music concerts, parties with dj’s, comedy nights, etc etc.

Founder Video

The Team


J Kay (silent founder). Very talented designer and lore developer from Germany. Developed many websites and is also a pretty experienced discord coder.


Vaiyu (co-founder). Young designer from India, full of energy and eager to learn. Started as a mod, now he’s our co-founder. He is also building his own project, called Women In Gold.

Icemaster T (design manager / co-founder). Ian is a super smart Swiss Army knife, from the US. Helps me with coding, artwork, setting up a.i. systems and what not. Is also building his own projects on Solana, like New Sacred and a few new ones still to launch.

Bangin Blonde (moon designs). Awesome Artist from the US, who has done 80% of our moons in the Planet collection.


Crypto Chan (planet designs). I.r.l. graphic designer from Holland, teaching and giving workshops. Chantal is also working on her own NFT collection, minting soon.


Cyber Arts (design team). Great upcoming digital artist from Brazil, using different techniques like a.i., 3d modelling, etc etc. Has already launched some collections, and is also working on his newest collection, besides always being ready to help Mentaverse wherever he can.


Only OneRaj (admin / cross-community collabs). Great hard working, upcoming business man from Africa. Helps me a lot with all types of cross-community rumbles, poker tournaments and more web3 games. He is also building his own project called Owlpha DAO, that will mainly focus on bringing other projects together and create engagement / organic growth for their partners.

Jupiter Ecosystem and me

As Mentaverse is a space themed project, all about planets, it fits perfect with the Jupiter platform/brand.

Would love to have a JUP 1/1 partner planet in our second collection.
We already partnered up with some amazing projects, that all have their unique skillset, but most important: Projects (on different blockchains), where the people behind it, clicked with me and have great utilities, long term plans and genuine vibes. But we are always looking for more, new partner projects, so we can grow together and cross pollinate our communities. We are all strong believers that together, we will achieve more, then alone. There is one thing all our partners and us have in common: We all are trying to introduce more web2 and i.r.l. people into web3, only this way we will grow and mass adopt.

Our partners so far:

  • Aura Exchange
  • NFA Inc. / Crypto Homies
  • Income Island
  • Thesmophoria
  • Gnar AF
  • Shibu Society
  • New Sacred
  • Casa De Luna
  • Owlpha DAO

As we are on Solana, I’m sure we will find awesome people in the Jupiter community and DAO, to share our journey with, have fun and help each other grow.
With our MentaVerse Coin ($MVC), we want to reflect different cool other (new) tokens on the Solana chain, to our holders, on a monthly base. Now that the LFG launchpad is coming, we will preferably choose tokens to reflect, from this platform, as i already see a lot of very cool tokens proposals in here.

We want to launch, as soon as the universe lets us.


When our project succeeds, we will be changing the web3 space, because we are innovative.
Our game has a build-to-earn model, where players need to be interactive with other players from different planets, in order to make their own planet more valuable. Therefor they will stake at higher rates or sell the planets for higher prices.
Add an ever evolving lore that goes hand in hand with the game developing, our holder reflection token, a free phone game which runs ads and generates revenue to keep the staking vault self-sustainable, and you have a pretty unique / original mix.

An obstacle that has been occurring so far is, to find a good reliable venture capital, angel investor or other form of backing / funding. If the $MVC would kick off right, it would help us a lot, to pay for bigger and more marketing campaigns and we could do bigger giveaways to attract more holders.

My advice to other teams that want to launch would be:
Preparation and timing is everything, don’t try to rush things, always love what you are doing and be flexible and ready to pivot or adjust. The web3 world moves fast.

Some tokens/projects start paying themselves and the team immediately after the first little profit. Later they would find themselves out of funds, to save the project, when needed. My team and I, understand perfectly we need to create big traction first and become self-sustainable, before we pay ourselves. We will have a buy back wallet and 4% of every transaction will go back to liquidity. Together with the holder reflections, we will create loyal and diamond handed holders.

