Exchange $ART application to LFG Launch


Who are we?

Some of you might be familiar with us, we are the Exchange.Art team. We’ve been building in Solana since October 2021 Back then there was no proper marketplace catering to independent artists.

Digital art movement was growing, and even though Solana was in its infancy and the community wasn’t big back then, we felt like it was something worth exploring, so we started building tooling for that segment of the market.

2.5 years, 26,000+ Artists, 50,000+ collectors, 300,000+ artworks sold for over $27M after, here we (still) are. Our job is not done until we onboarded millions of artists to Solana, and we redefine how they monetize and distribute their work, solidifying it as THE culture chain.

How do we get where we want to be?

1 - Using 5 different platforms to do your job becomes a hassle really quickly. Users want convenience, we need to be a one-stop shop, a super-app.

2 - UX in crypto needs to be 10x better, so we’ll simply continue building towards that goal. Make great products that are simple to use.

3 - Learning curve for crypto needs to be 10x simpler. We need to make people forget they are using crypto.

4 - The incentives need to be obvious so users are interested in trying new products instead of keeping doing things the same way.

5 - We need to give users a sense of ownership. A token allows us to gradually decentralise certain areas of the business so users can make their own choices.

About the team

Larisa (@larisaNFT), Milst (@MilstGuga), Alex (@flashjpr), Horia (@Morghulisart), Andrei (@andreibalici), Roberto (@RobeMalutan), Goku (@goku_NFT)

Despite being long time crypto users (as far as 2015), we only started building in it during mid 2021.

Some of the members had a brief stint on the engineering team in the first open NFT marketplace in Solana (Digital Eyes).

Shortly after, they decided to move on to their own project and start Exchange Art during October 2021, and its sister company Code Canvas (long-form gen art platform) during January 2023. We’ve been building together ever since.

Ecosystem and us

We have been a key part of the Solana community for the past 2.5 years.

From helping curate almost every Solana HH gallery around the world, to supporting art collectives, funding IRL exhibitions, to partnering with digital screen providers like Meural or super successful ongoing collab with BONK, we’ve worked with a number of projects and collectives throughout the years and there’s one thing in common, we care about our partners.

As a business, we use and trust Jupiter daily.

As a platform, the deeper integration we have with Jupiter, the easier it is for us to provide optionality to our users. Creators and collectors alike should be able to pay and get paid in any currency they want, and Jupiter plays a big role in that vision.

Are there any other potential integrations/collaborations we didn’t think about? Most likely! Are JUP DAO members that end up getting ART token going to help us figure them out? We sure hope so.

One thing is for sure, artists are the backbone of any ecosystem and we help nurture a community that’s sticky and will rally behind what they believe in.

We aim to launch our token during mid June 2024, and hope you are a part of that celebration.

Our vision

For us, success means we made crypto a viable alternative for independent artists around the world and fundamentally reshaped how they monetize and distribute their works.

If we can accomplish that, we will have onboarded millions of new users to Solana in the process.

We believe the biggest hurdle we faced, and will continue to do, even looking forward a few years, is the steep learning curve crypto has and how UX in crypto products still lags behind great Web 2 experiences, making it harder to onboard so-called “normies”.

A big focus for us will be to challenge that and make crypto less intimidating for non-natives.

Another big hurdle, that is still true for every NFT related project, is seasonality of liquidity. Through the right incentives and by partnering with the right organizations, we aim to smooth that effect.

One thing we saw time and time again, is that teams don’t ask themselves if they SHOULD launch a token despite being able to. We have a purpose and we have a plan.

We don’t have predatory tokenomics built to cash out quickly at which point interests between users and team become misaligned.

The purpose of our token is to grow (and maintain) our community, distribute and align incentives. By putting a significant amount in the hands of the community, we make sure they are sufficiently interested in participating in the decision making process and have a significant share in the upside.

At the same time, an outsized % of the supply is allocated to further rewards and on top of that we have a % allocated for partner ecosystem grants. We want to grow the pie, we want people using, recommending and building on top of EA. The stronger our community grows, the more likely we are to achieve our vision.

Win and help win.

Want to learn more about Exchange.Art?

  1. Blog:

  2. Website:

  3. Twitter:

  4. Discord: Exchange Art

Got any questions? Just ask here, or feel free to DM us on Twitter, our DMs are always open!


I just read your post. In my opinion, NFT as a technology will achieve great global success, but as art it will be limited only to a narrow group of enthusiasts. I wonder what your idea is to compete with Opensea or Blur.


You don’t seem to be much into art, are you? OpenSea and Blur are open, non-curated platforms specialized mostly in pfps. Fine art NFT platforms have gained their niche in the crypto world and are here to stay. ExchangeArt is the prime Solana (and beyond) marketplace for fine art NFTs. Need further arguments?


So it’s a governance token? Just want to clarify.


If I were to vote for ExchangeArt, I need many more arguments, I’m not convinced yet.


Hey Berlin,

I’m Milst, another of the EA founders.

We don’t see Blur or Opensea as competitors; we operate in different niches. The tools, the messaging and the way things are presented within the site, makes it unappealing to artists. At the same time the user base in those platforms is not there to consume art.

