GUM Introduction: Sphere

Name: Sphere
One-Liner: Decentralized SWIFT
Description: Stablecoin infrastructure for compliant cross-border payments. Optimized correspondent routing for faster and less expensive on/off-ramp, as well as traditional payment gateway products such as check-out pages and subscriptions across 8+ chains. Available via API, web platform, and OTC.

Key team-members:
[1] Dirichlet (CEO/Co-Founder):
[2] JovialSisyphus (CTO/Co-Founder):
Background: Winner of the Solana Summer Camp (2022) Global Hackathon for Payments. Previous experience in traditional asset managers, fintech/neobank/compliance unicorns, and distributed systems engineering.

How does the product fits into GUM? All of Sphere’s Solana infrastructure leverages Jupiter for optional universal settlement from the currency that the customer would like to pay with, and the currency that the recipient would like to receive as payment.

Describe partners, supporters, or collaborative efforts: We work with many of Solana’s leading protocols across verticals such as consumer, infrastructure, developer tooling, AI, and beyond.

Why did you build the project? To make participating in global commerce fairer for everyone, even if local financial infrastructure isn’t as robust in accessing international markets.

How does your project fundamentally change the web3 space? It creates the foundation for deeper fiat liquidity and more seamless, compliant composability between traditional and modern systems of money movement.

What are your upcoming plans for the project? TBA

Docs: Available upon request.
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