Pitch Deck


White Paper: The $MVC | Mentaverse


Socials: MentaVerse NFT's | Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok | Linktree



I started first with the list of partners on your website, and many of the sites don’t exist or links are already broken, some of the links that do work feel like quickly thrown together NFT rug projects

I have to say I’m not even going to review further, this project doesn’t even feel real. Definitely does not feel like something the Jupiter team should be presenting at scale to their trusted holders.


Hello Blizzy,
i saw what you mean. There was 1 link not working (old website) , i fixed that.
And the ABC website is also gone, not sure why i will ask them about it, maybe they changed their domain. I took them off the website for now.

The rest of the partner project links work, but i would like to explain them more detailed to you, cause i don’t understand which one,you mean is a rug.

Here’s our partner projects so far:

Aura Exchange
Aura is a powerfull nft exchange platform on ETH, Polygon and BSC, competing with OpenSea. I know the founder (Aaron) personally and there is no other platform that is so out there and open as them. They do weekly twitter spaces, where you can talk and ask questions to Aaron and the rest of his team, or join their discord and see how “not rugging” they are.

Income Island
Income Island is owned by Darcy Donovan (famous actress played in many films such as Anchorman and many more) and Lee Greenfield (awesome director who directed and wrote many movies, like Nightmare on Elmstreet and more, look him up if you want).
Income Island is a photo realistic Metaverse, where we as Mentaverse will be building on.
Many other big companies are already on there.

NFA Inc.
NFA is owned by Sidney Richlin, who is also founder of Crypto Homies and has made one of the best collectible toys out there with his company Vital Toys.
Like the toy for Snoop Dogg, The Dr Bombay BAYC toy, The Crypto Homies toys, Steamboat Willie digital collectibles and many more. Here is his personal twitter, if you are intersted to know more: Sidney Richlin

GnarAF Shop
Gnar AF is a great i.r.l. certified webshop company, that sells coffee, shirts, vodka, soaps and many more.
Soon Mentaverse will be making planet basketballs and desklamps with this company. Caleb is the founder, and a great person who is out there every day grinding.

Shibu Society
Shibu Society is with us now for almost 2 years. They are doing awesome charities every month, they donate to organizations that help kids with disabilities of all kinds and they also have their own token on the eth chain, which is backed by 2 major Oil Companies in their country. Besides that they have many twitter spaces where they give other projects the chance to showcase their brand and grow together. I talk to the Shibu team almost daily, trust me they are not ruggers.

Thesmophoria is a great NFT project on the Solana chain for over 2 years now, developing their own metaverse game behind the scenes. If you join their discord you will see they are certainly not rugging or dead project. We do many giveaways together and they will also assist me with our Mentaverse Game development.

Owlpha DAO
Owlpha DAO is a great starting company that is connecting other projects together, thru discord games and twitter spaces. They will also offer all kinds of discounts on merch of al their partner projects.

Casa De Luna
Casa De Luna is an established NFT company on the ETH chain, providing steady revenue to all their holders, thru e-commerce on Amazon, Shopify and other platforms. They are all super doxxed as you can see at the bottom of their website, and their collection is almost minted out.

Hope this will change your opinion about them and us, brother.

with kind regards,
Vlad (founder of Mentaverse)


I have been in their community for 1 and a half year now, if Mentaverse was a quick money grab or rug they would have been gone for a long time now. :+1:
I personally can’t wait for the $MVC to launch, but ofc i am a little biased as a community member and holder.



The fact that you replied and broke it all down is ‘huge’ in my opinion.

This tells me that you really ‘want’ this to work and you are out here working hard to get it.

Thank you, and I’m sure your community thanks you. :slight_smile:

Please work on shortening your pitch deck down to 12 or less pages, 30 is a lot to attempt to consume all the info and still keep someone’s attention. I would also consider raising your ‘need’ for marketing costs, depending on target audience and keeping their attention longterm the $10k ask isn’t going to last very long.

Good luck!


Hello Blizzy,

Thank you for the valuable advice, i’ll definatly shorten the pitch deck, you’re totally right.
And yes you are also right about the 10k for marketing. It was just for a start, but we will need more for sure!
The pitchdeck is that long because i also pasted the business plan at the end. Maybe i should make a seperate pdf for the business plan and not put it in the pitch deck.