We want to cater to independent artists and smaller galleries and build the absolute best experience for them. There’s currently millions of potential users outside of crypto, that have a real problem monetizing and distributing their art, and we have the opportunity to solve a real problem for them.

While platforms like Blur or Tensor are the best for trading PFPs or very large collections, someone still needs to cater to that other market segment, and we want to be the best at it.


It will be used for governance, but $ART will be a key element in the EA ecosystem, and governance will be only a part of it.

From buying and selling art with it, to fee reduction, to tooling subscriptions or purchasing rewards from ecosystem partners, the possibilities are endless. Governance will help us figure it out together.


Come give us a try, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it and it will all make sense.


I have used Exchange Art to make a living as well as collect from many of Solana’s top artists. I think it would be great for the ART token to launch with Jupiter. Bullish on EA. This may also give exposure to the art scene and get degens to collect more on chain art. Love EA and bullish on the art marketplace they’ve created for us artists.


I hope Jupiter will give the opportunity to ExchangeArt to launch their token on their platform. I am the Founder of TheBuildersDAO, we have had the opportunity to work and collaborate with EA and they are very professional team with a clear vision to put art and artist in the center of everything they do!


Hello, as an artist, I support the solana system and exchangeart. Especially Larissa and the whole team try to help the artists as much as they can. At least we can find a contact person when we have a problem. My only wish as an artist is that more collectors will join the system. And it would be great if the system raises awareness to bring collectors and artists together.


Hey EA Team,

Glad to see the $ART token coming to fruition, very excited for you guys and it’s great to see an initiative like this finally come to the 1/1 art space.

Loved being a collector and supporter of artists (primarily on sol) and many of those artworks have been collected on EA.

Couple of questions for you all…

Will you run an incentive program for $ART?
While I know people are quite fatigued with points programs, this is a real opportunity to ignite new collectors in the 1/1 space if done well

How will the token assist new artists in their career as full-time artists?
Its no secret that a career as an artist is tough financially but it would be novel to see new talented artists get preferential incentives over some of the more established artists.

Looking forward to your responses and tell Goku that he’s the man…


I will be voting for EA launch on jup LFG. This is exactly the type of niche project which would benefit a lot from exposure to a wider audience. Art has been the primary utility for NFTs and I believe the high end 1/1 market deserves a well built marketplace.


arguments to vote pro EA are in the post. i’m not here to try to convince you


Hey, Neverland here CEO & Co-Founder of SolCity, a creative media platform and global community of artists & collectors.
I’ll be voting for EA’s token, easy. That’s where i started my personal art career and collecting journey on Solana, that’s where i made unbelievable sales and met people world wide. They stuck with us through the bear and were there for the art ecosystem and the hardest times. EA has collaborated and supported SolCity in our journey to empower artists.


Hello everyone, I’m JOM. As COO and co-founder of SolCity, I have been able to collaborate closely with EA on initiatives for the Solana arts community over the past two years.
Exchange.Art was also my first platform when I started my art career on the chain, and it is still the place where I mint most of my artwork.
EA is always very committed to raising the state of the art and its team has demonstrated an excellent level of professionalism.
Looking forward to the launch of the $ART token and to all the positive contributions that it will bring to the ecosystem.



I am Mireyita an artist and collector.

Exchange Art is more than just a platform; it’s a lifeline for independent artists and smaller galleries, fundamentally changing how art is bought and sold. With millions of potential users outside of the crypto world struggling to showcase and profit from their work, EA stands to offer the solution they’ve been seeking.

As a physical artist, EA has been a game-changer for me, providing not just a platform to connect with collectors but also fostering a supportive community within the Solana ecosystem. The CEO Larisa, is exceptional, and the entire team is tirelessly working to achieve success for artists and the Solana community. Unlike my past experiences with platforms like Opensea, EA has given me the support and success I’ve been looking for.

Based on my own journey, I wholeheartedly recommend using EA for art minting. I actively urge fellow artists on Twitter and beyond to join the Web3 movement, emphasizing EA’s intuitive interface and robust artist support. Plus, with $ART as a core part of the EA ecosystem, it’s a game-changer for art monetization.

I couldn’t be happier or more grateful to the entire EA team and platform. They’re always there to lend a hand. I couldn’t imagine minting my art anywhere else now.


Yes, a big part of what we’ll do with $ART is incentivizing collectors to buy more.

Collectors buy art, get $ART and artists get paid. Win-Win

At the same time, a substantial % is going to go to ecosystem grants, dedicated to help fund initiatives from educational programs, to events, content, or tooling built on top of EA. Whatever help us grow the pie.


For EA to launch this token on Jupiter would be a huge success for further community building amongst both artists and collectors within the solana ecosystem and I believe will also invite more people to use and understand the capability of SOL and EA. EA time and time again have shown not only their devotion to community but their resilience and consistency in supporting artists to the best of their ability. From an artist’s point of view, who migrated from ETH back in 2019, big up $ART. Big up EA. :+1: JJ


I’ve been using Exchange Art since it first came out and have seen firsthand how the team has continuously shipped products that users want with attention to detail every step of the way. Easy vote for me, happy to support the art ecosystem!