PIGMO Application to Jupiter LFG

Greetings Catdets – Let’s buckle up for our journey together through the cosmos! PIGMO is here to lead the way in ‘GambleFi’. We have built a sophisticated and performative application on Solana to bring you fun, entertainment and rewards… and of course, Pigs! Our innovative web3 Casino features popular & custom games that our members absolutely love. We have already attracted a wealth of participation and new users as we rapidly grow each day.

Whilst we gear up for our token launch, we invite you to come explore the opportunities and value we have to offer. At PIGMO, we’re all about rewarding our community and giving back. We have both demonstrated and committed to this goal through our unique revenue and distribution model.


Pigmo is an innovative high-performance Web3 Casino, Licensed and built on Solana. Development began early (Insert when) as we considered a more hybrid approach to what we can offer as a service. Our product not only features a broad range of popular gaming options like Progressive Slots, Live Blackjack, Roulette and Poker; but we also offer Sports betting, Racing and dozens of our very own custom designed in-house games.

We work fast to deliver the best user experience and lucrative benefits for our members. At current, we have received a market valuation over $125mm+ by a number of VC’s, and have secured the relevant iGaming licenses to operate within regulatory compliance. With now over 70,000+ followers on X and 35,000+ in our Discord, we’re ready to make an explosive launch and showcase all the fruits of our labor.

Lastly, a sincere thank you to Meow and the WEN Foundation – the Cats showed great enthusiasm and support during our promotional ‘WEN Burn’ event. During this event participants burned 560,302,555.00 WEN tokens to secure their whitelist for our NFT mint.


Stake & Earn

Pigmo’s Stake to Earn system is integral to our ecosystem, rewarding platform engagement. Participants can stake their NFTs and earn $PIG over a 48-month linear vesting period, with each NFT guaranteeing a fixed percentage of the $PIG supply. This setup aligns holder incentives with the platform’s long-term sustainability.

The model allows holders to decide monthly whether to continue staking, offering flexibility while maintaining a stable token supply. Our user-friendly staking interface ensures accessibility for all users, bolstering the token’s value and platform longevity.

Buy back & Burn

Our Buy & Burn initiative plays a vital role in our deflationary strategies, aiming to increase the inherent value of $PIG tokens. Periodically, we use a portion of our profits to purchase $PIG tokens from the open market, which are then permanently removed (burned), reducing the overall supply. This transparent process, verifiable on the blockchain, underscores our commitment to community trust and transparency. Buy & Burn events are pre-announced, allowing token holders to observe the positive impact on $PIG tokenomics, with stats publicly displayed and updated live within our platform. Additionally we also burn all tokens earned by those NFTs which are listed on market or owned by the team’s marketing wallet thereby benefitting our holders furthermore.

NFT’s & Members Benefits
Since we launched PIGMOs in mid March 2024, the collection has already seen over 1400SOL in volume as we moved up the trending leaderboards; and this is before we have gone live with the airdrop or staking rewards.

To read more about our distribution vesting schedule for NFT holders, please refer to our LITEPAPER


As outlined, 15% will be allocated and distributed throughout various popular communities, with a portion of this rewarding both WEN and JUP holders. In addition, we will commit 6.5% towards all voting participants as our way of saying thanks to everyone for your time. Doesn’t matter if you voted for Pigmo or not.

Release Schedule
TGE Release

Total Supply: 5 Billion
TGE/Circ: 1 Billion
Note* No Investors or presale


Phase 1: Initial Launch

• Whitelist Allocation: Pre-approved wallets and live verification protocols.
• Minting Phase: Introduction of PIGMO NFTs.
• Casino Access: Early access for NFT holders.

Phase 2:

• Gamefication of the community $PIG airdrop has successfully been implemented rewarding the casino users with XP for daily missions. The XP earnt goes towards their ability to boost their community airdrop.
• Introduction of soft staking to start rewarding our holders with $PIG
• Launching slots and going live with the full suite of games with the biggest online casino opening event on Solana
• $PIG airdrops and TGE

Phase 3:

Ongoing Development: Allocation of mint-generated funds for team expansion, infrastructure enhancement, Pigmo Lottery launch, and integration of novel NFT interactions.

Preview & Reference Links


Everyone is welcome to ask questions and review our Intro <3


Been using Pigmo for awhile now and I must say it’s definitely the best casino in Solana. Definitely worth checking out and the team and community is just amazing


Appreciate chat gpt usage


Am a holder of pigmo NFTs, would love to see this project get up. 6.5% of supply for Jup voters is very generous, and nice to see the project is supporting Wen too.