Thank you for taking the time to review my project brother. I apreciate people who share their honest criticism and opinion.



It’s good to see that part of the MVC community is here supporting.

I think that is going to play a large role in the LFG platform in the future, if the community behind a project isn’t willing to leave their Discord/TG to go out and help the team by backing them up then it isn’t really a community.



Thanx! And yes, a project without an active community is nothing


Pretty difficult to focus on so many at the same time. I have a lot of questions though. Need more information and might hop in your discord


I understand, we have a lot going on, as well as in the pipelines, agreed.
You are always welcome to join our discord, fam, and you can ask anything you want to know. Don’t hold back. Ask away please, or if its more personal, you can open a ticket, dm me on twitter, or send me an email.

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Seems like a Rug to me No vote

Hello Exe Plata,

if we where a rug, this would be the slowest rug in history hahaha, cause we launched our first nft collection almost 2 years ago. But its ok everybody is entitled to their own (sometimes unresearched) opinion. Btw, i see your are mentioning “no vote”, would love to go and vote, where is that?

greets, Vlad


Absolutely thrilled to be part of the Mentaverse journey! As the co-founder, my experience with Menta has been nothing short of incredible over these two years. Starting as a moderator, I’ve witnessed our community’s remarkable growth, and now, as a co-founder, I’m holding onto my NFTs with unwavering belief in our team and the collective efforts we’re putting in.

Menta isn’t just a project; it’s a fulfilling experience, thanks to our exceptional team that truly understands every aspect of our venture. Vlad, our leader, is more than just a colleague; he’s a close friend, almost like a big brother, from whom I’ve learned immensely. His guidance has been invaluable.

Our thriving community is the heartbeat of Menta—active, engaged, and incredibly supportive. In addition to our internal dynamics, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed partner projects. Each project is dedicated to excellence, innovation, and collaboration in the evolving crypto landscape. Their commitment to transparency, creativity, and community engagement is truly commendable. Together, we advance in a dynamic alliance, showcasing the boundless potential of the crypto and NFT space. Appreciating the collective efforts that enrich our shared journey toward success and prosperity. Here’s to the continued success and growth of Menta and our incredible partners!:rocket::star2:


Feels like a rug, not even a memecoin. Would pass.

Hello Vity Trades,

If i was a rugger, would i doxx myself and make a video?
Pitch Deck Video
… i doubt it…

And have you read my bio? I have a recording studio which is an established company approved by the Chambre of Commerce in the Netherlands. Everyone is welcome to stop by in my studio. I’m not hiding.
I would also be totally ok, with full KYC by the Jupiter Team.

And we are definatly not a meme-coin, the $MVC will be our in-game currency when game is launched, and the token will reflect SOL, &JUP and $WEN to all holders.

But i must say, at least you are honest and saying it “feels” like a rug, That implies you didn’t do proper research, or else you would have more detailed comments about “why” we are such a rug.


I met Vlad and the team over a year ago and I saw his conviction and dedication to make MentaVerse and $MVC a success! As a serial entrepreneur from the cannabis industry, I spent years listening to pipe dreams and skeleton pitches and learned to identify substance and gumption. Vlad has both, and the team he has assembled show it IMHO. I’ve been a web3 project founder in the space going on 3 years and have seen the BS spouted by most.

I knew MentaVerse was different from the first time Vlad and I spoke. I am a proud partner and holder of MentaVerse Boarding Passes and Planets :ringer_planet:

Bring on $MVC, games, and fun!


You are such a great person, brother! Thank you so much for the kind and honest words!
And yes, lets keep building with joy, the future is bright!
The 3D-models for the Planet basketballs and lamps are almost done! Will hit you up, in not too long, to start the webshop, fam!


Thanx brother, and you are totally right, couldn’t have wished for a better team!
Without this lovely group of people, Mentaverse would have not been this far!

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Added the White Paper at the end :+1:

Greets, Vlad :rocket: