LFG intro (& help wanted): MATTE! Redefining Independent Digital Media Distribution, Empowering Creators


In the evolving landscape of digital art, MATTE! emerges as a decentralized dynamic hub for artists and art enthusiasts alike leveraging low cost-to-mint NFTs on SOL blockchain to empower artists. This article explores how MATTE! transforms the art community, providing transparency, fair compensation, and a vibrant, community-driven experience. MATTE redefines the art-sharing experience through community, peer-to-peer drive. MATTE Token will power the ecosystem.

Power to the Creator…

Creators tokenize their work as NFTs, ensuring ownership and enabling transparent transactions on the blockchain. It guarantees Creators ownership of their work in their own wallet at all times, in contrast with the host-distribute model of rival sites. This promotes freedom of expression and creation in all respects. Creators set individual prices for their work, allowing for a more personalized and scalable monetization strategy.

…and the Collector:

The shift from centralized control to decentralized, peer-to-peer interaction ensures that users need only pay for the specific content they value, promoting a fair and transparent exchange, fostering a more sustainable and direct artist-audience relationship.

MATTE!’s Peer-to-Peer vs. Other Subscription-Based artshare/fansub models:

Peer-to-peer is superior to the subscription based model of independent content diffusion in several ways. Creators receive fair compensation for their creations. Smart contracts automate royalty distribution on a per-item basis, providing a sustainable revenue stream, even with subsequent resales. Moreover, the data that purchase or re-sale of an individual piece provides, as displayed within the Creator Suite, shows specific preferences within their community for given content.


MATTE Token, as the default currency on the site. It can be swapped to and from SOL and other cryptocurrencies through the site, powered by Jupiter (fingers crossed!). Creators have the option to sell their work in any SOL coin though, providing flexibility and accessibility in transactions.

Incentives and Rewards for MATTE Token and MATTE! Avatars

Users can choose to use one of many MATTE! Avatars, customizable avatar-base(s) as their pfp, the minting of which will happen shortly post site-launch (they could also use any other NFT). The Collection consists of a number of anime-like character models with specific attributes which determine rarity and faction.

Creators can produce custom aesthetic avatar attributes/clothing for their community and promote/release them as they so choose. Community members can then ‘combine’ these items with their avatar to mint a new NFT with that attribute. Avatar items must be minted/sold in MATTE Token.

Monthly giveaways of avatar bases will be hosted on the site, by the MATTE team. Equipped Avatars (e.g., a base + one or many attributes) can be given away/sold by Creators, who would submit their attribute to MATTE in lieu of direct sale, and MATTE would mint it from the Avatar collection (no strings attached, no fee).

MATTE Whales & Avatar Hodlers

MATTE Whales & Avatar Hodlers will be part of the MATTE DAO, which will vote on community initiatives, collaborations, site plans, Avatar giveaways, and of course, the continued function and use of MATTE Token. Avatar Hodlers will receive ‘reflections’ of MATTE Token as fees generated by the site. These reflections would be sent out by the MATTE treasury to hodler wallets, under the assumption that MATTE is a V1 Token. These incentivize Users and Creators to use MATTE Token while on the site.

Factions for Session Duration and re-Interaction:

An avatar’s faction places it and the owner displaying it within a group consisting of some other members. All factions have the same access and ability to interact with the site. On community polls, total art bought, resold, promoted, etc., a given user’s faction is noted. Those displaying an avatar of a given faction which meets reward criteria based on these statistics in a given season or term are rewarded with bonuses at the end of a season/term. These bonuses include airdropped tokens, collaborative NFT airdrops, and more.

Community-Driven vs Algorithmic Curation ~of a Home Page:

MATTE! champions a community-driven curation model. Individually minted or purchased NFT digital media is promoted in lieu of a focus on blanket promotion of individual creators. NO algorithm. ONLY individual user-selected filters. This allows for the generation of virility in a single given work, and de-facto promotes a greater number of creators. It not only fosters a sense of ownership and community around a creator, but even a single item owned. It also ensures the platform evolves in sync with user preferences.

The Team:

My name is Imouto (@imouto_token) and I’m learning to program all this while making NFT art. Progress is being made but as a one-person-trip it’s slow going. I’ve a relentless work ethic, a need for more hours in the day, and a need for like-minded collaborators for this project. If anyone likes this idea and wants to be a part of it, I’m 1000% on board and ready to go.

Challenges and Opportunities:

While MATTE! presents exciting opportunities, challenges like scalability need addressing. While its core user base will be the consumer, it needs to maintain a healthy amount of producers to keep them engaged. Community collaboration and ongoing advancements in blockchain technology are pivotal in overcoming these hurdles.

The Road Ahead:

The rise of decentralized platforms like MATTE! marks a significant shift in the independent art space. As technology advances, artists gain more control over their careers and redefine the value of their creations. Consumers can dive further into their niches while being a part of something bigger. MATTE! serves as a beacon, showcasing this potential.


MATTE! epitomizes the fusion of community ethos with decentralized power, offering artists a glimpse into a future where they wield greater influence and enjoy the true value of their work. It provides consumers with a lower-cost alternative to traditional, blanket-subscription based models.


Twitter: @imouto_token

Disc: imouto_solniiku (1174416758602477648)

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Do you have a pitch deck put together for this?

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When would ideal TGE be for you?

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thanks for the question! Q4 2024 – post-static website completion (Q3 2024) and some more marketing. I’m also pursuing NFT launchpad opportunities, so should one of those go through, it would be much easier for me to push the whole thing forward faster.

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thanks for your interest! full pitch deck no – let me get back to you on that one :+1:

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Is there any existing examples of something similar? Or in other words, are there any competitors out there?

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good question!
Direct? On web3, Not currently. Imho, its closest direct competition would be Pixiv or similar web2 sites.
Indirect? It’s complicated.
MATTE is first and foremost an art-centric, community NFT platform. Yet it is also a de-facto niche NFT market, a platform for creators, and a general forum for creators/consumers to interact with each other.
In this way, it’s different from MagicEden and Tensor, whose primary niche so far as I can tell is high-volume NFT-as-utility trading. For example, I can sell my art on MagicEden, yet if it’s not through their launchpad, promotion must happen elsewhere.
It’s also different from ExchgArt, the largest art-centric NFT platform by volume on SOL currently, for several reasons including: 2: There is no means for creators to interact with their collectors on ExchgArt, and no community forum on ExchgArt. MATTE’s promotion of creators is also either completely community curated or completely random; there’s no ‘here’s highlights that we the curators found for you’ – there is simply ‘here’s what’s selling’ & ‘here’s some random items,’ or at most – ‘here’s a number of items tagged with ‘x’ for the holiday.’
ME, Tensor, ExchgArt, and others also have no dedicated community forum and presently lack a cohesive community-based platforming or ethos, imho; there’re incentives for listing on one vs the other sure, but it’s all still ‘single-player.’
Even in the case that there’re communities behind certain projects, those communities are on discord/telegram, not the platform itself.
All of these platforms are great for what they do. Matte attempts to fill the gaps, not explicitly taking from any, but being an alternative and a peer. It would allow an nft artist the means to sell their art and have a forum for their work in one place, instead of selling, managing/promoting a separate discord, etc.
Matte is intended as a social, nft-as-content-creation play. It would do so similarly to pixiv (but without the subscription structure), and with more community-forum-focus than, for example, thehug.xyz. With its would-be robust community platform intertwined but indirect to the content, multi-player gamification thru competitions/faction system, use of its own token, etc.

Interesting project I like where you are coming from as a photographer and photoart creator now looking to enter the NFT space and a long term solana investor

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