LFG Launchpad introduction: Utility Token (GameFi Token) Angels of Ryina Metaverse $AoR

Angels of Ryina Metaverse (GameFi) Solana Powered Utility Token ($AoR)

Intro Questions:

1. Introductory Story: How did you get to today, and what do you want to do next?

After many years of game development and working for the past 2 years hard on metaverse tech, our team finally decided to launch a GameFi Metaverse Game called Angels of Ryina and build an eSports ecosystem. We decided to go with Solana and launched the token in December. As Solana is now growing we want to make sure our project is known by the community as a real project and our Utility token AoR which will be used to purchase in-game currency as well as being used in various other products and services in the metaverse.

2. Describe your project in 5 sentences.

Angels of Ryina is an MMO RPG eSports and eLearning game. The goal is to take the love of eSports and the creativitiy of metaverse games like Fortnite, Roblox, Minecraft, WoW, Decentraland and more and make it easy for end users to build out eSports style experiences easily with little to no code. We are powered by Unity 3D and Chaarmi Worlds technology and are looking to bring the world of eSports and Fantasy to the massses with life learning lessons! The more you play, the better your life gets!

YouTube Pre-Alpha Video of our Early Testing

** Tell us about your team**

  • Team member*

Our team consists of the following members:

Nav Gupta - Team Lead - Was part of the Unity Live Help Team at Unity and has been a game developer for well over 20+ years.

Andrew Sazama - Advisor

Taz - Product Evangelist and Community Manager

Global Development Team -
Highly Skilled Team of Video Game and Software Developers

Metaverse & 3D Team -
Our team of highly skilled 3D Modellers and Artists and Metaverse Experts

Bringing over 20+ years of game development along with being part of the Unity Live Help Team at Unity 3D as Contractors (Unity is one of the major video game engines along with Unreal Engine). Chaarmi Worlds is tech that our main teams have built as well and is proprietary Patent Pending metaverse technology (The “Wordpress” of Metaverse Creation). Our game AoR will be using Chaarmi base tech to bring easy metaverse level/plot creation and eSports creation to the masses as the lore and storyline within the game help players live better lives!

Jupiter Ecosystem and you

  • Main pitch on how the product collaborates with the Jupiter & Solana ecosystem*
    AoR Token is currently a Solana powered token and can be traded on Jupiter exchange and is currently on Raydium. We hope to grow our project with the Jupiter team and user ecosystem and get this game to the masses globally. For us the token is SECONDARY to our Game and Project which is most important. We believe that if we can build real utility and real value, that everyone will succeed (Thus for us the project is the most important along with the CUSTOMER and USER EXPERIENCE). We plan on giving benefits to token holders such as discounts and and access to all products and services within our AoR ecosystem and product lines.

  • Describe partners, supporters, or collaborative efforts *
    Currently we are working with as many influencers and KOLs globally and building building building!!!

  • Potential synergies between you and Jupiter users, DAO, holders, etc.*
    We hope to become a well loved metaverse ecosystem and project. With the help of the Solana users globally we are hopeful that we can become a proud Solana project with the help of Jupiter and the team.

  • Approximate date for TGE*
    ASAP - Token is live, we want to get awareness with Jupiter Launchpad to all the users who support and love Solana.

** Vision Category:**

  • If your project were to succeed, how would it fundamentally change the web3 space?*
    More real projects by teams who are really building and trying to build something of value and contributing to the overall growth and excitement around Solana and web3.

    • What would you say is your biggest challenges or obstacles as a project?*

    • What advice would you give to another team launching a token in web3?*

-Multisig wallets => Squads (This will protect your token from those who want to try and steal)
-Ignore too many fake marketing companies => So many reach out with BOT farm communities on telegram, you pay them like $10-20 and get little other than a temporary buzz.
-When you do succeed, others will try and coax you for token or try and take advantage of you. It is important to turn to your team and NEVER agree to anything up front without proper consultation of team members.
-Use https://rugcheck.xyz/ to check the status of your token. Many times tokens have things that need to be done such as removing of mint authority, etc. Always check to see what makes sense for your project and if anything is a red flag make sure you can explain it in your whitepaper
-KEEP ON GOING => No matter what you do, there will always be haters or people in the community trying to put you down for decisions you are making. Ignore the noise! Many times these same people are only saying things for their own personal gain and want to push a token up so they can cash out. Be careful of that and stick to your goals, especially if you are working on a real project!
-Always Keep Learning!!!
-Remember, YOU ARE HUMAN TOO => Take your breaks, ignore the haters, surround yourself with your project supporters and build for your users and community and have faith that it will all work out :slight_smile:


  • What is something most tokens get wrong, and what steps are you taking to ensure that you won’t experience these pitfalls?*

As the project lead, I listed some of them above, however I’d recommend making sure you have a Whitepaper and actual tokenomics plan. Just because there is a rush to get out there, it still requires work and having a tokenomics plan (Even if it changes over time) will help you keep on target. Also make sure you have a whitepaper and keep updating it.

