Introducing Moon Boi Studios & THENTI $TNT

Moon Boi Studios was formed in the summer of ‘22. We saw a gap in the market with many games in the space led solely by the ‘money go up’ meta. We are not against it, however, we believed we could inject some much needed love into story-telling, content and immediately saw value in the ability to empower players with the ownership, transparency and interoperability made possible via blockchain technology.

Our debut game Moon Boi Universe, is a 2.5D, web3, open world RPG built for mobile, desktop and the Solana dApp store. We started full development in Aug ‘22 and have run completely boot-strapped throughout the bear. Securing the Speedrun Hackathon win and beating the 230+ other entrants gave us the confidence that we had true product market fit.

We plan to launch our THENTI token via Jupiter’s LFG launchpad.

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$TNT is built into the lore of Moon Boi Universe as a powerful source of energy, a combination of ‘Block’ tech and ‘Chain’ magic. $TNT will serve as the player-owned economy token and incentivise player participation, collaborations and community voted development sprints.

Moon Boi Universe is lore driven with an isometric pixel art aesthetic, a nod to the early Pokémon games, Runescape and Final Fantasy offerings that preceded it. Utilising Solana adds a new layer to the game by not restricting assets and allowing players to freely trade, wager battle and explore business opportunities. Digital billboards and lots can be rented by players and businesses alike, bringing real-world economy aspects to gameplay in a fun way. We won the BONK track of the aforementioned hackathon by showcasing an example of this, creating BONK Barkade, a token gated arcade with mini-games unlocked and playable with the BONK token. The possibilities are literally limitless and we have already secured a phygital distribution deal with a company that manufactures BTC miners.

Our team:

Founder & Creative Director - Ems

X: @realember
Discord: ems2525
20 years experience in sales and marketing, 2 years history in the Solana ecosystem, demo-day winning Superteam UK member.

Art Director - Edgar

Discord: creative_ed
Pixel art specialist and games designer with his own creative studio.

Game Designer/Programmer - Vaibhav

Discord: vaibhav4616
Masters in Computer Science, Proficient in C# and C++, 5 years plus experience in Game Design

UI Designer/Programmer - Oliver

Discord: olafhairybreeches
Masters in Computer Game development.

Company Admin - Chev

Discord: chey0990
Previously L&D lead for several large firms within the Energy Sector

Creative Writer - Sandra

Discord: bbaerin
Written several fan novels for established animé characters. Gaming enthusiast.

Character Concept Artist - Alessio

Discord: alessioprota
Bachelors in Design. Skilled character artist, proficient in human and beast illustration.

Environment Concept Artist - Ishen

Discord: ishenamara
Self published author and imaginative artist.

IT Specialist/Crypto Analyst - Yoey

Discord: realyowe
15 years IT support experience, 7+ years involved in crypto.

Lead Composer - Beast

Discord: woahbeast
15+ years experience, 2x Grammy nominated, credits included Kendrick Lamar & NBA2K

Composer - Nutty

Discord: antxntranscends
20+ years experience, credits include Busta Rhymes, Top Boy and EA Sports FIFA

We wish to debut with Jupiter launchpad as it represents a force of integrity within the space, something we feel we share. As serial digital and irl collaborators with BONK and Superteam, we have built purposefully and are not afraid to try and implement new technologies, at time of writing hybrid NFTs come to mind. TGE is planned for the end of April and we look forward to engaging with Jupiter users and holders. Hey, if we get the green light there’s no reason we can’t create a fully customised Jupiter HQ in-game.

We believe we are successfully changing the web3 space by representing a narrative driven, fun-first approach to our gameplay mechanics. We believe the future of web3 gaming means drawing more top tier web2 developers into the space and onboarding the masses of web2 players by making any web3 interaction seamless.

Having boot-strapped for 18 months, being pre-approved by the Apple Store, Google Play store and playable on Solana dApp Store, the biggest obstacle we are now facing is funding. We wish to double down on development, run structured impactful marketing campaigns and have a worldwide release in tow with the next 12-18 months, hopefully securing a distribution deal with Nintendo (Switch console) in the process. We’re not in a position to give other teams advice on launching a token, however we have seen some of the same mistakes repeated e.g. over allocating pre-sale tokens. We are very fortunate to have experienced advisors in the Solana ecosystem who themselves have launched very successful projects.


X: @moonboiuniverse


Nice Introduction and welcome to the JUP/LFG community. Being here is a VERY positive strategic decision.


Thank you and pleasure to be here! :rocket::waning_gibbous_moon:


Just watched the video on the website, this is pretty cool tbh. How many projects have you partnered with to integrate them into the game so far?

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Hey! Thanks for checking it out, so far we’ve built a bespoke token-gated building for BONK, with mini-games unlocked with their token. We’ve also just implemented assets for Bitaxe who are a Bitcoin miner manufacturer. The digital asset reflects the real asset and we’ll be giving one away for free with our next campaign. The possibilities are endless as long as there is synergy with our world!

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That’s really cool. I think there is a ton of room for you guys to incorporate some really cool projects that are Solana cornerstones.Seems like core projects across other ecosystems could be involved as well. Hoping to see some more interesting developments roll out soon!

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You website is clean and it’s easy to grasp the project from the trailer. Quick question about the token, aside the obvious need for funding to continue developing the game, what other uses will the token have? Will there be ways for players to earn it?


Very impressive team! You should do well!

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Hey Aro! Great question. Yes! Players will be able to wager tokens/NFTs by taking part in skill and/or luck-based PvP challenges in-game.

We’ll continue to add more features and look to integrate NFTs/tokens as much as possible within the ecosystem.

There is also plans to market/collaborate and raise perceived value outside of the game itself as well.

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