Sol Index: Your Gateway to Effortless Solana Diversification

Project Name: Sol Index
Project Description: The easy solution for Solana token discovery and diversification through index funds.

Sol Index is a platform designed to simplify your investment journey in the dynamic world of Solana tokens. We offer pre-built index funds (rebalanced hourly) that provide users with access to a diversified selection of top-performing tokens. Launching with our five flagship index funds:

  1. Sol Essentials
  2. Liquid Staking
  3. All Memes
  4. Dog Memes
  5. Cat Memes

Jup Utilization: We are integrated with Jupiter through their APIs for token quotes and swaps.

609.sol: Twitter:, TG: Telegram: Contact @NFT609

  • Developer/Product professional with seven years experience in tech startups. Three years in web3 - currently working for CryptoSlam as Head of Product and Partnerships.

Rikisann: Twitter:, TG: Telegram: Contact @rikisann

  • Developer with four years experience in traditional startups. Worked in Solana development for two years and recently pivoted towards founding a Solana-based startup.

We built the project because of noticed interest on twitter for a solution that allows individuals to easily invest in an array of tokens with one click. Our product changes the web3 space by providing easier access to Solana token exposure. It removes an element of research and risk for those just joining the Solana ecosystem. It also gives an easy investment solution for experienced traders simply wanting to park their capital in a specific sector they may see as safe or undervalued.

We plan to first find product market fit by listening to users’ feedback and observing their behavior. That will ultimately decide the route we take, but for now - the following are a few next steps we plan to take.

  1. Creator/KOL wallet index.
  2. Add charting for performance tracking w/ Solana benchmark
  3. Community index (popularity based index)
  4. Portfolio management (more specifically, add support for token sell)
  5. Tokenizing indexes so users can buy a token to represent the index performance instead of all individual tokens

TG: Telegram: Contact @sol_index

nice idea to reduce the risk when you want to invest in a niche


I would like to see your team indexes, but more importantly Id like to see community creation of indexes.

Open the market for anyone to become a fund manager, with the assets of their choosing.

  • Permissionless creation, entering, and exiting of funds would be a must.
  • Let the fund manager determine how new entrants can deposit assets. Stables or specific token types.
  • Fund managers set their % commission on profits, losses earn nothing.
  • Depositors own a percentage of fund value based on entry date and deposited value. Depositor can remove that value at any time back into their wallet. Depositor representation could be done via NFT or fund token or simply wallet tracking.

Im sure the idea can be refined further, and it sounds like you plan to do this in the long run. Very good idea. May the best trader win!


Thanks for sharing - this is interesting. Can you hop into our telegram so we can discuss further, or message me separately if you’d prefer that.

Sol Index TG: Telegram: Contact @sol_index
Private TG: Telegram: Contact @NFT609

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