Make sure to talk to your community as much as possible! Silence is deadly in these projects. Our team members are always chatting in Telegram, Discord, Twitter, AMAs etc. Build in public vs in private and it will build trust vs building in private and making users worry that nothing is going on with the token or project or that it could be a dead project. Even if you have nothing to say, at least say something like, “GM! Our team is working hard, hope everyone is doing awesome!!”

AIRDROPS!!! Make sure to do these as they will generate buzz!

HAVE YOUR SOCIALS!!! Twitter, Telegram and Discord are a MUST HAVE not a “Maybe” when it comes to Web3. We found that it has been huge for us, especially Twitter.

*** Appendix/About***


Thank you everyone for your support! Here is our latest DevLog video:


It shows our backend sandbox style web editior to allow you to edit plots and eventually build out full eSports levels with our Plot editor in our game.

Please support our project, we are a real project powered by our Solana token $AoR and looking for Jupiter ecosystem and Launchpad to help us grow so we can make this project successful! :slight_smile:


Hey I took a look at your website, it seems like the game is still early in development. The early development looks great but the incomplete project with a token worries me as you said the token’s utility comes from being able to convert the token to in game currency. Would you be able to answer the following questions?

  • When do you expect the game to be complete?
  • Will players be able to convert in-game currency back into the token?

Hi @Hi_Im_Tim !

Great question!!!

Yes as we are a Utility token we are one directional, meaning you can think of our token like simply a purchase path or a benefit for holding (We plan on several services that will be able to use the token with special discounts and benefits for token holders).

-We are working as well on Metaverse Movie Maker School (https://mmm.school) which will help people to make movies from the metaverse (This is for those who we hope will come in for contests in AoR and other metaverse galaxies powered by our technologies for contests and creative usage). Imagine getting a discount on monthly fees or other benefits for using AoR token to pay (Instead of Fiat Stripe etc.). Ex. Pay $9.99/month Stripe OR pay $9.99 USD worth of AoR token for 2 months (NOTE: Thats just an example, actual pricing for the services would vary).
-We also plan for more virtual gold purchase in the game with AoR token or related galaxies in our ecosystem. Ex. AoR Token could be worth 20% more virtual gold in AoR, Galaxy Token 2 may be worth 10% more virtual gold in AoR and Stripe Fiat (Web2) could be worth just the same amount of Fiat.

You can think of this like Dave and Busters or Chuck E Cheese or some video game arcade that you purchase tokens, then will gain tickets and then can use them to get prizes.

The reason we are planning on using this approach is we are not looking to have users be able to take token OUT of the system. We do plan to use part of the revenue to fund back into the liquidity pool (Stage 1 is to pay back any liquidity we would have taken out early to build, Stage 2 is reduced to keep the virtual economy going, thus we plan to get an economist on board to help balance a good healthy economy).

So to finally answer your two questions to the best of my ability:

  1. When do you expect the game to be complete?

Our game is never going to be “Complete” as its always in development. Similar to Fortnite or Minecraft or Roblox, our teams are always going to be updating it based on user feedback, thus its an ongoing process as its a living system (This is what an MMO RPG is, on 24x7, its not a project that just gets done and ends).

If you mean a playable demo => We should have our first playable MVP and Primary Beta Test (We will be releasing beta tester forms for those that match our first round of users - approx. 100-200 beta testers) over the next 3-5 months is the estimate. From there we want to increase that to stress test the system more and hopefully get to a good solid growth by end of year so we can bring in more users into the game.

  1. Will players be able to convert in-game currency back into the token?

As per my answer above, this is a one directional Utility token. There is no converting in-game virtual currency back into the token. Instead we plan to have an eShopping experience to use the virtual gold (Marketplace) to buy virtual digital items as well as future physical items (Such as branded items and sposored items etc.).

