Explaining post moderation for new users

New users will have their posts go through review before it shows up. The first 5 posts from a new user enters a moderation queue for manual review. After that, your posts should show up automatically.

This manual review process is very important to keep the research and analysis quality of this forum, and encourage thoughtful conversation.

Please save your writing in a separate document before posting – there is no functionality on this site for moderators to comment on a pending post with feedback, there’s only “approve” or “reject” buttons and you will lose your work if it’s rejected

There were marketing posts that I rejected because they would diminish the experience of being on this forum for serious users. I’ve also rejected some posts that are not making quality conversation, especially when a topic is already flooded with it. For example, if there are already a number of shilly replies in that topic saying “bullish, love it”, then I might dismiss the next one because it adds nothing to the conversation.

Other examples:

  • Randomly throws in a link to their own project on another project’s thread
  • Writes a marketing thread or partnership request about their project with no plans to use LFG or path to TGE
  • Spams their wallet address (yes it happened multiple times)
  • A chain of hype posts flood in from new users for the same topic at once, without much explanation or elaboration
  • Posts that are not in English

All meaningful questions and thoughtful comments have and will continue to go through!


Bullish, love it.
On a more serious note I have higher than 5 posts but some replies still get the waiting period which surprises me.
What’s the reason?


What can I say, what can I say - cool))


Hmmm I set the global “approve posts count” setting to 5, maybe discourse auto mods some messages for spam? If you have issues on regular looking messages I can try to debug


Okay thanks
I will bring it to your notice when it happens again


Thanks for all the hard work


Would suggest adding a link to this post and embed it into the pending approval message. Might be possible with a plugin in settings. More of QoL thing, so not really needed but preferable.


I’m a newbie here,
the first time that I got my reply to a post under verification, it was a little annoying, but that did not discourage me from interacting with other sections and replying with more overthinking.



Good job and make Jupiter grow up beyond others


Ok got it and understand the protocols