Introducing Maneko to LFG! Tamagotchi-themed gaming-hub on Solana

Introductory Story:
Our journey to develop Maneko began with a vision: to create something genuinely fun and engaging on the Solana blockchain, steering away from the meme-driven projects that dominate much of the space. We aimed to build a lasting and dynamic environment where players can adopt, nurture, and compete with their digital pets. Beyond individual gameplay, our ambition extended to transforming Maneko into a central hub for discovering other games.

Project in 5 sentences:
Maneko Pet is a blockchain-based game that combines real-time pet nurturing with competitive battle mechanics, all set on the efficient Solana network. Players can earn our in-game currency, $MGEM, by engaging in daily activities, nurturing, and competing with their digital pets. The game also serves as a hub for third-party blockchain games, enhancing user engagement and ecosystem diversity. With a focus on community and sustainability, Maneko Pet is poised to set new standards in blockchain gaming. Our upcoming TGE and continuous platform enhancements aim to solidify our footprint within the gaming community.

Key Achievements:

  • :trophy: Won first prize in a sidetrack at the Solana Renaissance Hackathon.
  • :chart_with_upwards_trend: Anticipated strong performance in the upcoming main hackathon event.
  • :white_check_mark: Engaged in active fundraising to further develop and expand the gaming experience.

Distinguishing Features:

  • :cat: Real-time nurturing and battle mechanics that enhance player engagement.
  • :moneybag: Ability to earn $MGEM through direct interactions and competitions with pets.
  • :joystick: Functions as a gaming launchpad, supporting integration and play of third-party blockchain games.

Team Members:

  • Eugene, co-Founder/product
    • Social Handles:
    • Background: Serial entrepreneur, 3x founder, 12+ years in fintech, built top #2 Dapp on Harmony;
  • David, co-Founder/tech
    • Background: Ex. senior with 15 years in software engineering and 7 years in blockchain develop.

Jupiter Ecosystem and Maneko Pet:
We propose integrating ManekoPet deeply within the Jupiter & Solana ecosystems, utilizing Solana to ensure an uninterrupted and enjoyable gaming experience. We envision manifold synergies, particularly in offering exclusive features and rewards to Jupiter DAO members and token holders.

Approximate date for TGE (Token Generation Event):
May 2024

Vision Category:
If ManekoPet is successful, it will make casual blockchain gaming easier to access and play, attracting more users.
Our main challenge is getting enough people to consistently use the platform while keeping the game fun and engaging. We advise other teams starting tokens to be transparent and honest about what their project does and to listen to their users. We are working to avoid common mistakes like complex reward systems by ensuring our token, $MGEM, has a clear purpose as in-game currency and a means to participate in the game’s ecosystem, with plans to adjust based on honest feedback from our players.

Connect with Us:



this could be integrated into making sure people participate daily and get rewards for active daily human interactions. maybe this could be a fun way to make sure people come back to us!!!

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