Reactions Added to posts

Hi Guys!

I feel it would be dope to add reactions on this platform to posts (somewhat similar to what discord has).

I believe this grants better community engagement and showcases where we sit at and what the vibe is !


Agree, the function is there in the core, hence there also exists a badge for it. Some platforms restrict the usage as they do not want a emoji fiesta or certain usage of toxic emojis (turd, clown, vomiting smiley, etc).

But I know from Discobot forums that you can not only enable the emoji reaction but also limit to which ones are usable.

I’d say thumbs up and down, happy cat, rocket and LFG should be an acceptable range without having it to spread and colorful.

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Thats a great suggestion. Hopefully someone from the team can pull through

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I love emoji reactions, so naturally I think this would be a great addition! :sparkling_heart:

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Gotta have the clown emoji :grin:

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Well in an ideal world, yes sure :sweat_smile:

But hey, you and me know that it would be used toxic… the issue is no decision there is really the best. You want thumbs down too, cause why else even have it in the first place.