Hope the above responses help.

Thank you so much for your support!!

Team Lead
Angels of Ryina


Is there any estimated timeline for the completion and when would there be a playable game? There are countless of gaming projects that have launched their tokens & NFTs and are still without the playable game even after years.

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Another great question! Thanks for that question @Plasticgoat !

Our base tech is Chaarmi Worlds which is already a working system. We are also actual game developers, not CRYPTO first (Gaming first, I myself was part of the Unity Live Help Team at Unity as a Contractor => https://youtu.be/gh-IcoakYeI?si=vG6u5LXTfPCKKEBz )

You can also check out https://www.Chaarmi.com and you can check out a working project that uses the base tech called https://www.dplots.com and test out a plot yourself to see the idea.

Our gaming roadmap for the creation is as follows:

(Stage 1) Q1 2024: Project marketing and growth, Development of basic systems,
strategic partnerships
(Stage 2) Q2 2024: Testing and integration of token system, Hybridium Overworld
(Stage 3) Q3 2024: Basic game and experiences with early beta testers
(Stage 4) Q4 2024: eSports Systems Start
(Stage 5) Q1-Q2 2025: Base Experience and eSports Systems to be heavily tested
(Stage 6) Q3-Q4 2025: Hybridium Overworld and all sub-systems to become fully
ready and working
(Stage 7) Q1-Q2 2026: User based updates and bug fixes
(Stage 8) Q3-Q4 2026: Growth and expansion of the systems, Growth of Marketing,
Ads and Revenue and Sales Expansion, AoR as a serious competitor to the largest
Metaverse Galaxies

Our teams were actually working on Chaarmi for the past 2 years and so NOW our teams are working heavily on AoR and fully dedicated now to AoR hence why we should have a working beta MVP within the next 3-5 months as our plan.

That being said the system is limited to the following specs:

Each plot is capable of approx. 8-14 users at a time
On specialized plots we even have voice chat and 1:1 video chat (though we don’t plan on implementing these as yet - We have a larger plan for that in the future).

You can test out the experience on https://www.dplots.com and see the technology yourself.

Unlike other projects (And we wont give guarantees as no software project is ever perfect), we believe we have the HIGHEST probability of success due to the fact that this project is being run by actual GAME DEVELOPERS first and foremost not just people coming together to get a project.

3-5 MONTHS For playable demos by BETA TESTERS in a closed beta (We do not want to release to public without massive testing).

PUBLIC beta is targeted for end of 2024 during the big holiday seasons November/December/Jan/Feb of 2024-2025. (Ones Day 1111, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and end of year holidays, New Years, going into Asian/Lunar new year in Jan/Feb).

Hope this helps answer the question. We are always ready to answer all your questions and grateful for everyones support!!

Team Lead
Angels of Ryina

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Do you have any statistics such as ADU of your game? Also, what is the point of using LFG launchpad when your token has already been launched?

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Excellent question @vitytradez !! Thank you for taking the time to write in!!

ADU I’m assuming is Active Daily Users? (We usually use the word DAU Daily Active Users in North America so I’m assuming thats what you mean)…

As we are a new game launch and are still getting the beta out we do not have an actual Daily Active User count at the moment. Similar games in the genre though do have stats that can go up into the tens of millions (Roblox for example has its most recent DAU at around 71.5 Million => Global Roblox games DAU 2023 | Statista)

Upon us getting the beta going and then hopefully by end of year or earlier allowing more users to come in, we hope to see our DAU grow steadily in a controlled way that allows us to keep up to user and server demands while also doing our best to keep the playability and excitement there for long term. The challenge with games like this is they get boring or too easy over time for OP (Over Powered) players so with a system like this one where users can create their own levels, we hope that there is enough variety within the game to allow for fun everchanging eSports battles while also keeping the balancing within the game so we are able to keep up with demand. We anticipate many players over time especially as more word of mouth of the game grows with players from around the world who all want to join in. I recommend asking us about our DAU once again probably by end of year in 2024 for a much more clearer answer and forecast for the future years as we work then with more realistic data points.

** Why use LFG Launchpad when your token has already launched? **

Such an amazing question!!! Seriously the world of Solana is no where near Etherium and other crypto spaces. Jupiter has quickly become the Go-To place for Solana powered users and its important to get our best foot forward for any project.

It is our hope that (Token or not) we are able to get the help of Jupiter and the community to showcase our project to the world of Solana users and everyone else. With our success we will be able to give hope to those projects that may not have had the support before or the awareness in the community about their amazing projects.

