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Hey Jupiter DAO and fellow blockchain enthusiasts,

We’re thrilled to introduce you to Droplet, a platform set to transform how we discover and interact with new token projects on Solana. Born from a blend of inspiration and necessity, Droplet is the brainchild of two FAANG software engineers.

Our Story: Hey all, the inspiration to this project surprisingly came from investing into another similar project. I dont want to bash any projects so I wont say the name, but the said project reached 7.8mil MC, then it dropped all the way to 77k market cap because there simply was no delivery. I was invested in this project because I saw the vision and it would have been great!

I didn’t see any other projects doing anything similar, I reached out to a friend around the beginning of February, two nerds, both at FAANG’s as software engineers and love to code. In the past 10 days we’ve pulled 3 all nighters, grinding out the back-end and front-end. The product is near the finish line, we keep thinking of neat quality of life features and add them as we go.

Problem that we aim to solve is the lack of visibility of new token projects created in the space, most of the time people are looking for new projects through token or pool trackers, which is fair i dont blame them. Having a go to place is something I myself would even use.

What We’ve Built in the Past 10 days:

  • Most of the Frontend: We have spent a nice amount of time getting the UI/UX to a point where it is neat clean and very friendly.
  • Trending Projects: Discover what’s hot with views and likes from the community, across timeframes like 1D, Yesterday, and 7D.
  • Upcoming Launches: Stay ahead with info on newly created and soon-to-launch projects.
  • Seamless Project Creation: Launch your project on Droplet, from token creation to pool management, all with a few clicks.
  • Comprehensive Dashboards: Manage your investments and projects with an intuitive dashboard, designed for the modern investor.
  • Escrow Wallets & Quick Swaps: Enhance your trading with our secure escrow service and swift transaction features.
  • In-depth Analytics: Make informed decisions with analytics akin to sites like rugcheck for all released projects.
  • Quick Swap: Thanks to Jupiter Swap API and the ability to self host a Jupiter Node along with some custom code to swap with Raydium Pool created Tokens, with the combination of both of these we are able to smoothly swap new tokens as soon as they come out and

Whats Next:

  • A LOT

Why Droplet? We’re not just building a platform; we’re crafting a community where transparency, innovation, and user satisfaction lead the way. Not only are we building this platform but we want to listen to the community and build based off feedback. However this requires a community first, and we are excited to get started!

Vision for the Future: Imagine a world where discovering and managing token projects is not only easy but enjoyable. That’s the future Droplet is building today. But our dream doesn’t stop here. We’re on a mission to redefine the web3 space, making it more accessible, transparent, and rewarding for everyone involved.

We can’t wait to start on this exciting journey with you all. Let’s go to the MOON BOYS!

Socials: (Please remember we have not pushed any type of marketing at all, and it is possible that our discord is not fully setup, we can give OG roles to people that are truly early though)

Approximate date for TGE - Release

  • We should be done with this by next week

I dont want to leak too much bc too many spoilers will ruin the hype!

If you read this far in, thanks and this is what people would call early alpha i guess, cya on the other side boys - Discord .


Hey I always struggle to find new projects so I love this idea. The difficulty in finding new projects is that crypto is by nature decentralized and P2P. Given this, how will you collect up incoming project? Will they come to you? Or does Droplet have some method of aggregating them?

There are a lot of bots and also things like dexscreener to find new tokens, is this meant to find more legitimate projects that are launching on Solana? How does this differ from LFG or a token launchpad?

This sounds like a good idea, and I joined your Discord to keep tabs on what progress you make along the way.

One thing I would suggest, as a fellow builder who has been around in the Solana ecosystem since the very start, is that you guys definitely not rush things, it is much better to take the time to fully flesh out your vision and do the necessary A/B testing (both on your own and with actual users testing it out, providing feedback, etc.) as well as taking the time to engage with the larger community of people who are investing into various tokens on Solana, and the teams who are building other projects/releasing tokens, to see what features people are most interested in.

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How does this differ from LFG or a token launchpad?


I feel this isn’t that different from the LFG launchpad (other than the funding aspect) I mean what separates this from a bot that tracks traffic to other crypto currencies (other than a nice UI)

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Keen to understand this as well!

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How does differ form LGF or tokine and this project is helping the self reliant and I employment this is very nice

So long as this is less about the spam tokens and more about prelaunch platform or angel investing. Dont need another birdeye or dexscreener or photon. I understand theres differences in everything that comes to life but at some point doing the same thing over andover again is insanity and should be avoided.