Strong community following and committed team.


Will Pigmo holder be airdrop jub?

When can we vote?:muscle::sunglasses::fire::fire::fire:


Honest review of PIGMO’s brand from their previous Crashout project. Pigmo is a rebranding of Crashout which rugged many people along with me when they started a casino project. I deposited a little under 5 SOL and played their Crashout game. The next day, all my balance was gone but my wallet used to connect to the website still had every single NFT and Solana. I wasn’t hacked. I contacted support through a ticket and provided SolScan proof that I deposited Solana and the team kept closing my ticket and evenutally muted me from Discord asking why my tickets keep getting closed. There’s so many similar issues on Twitter of people showing proof their deposits were lost and support did nothing about it. Crashout and Pigmo are experiencing the same problem right now… “exploits”. Security for a casino isn’t an issue for them I guess. Also, they launched a token under Crashout and it was a HUGE rug. Old Twitter posts were botted to seem like a good project but when you check most of the profiles of people engaging, it was people from India RT/liking the same exact posts :rofl: I pre-vote HELL NO to Pigmo being on LFG.


Facts! They don’t even bother trying.

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They didn’t bother to properly proofread the chat GPT generated application they posted. They don’t respect this community. Now we see they were involved in a rug project and didn’t put in effort to fix that either. :-1:


This is hearsay and not a respectable way to welcome applicants to LFG. Of course PIGMO has competitors, and I don’t feel these LFG threads should be used for bashing competitors. Please do better to moderate these threads.

Thanks @meow @kemosabe @Slorg


Obviously observation of this.

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If you have worked in project teams before, you might understand that some tasks get delegated out. That does not mean its AI, but yes – an oversight by the author with proof reading.

Try be less cynical and presumptuous – passionate team here that is trying to bring value to both communities.

Just put it through an AI scanner –

Like I said – tasks get delegated, doesn’t mean AI was used.


I look forward to being proven wrong. If the team is legitimate and different then I was led to believe, good luck. I just felt that something this important requires attention to detail. I am perhaps, overly cynical.


I think its expected for JUP community to be vigilant and most definitely should scrutinized applicants. But there is a respectable ‘mid-zone’ to this where we want to be fair as well.

I’m all for transparency – so will say that I’m a holder of pigmo nft’s. I recommend doing a deeper dive and seeing what they have already built and achieved. I’m perhaps slightly bias, but I’m excited for what they’re doing, and i think jup would also benefit a lot by the attraction to pigmo.


Scam project, They changed the airdrop rules several times, Previously, AirDrop rules were based on tier 1-2-3 and I was tier 1, but suddenly all tiers were deleted.


None of the tiers are deleted. Its all still in the background. Please read and ask questions in the discord rather than jumping to conclusions and calling it a scam. Not getting free stuff doesnt make it a scam.


Welcome to LFG Pigmo! Love to see a fellow industry competitor here and wishing you guys the best of luck as we both navigate through our launch journey.

Based on your intro post seems like you guys have a mix of original games (assuming in house) and traditional white label slots/table games. We see a similar model from duel.win, solcasino, and rollbit. What is Pigmo doing to differentiate from the casino competitors?


Pigmo brand or its founders never hid the fact that they were ex crashout. infact, they rewarded the crashout holders with free NFTS in PIGMO. They accepted that crashout failed and have come back to make it right this time. I have been part of a few rugs too but none of those founders came back to make it right, they took the money and ran. But Kevin and the team are here, they stayed, they never left. They want to make this all right by the holders. I am not sure where you are getting that PIGMO is having the same problem. the only complains are from people who don’t read the disclaimer that withdrawals currently take up to 48hrs freaking out when its not instant and they have been sorted out too. Please come to our discord and ask questions and interact and get more information from your fellow ex crashout holders directly before fudding a project with insane potential. Thank you.


Pigmo is easily going to revolutionise the solana place in the near future. Reading through the application, I can’t help but feel the team has so much more ammo they have not mentioned here. Kevin is the most hardworking individual I’ve seen across 1000s for projects I’ve been a part of over the years. Some of the ideas he floats and is working on transcends anything we have seen. Pigmo is not just a casino. It’s a gateway to being a part of something way bigger and greater. I feel lucky and privileged to be a pigmo holder. This is my ticket to financial freedom. If you regret missing out on solcas, you have no idea what you are missing out not being a part of pigmo. Come join our discord and see for yourself. The Pigmo empire is only at its beginning right now. Pigmo takeover of solana is inevitable.