Its no secret that there are so many rug pulls and everyone is always worried. In that situation some very ambitious projects and useful products/services get washed away with the meme token craze of people trying to just make quick money scamming. We are truly hopeful that Jupiter Launchpad can be a go-to place for those projects so that they get the awareness by the community and are given a fair shot to achieve success rather than a whole bunch of “Pump and Dumps”.

Token or not, I am truly hopeful this will become a place for project teams with REAL PROJECTS to showcase their work and get community support. No one knows the future however at least with a vision of what meow and the team at Jupiter have (A mix of projects that have an impact with stable quality projects and utility => Discord) then at least all REAL projects have a shot of doing something great and not getting lost in the whole pump/dump cycle.

If the team at Jupiter want us to allocate more token to the LFG launchpad from our tokenomics, we can adjust to match as we are still relatively new as a token (Token was launched in December of 2023 just 2 months ago).

No REAL project is easy and it takes a lot of hard working people to accomplish it. With a smaller market like Solana (Compared to ETH and others that have more adoption) we need ALL the help we can get.

I for one am hopeful for a great Jupiter LFG Launchpad ecosystem where every project has a real shot and those without a token can get the help they need to launch and those with a token can get the awareness and success they need to build out great products and services that we all will want to use, no matter if its DeFi, GameFi or other areas, we should all want great projects rather than just a pump/dump meme token where several holders win while everyone loses.

Let me be clear, in my personal opinion, WE ALL WIN when great products and services and projects come into the market. WE ALL LOSE when people think Crypto is trash and Web3 is just a scam for criminals who use it to steal or harm.

Lets support each other and great projects that are attempting to build real utility and bring value to the ecosystem, I for one am ALL for that and I hope you and everyone else here are for that as well :slight_smile:

Hope that helps to answer your questions and once again Not Financial Advice, Please do your own Due Dilligence, these are my personal Opinions.

Team Lead
Angels of Ryina

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Teasing you all with our upcoming weapons system video and our SUPER FAST Level creation system (All powered by Unity and will be web based! You dont need to know code either its a no-code/low-code system)

I’ll post the video of how our system works, it will give you an idea of our easy to use system. Please keep in mind, doing something like this in Unity alone takes a LOT of game development experience!! With our systems you’ll be able to do it with our no-code/low-code system!!!

Exciting times ahead!!! :heart_eyes:

VIDEO (Devlog 4 - Weapon System): Full Devlog 4 Video Showcasing our Weapons Systems and literally the level plot being developed in MINUTES (Even though it is sped up, it still was about 20-30 minutes or so, even less).

Team Lead
Angels of Ryina

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We’re updating our Whitepaper now as well and preparing ourselves for the possibility of being on Jupiter LFG Launchpad!!

I’ve also got our latest video showcasing our teams progress (We are working round the clock to prepare for the presentation that many teams are going through over the next weeks to present to the community here!!!). We hope our hard work and real tech bring excitement to the ecosystem and that we have the opportunity to be amongst the early GameFi projects launched here on Jupiter LFG Launchpad :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your support, here is the latest updates from our team thus far =>

Team Lead
Angels of Ryina

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The team extensively deliberated on adopting a Play to Earn model, prioritizing an approach free from gambling elements. The game’s vision centers on utilizing addictive mechanics to enhance lives, excluding negativity-inducing factors. We’ve decided against incorporating things like Loot Boxes and Wagered Tournaments, recognizing their association with possible gambling.

Moving forward as we integrate a full Play to Earn Model, gambling-like content will be excluded, preserving play-to-earn features.

Some examples of the play-to-earn features includes leveling up player accounts (future NFTs) and earning tokens through quests, along with creative endeavors like building businesses in the Metaverse.

The more you play, the better your life gets! Fostering real-world connections, developing eSports skills, having fun, building and joining global communities.

Key Points and Proposals:

Key Question: “Why choose our game over traditional eSports or metaverse games?”

Full Play To Earn: Explore plot owners building experiences, monthly subscriptions, other ways to earn over time.

Virtual Currencies Elimination (No more gold or silver); blockchain preferred for better management.

Token Technicals and Centralization: User accounts linked to wallets, NFT for data storage.

Services vs Non-Services: Focus on eSports experiences with additional services and products.

