The Giant Unified Market

Today, we’re kicking off the Giant Unified Market initiative - our key effort to bring all assets into a single atomic market, accessible by everyone in the world with a fraction of a cent.

Only on Solana, powered by Jupiter, enabled by the best partners in crypto.

Whether it is memecoins, RWAs, stocks or forex, we want to bring all these assets to Solana and index them on Jupiter - allowing users to transact across all these markets atomically.

This is one of the great dreams of finance & we want to make it happen right here on Solana.

To make this vision a reality on Solana, 3 things are needed: more assets, more liquidity, and more accessibility.

That’s why we’re thrilled to launch the GUM Alliance, a group of top asset, liquidity, and distribution teams to help drive this effort together.

Over the next few months, we will be working with these partners to do 3 main things:

  1. Onboard more assets onto Solana
  2. Create liquid markets for these assets
  3. Integrate these markets into Jupiter and encourage adoption


“We are really excited to bring our 1:1 backed dShares to Jupiter as part of the GUM initiative.

This will bring compliant exposure to US shares (such as AAPL and COIN) to Solana, and democratise access to US shares to users on Solana.” – Gabriel Otte


“GUM is the first serious attempt at creating a globally accessible capital market. It’s a huge deal.

We saw the same future as Jupiter when we started Villcaso, Unifying the world’s markets isn’t just something to make life more convenient, it’s actually a morally imperative initiative.

Villcaso’s mission is to make US real estate investing globally accessible. With GUM, we can help millions of people get access to more investment opportunities such as US real estate from Vilcaso. It’s a dream partnership.” - @ns_dub


“GUM’s vision aligns with Wintermute’s mission to advance a truly decentralized world for more transparent and efficient markets and products.

Reliable liquidity is crucial for the health of any market, and we’re pleased to contribute our expertise to the GUM initiative.”

- Tim Wu, Head of DeFi at Wintermute


“We’re excited to see Jupiter’s work on a Giant Unified Market!

One of the appeals of crypto, and DeFi in particular, is the interoperability that allows different platforms to interact with each other, which is something that is exceptionally challenging in web2.

GUM will have an emphasis on allowing users to trade with whatever stablecoin is most convenient, which is exciting as we see more users looking to trade in non-USD stables” - Paul

DWF Labs:
"The GUM Initiative aligns well with our long-term vision of how the future of finance will be shaped in the years to come.

As a key liquidity provisioning firm in the crypto space, we’re glad to be a long-term partner of the Jupiter team in building liquid markets for on-chain assets.

We truly believe that liquidity will be the cornerstone of every tradable on-chain asset." - Eugene, Co-Founder.

Alliance DAO

“No one is better positioned than Jupiter to bring traditional assets onchain than Jupiter than its massive distribution and battletested technology.” – Qiao

Solana Foundation
“Blockchains are a crucible for market competition and price discovery, but for much of their history that power could only be deployed in service of digital assets.

GUM is helping to change that — bringing off chain assets on chain and creating competitive markets that move at the speed of information.” - Austin Federa

“Capital markets have evolved into an unfair playing field and are by design, inherently gate kept.

During the GME craze, Institutional investors were able to trade through dark pools when the stock was halted multiple times only to screw over the retail investor.

There has to be a more equitable way for market participants to participate. GUM is an ambitious project to enable just that.” — Joe McCan

This alliance is just the very beginning - we need a lot more partners and participants to make this universal market a reality together!

If you would like to be part of this effort - please let us know, and we can discuss how best to collaborate.

Last but not least, making this giant unified market a reality is an important step in both advancing the meta and establishing Jupiter as the everything exchange.

So to all catdets and comrades in decentralizing finance - lets make this happen together!


This is insanely ambitious! The innovation here in Jupiter and on Solana are going to be the guiding light for the rest of the web3 ecosystem.
Fanboy moment over. I firmly believe that bringing all stakeholders together under one roof has the potential to add so much value to the ecosystem.
And trying to bring in outside stakeholders to join our initiative will be both challenging and incredibly rewarding if successful.
If there is a community group active to help support this initiative, I’d love to contribute.
I have some incredibly exciting ideas about importing and tokenizing traditionally non-financial ‘assets’ and exposing them to market frictions.
These could offer exciting and novel DeFi opportunities, as well as expand the Social Good space.
I feel this would be a great opportunity to bring in both new partnerships and new liquidity from outside web3.
I think the key to this is to develop novel use cases that can be integrated into standard business models while maintaining the web3 benefits of decentralization, self-custodied liquidity, and community integration.

I’m super excited to see what this next chapter brings!


Love it.

I was in the planetary call for this announcement.

Very excited to be involved in all of this.


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The RWA sector is going to be IMMENSE and IMO will be imperative for JUP to lock down with partnerships and/or providing RWA exposure itself. @meow Please hear me out on this, in the USA tokenization of RWA’s is going to be a massive wave, Larry Fink of Blackrock is investing hugely into this sector. American’s and others will be buying RWA’s without even knowing its tied to the chain.


Wow, this would really elevate the scope and hit a new audience at the same time. Very ambitious but also super reasonable.

I think this could be a big impact marketing wise if played properly!

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Count me in. I’m keen on being part of this effort. What are next steps?