Elysium AI trading signal bot X JUP integration

Introducing AlchemyEx powered by The Elysium, we’re proud to present first AI Trading Signal Bot on solana. This innovative tool allows you to automate trading using Pine Script, whether you choose from our pre-designed strategies, implement your custom strategies, or utilize our advanced AI model, AlchemyEx GPT, to generate strategies.

AlchemyEx has integrated Jupiter, allowing our users to fully automate their trading experience. With all trades executed through Jupiter, users benefit from the best available swap quotes.

Team member(s) with Social handles & Discord handles:

Solking (CEO): Twitter: x.com ; Discord: sol.king
Pako (COO): Twitter: x.com ; Discord: .pakoraa
Pedro (CMO): Twitter: x.com ; Discord: pedroxd

We have 8 other paid team members, including developers, community managers, and moderators. They’re all amazing, but we didn’t list them all individually.

Pako and Solking have their own software house, which has been successfully operating in the web2 space for over a decade and continues to thrive today. Pedro is a well-known figure in the ecosystem, so we saw an opportunity to collaborate on this project. Our entire team is deeply invested in and fascinated by AI trading model. We are also highly educated in the field, recognizing it as the future, and are excited to advance the first AI bot ever created on Solana.

AlchemyEx is a pioneering solution designed to fully automate the trading experience. We identified a significant opportunity and gap in the market, which we aim to fill. By doing so, we also aim to push the Solana ecosystem forward. This innovation represents the future of trading, setting the standard for how trading will evolve.

AlchemyEx revolutionizes the web3 space by offering an AI trading bot that allows users to automate and customize any trading strategy with ease. Using Alchemy GPT, users can create unique strategies to maximize their trading potential. This cutting-edge AI technology aims to enhance trading efficiency and effectiveness, bringing advanced tools to the web3 ecosystem.

Our upcoming plans include pushing the AI sector within the Solana ecosystem and becoming the leading AI-integrated trading bot in the web3 space. We aim to further develop new tools and features that utilize AI to make trading extremely easy for the average trader in the web3 space.


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Huge holder and Jup manlet!

Team of Elysium

Perfect integration of eachother to push AI forward on Solana together!


Damn, so like you could create any strategy using AI and automate it, sounds pretty crazy!


This is what we’ve needed for a long time on Solana!

It’s possible to create some trades and then walk away right?

Will go ahead on try it out a bit


Are you able to go into the technical details concerning the Jupiter integration with Pine script?

I’ve been trying to nail down the right tech stack/API for a good trading bot but I’ve also only been at it for a couple months lol.

Very interested in your project.



Hey love that you’re interested in it. So we’ve integrated Jupiter on our signal bot to get the best possible quote for the trade and pine scripts are something that you run on trading view and our bot trades on the signals that it gets from trading view according to the parameters provided in the pine script. We’ve made that easy for you if you’re just stepping into this space using our trained AI model AlchemyEx gpt you can generate and edit strategies, use your custom made strategy or use our pre defined strategies.



Can I use this on jupiter? Always wanted an AI bot!


You’ll be able to use it on alchemyex.io once we go live and your trades are going to be executed through jupiter for the best quotes possible.