GUM Introduction: International Stable Currency

How ISC Fits Into Jupiter’s GUM Initiative

Jupiter’s Giant Unified Market (GUM) initiative is a key effort, not only for the Jupiter ecosystem, but the globalization of the entire Solana ecosystem.

With the ultimate goal of bringing all assets, including stocks, forex, RWAs, etc. to Solana and indexing them on Jupiter, a successful mission would be nothing short of transformative.

ISC believes GUM will contribute greatly to the globalization of Solana

At International Stable Currency, we see stablecoins as an essential piece to the puzzle that is GUM, and we are in absolute support of the initiative.

This is how our stablecoin, ISC, fits into the mix.

But First, What Is ISC?

International Stable Currency (ISC) was created in the pursuit of a simple question:

What if a stablecoin appreciated in value steadily instead of losing purchasing power over time?

In honor of this catalyst question, we’ll start with a socratic exploration of ISC.

ISC is a stablecoin, but why is 1 ISC = ~$1.70 right now?

Because ISC is a yield-bearing stablecoin. So any returns generated from its reserves increase the price of ISC, thereby distributing those returns back to the holders.

For top stablecoins today, the $1 peg is the cap — it’s designed to never go beyond that. For ISC, there is no cap. As the value of the peg steadily grows, the price of ISC steadily increases, too. So holders can enjoy yield by merely holding ISC in their wallets.

No staking. No lockups. Always liquid. Always earning yield.

What is the peg for ISC?

ISC is pegged to a basket of real-world assets (RWAs) including global bonds, global equities, short-term treasuries, cash, and gold. These are diverse and inversely-correlated assets optimized for price stability.

The live asset distribution of ISC Reserves are available on our dashboard. Details about the peg mechanism are provided in our whitepaper.

How Does ISC Fit Into GUM?

Just as strong as our team’s desire to see GUM succeed is our desire to be a part of that victory. ISC would not just fit into the GUM system; it would be a catalyst that helps it excel.

Let’s explore the pillar reasons why.

ISC Fits The RWA Meta

RWAs are a core component of the GUM initiative, and with ISC already the premiere RWA-backed stablecoin on Solana, we’re in an excellent position to accelerate the RWA narrative. The RWA basket of goods comprising ISC’s backing is flexible — able to be changed through our governance structure. This means that as RWA adoption on-chain grows through GUM, ISC will be able to evolve, ensuring the highest quality mixture of assets is present.

The current allocation of the ISC Reserves is viewable on

Additionally, most stablecoins lose value over time, whereas tokens like JUP, SOL, etc. can grow in value, but are not stable. ISC is the best of both worlds, increasing in purchasing power while also maintaining stability.

For GUM, ISC’s flexible RWA backing and ability to grow means that assets included in the GUM ecosystem will have an optimized, commonly accepted currency that ties everything together, facilitating better liquidity and trading.

Break Up The Stablecoin Duopoly

With USDC and USDT dominating the stablecoin sector of our industry, their duopoly poses a severe risk to the global cryptocurrency ecosystem. Bluechip, an independent stablecoin rating agency, has ranked the safety of USDC and USDT at a B+ and D, respectively.

The collapse of either of these stablecoins would, for lack of a better term, temporarily send our industry back to the stone age — but it doesn’t have to be this way.

ISC can act as an alternative to USDC and USDT, acting as a “glue” between the different markets (JUP/ISC, SP500/ISC, etc.).

The growth of ISC, supercharged through GUM integration, would help mitigate the inherent risks that the current stablecoin duopoly poses. Furthermore, with ISC maintaining zero smart contract risk, advanced reserves oversight, and a balanced DAO governance structure, the stablecoin is purposefully engineered to fill the safety gap that currently exists.

Ultimately, ISC integration translates to less risk for GUM and every Solana ecosystem participant.

International Stable Currency is dedicated to globalizing ISC, a yield-bearing stablecoin pegged to the value of an underlying inflation-resistant basket of financial assets such as commodities, bonds, and equity. This foundation unlocks the path for the next step in the evolution of money — a currency for the Web3 future that is engineered to grow in purchasing power over time and can be used for any transaction, online or offline.

For more information, please visit and follow the regular updates on our Website, Twitter, Telegram, and Medium.



Will be awesome to see ISC joining the GUM initiative! :rocket:


this sounds really interesting. Wen


Great article Bullish ISC :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


$ISC is already live, and points are coming on July 8th.

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Interesting project. Since, its uncapped, isnt there a risk that it will unpeg from the underlying assets? Youre relying on marketplace to be rational?


The easiest comparison in this case is $USDC&USDT. They are also both uncapped.

The main difference is that $ISC isn’t peg to the dollar, but to the underlying basket of assets.

If it were to depeg (downward), then the underlying assets would be sold off and $ISC would be repurchased from the market, and eventually burnt.

This is the short explanation for sake of simplicity. Feel free to ask further questions!