Contests and Events: Non-gambling contests (e.g., fan and gameplay video creation, fan art creation, plot building) for AoR token rewards.

Fees for Purchase: In-game fees for plot owner profit generation.

Earning by Completing Tasks: Rewards for tasks and missions.

Shopping in Marketplace: Purchase physical and digital goods.

PLEASE NOTE: This plan will be refined based on beta feedback and ongoing discussions. A public testing page (to experience the gameplay) is now LIVE (Info Below) and an updated website are coming soon along with the updated whitepaper. Stay tuned!

Our FIRST Public Test is now LIVE, Please share with everyone AND for those who provide feedback that our team is able to use we may even award you with some AoR Token Airdrop!! => https://forms.gle/z1Z6MJjcKSWfrZJV9

Team Lead
Angels of Ryina

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does the game have any fundraising before? what’s your marketing plan?

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Thanks for the great question!

No we do not have any funding before, all bootstrap startup self funded for now. Our technological base is coming from Chaarmi Worlds which I am the founder of. To be honest we didn’t even know if we were going to make it with all the meme tokens and projects like ours that get put to the side unfortunately. We’re just glad there is something like this that can give us some showcase for our real project! :slight_smile:

Marketing wise we have done several Airdrops thus far and plan on doing more and connecting with the communities across various avenues including Twitter, Discord, Telegram and several other areas where many of the blockchain community currently reside.

Jupiter Launchpad opportunity is a big one for us and we hope that this will help us with a major marketing push and building awareness for the project and getting support of early users. That being said as funds do come in we plan to hire more team mates to help in that regard along with continued development.

Hope that helps answer the question :slight_smile:

Team Lead
Angels of Ryina

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We just got a great question I wanted to answer here =>

What problem does your game AoR solve? Why invest in your game?

This is a great question! So our game is here to take the traditional game model of eSports style gaming and addiction mechanics and then use the addiction mechanics to focus more on training users on bettering their real lives.

For many years both players (And now parents who see their kids in games like Roblox, Minecraft and Fortnite for example) have been drawn into gaming and never coming out. Whats worse is that the addiction mechanics focus on many practices that are borderline gambling and hyperfocused on profit and revenues and promote things that do not make better human beings. What we end up with is the same users coming out to regular society and replicating what they see in the games (The Floss => Case in Point => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6X6b19ukfTA). Now unless those kids need to do a dance off to save their lives, chances are things like this are not helpful in their future growth. Whats even more challenging is the skills learned and promoted are not ones that generally help people in life and the most challenging of all is the players (Or their parents) end up with costly financial bills that dont match the results (Ex. Bad grades, more introverted humans, etc.)!

Compare some high quality games like God of War => $90 CAD/USD which you purchase once and have many hours of playtime and even if you purchase DLC (Downloadable Content). However games that use addiction mechanics can end up having players (Or parents) racking up bills of THOUSANDS and their lives getting worse.

We want to now make it useful to players and users of our game that the more they play the better their lives get. From the LORE (Think of Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings Fans who dress up like their favorite characters, know the stories inside out, etc.) to the actual addiction mechanics that promote not only purchases and also human habits that foster success such as making friendships, problem solving, leadership skills, motivation skills, business skills and more. For example, in a PvP game you get rewarded for the total kills and rarely get awarded for making friends or joining guilds or building teams and team work. Imagine if more attention was put on these habits that then translated one day into the very same people in person going out in their physical lives and attempting to overcome challenges, becoming more organized or making friends or even running their own business taking control of their lives. This is the eLearning portion of the game that we plan to use the addiction mechanics more heavily on vs those other traditional games that simply focus only on getting users addicted for only the benefit of the company. We want to be a unique option that focuses on both, getting a healthy profit while also making sure our players live healthy fulfilling lives!

To that end we are looking at things that stay true to that vision above and removing things like loot crates or other gambling mechanics that are heavily focused on money making rather than on human building, and then replacing these mechanics with things such as “How many new friends did you make this week?” “How many missions did you help them on?” “Did you help a friend level up?” “Did you join a guild?” “Did you build your own business in the metaverse with your level?” etc.

Those are just examples above ofcourse, the actual items we plan on working on later as the game gets more fleshed out over time.

We truly are trying something really unique here and adding in Play to Earn mechanics as well to help support these efforts :slight_smile:

Team Lead
Angels of Ryina


The gamefi hype hasn’t come yet, but when it does, I’m sure this project will be great.