Guide to engaging on this forum for new users and projects

Hello and welcome! Thank you for joining us on this forum. :heart:

We hope that this forum serves as a high signal and thoughtful space for research and critical analysis about Jupiter initiatives, ecosystem projects, and broader decentralised meta ideas.

We moderate posts aggressively here so that important discussions can be found. To understand how post moderation works, read Post moderation for new users. Tip: Please write your draft on a separate document and save it before submission!

We are flooded by posts here especially when new LFG topics are opened and not all posts will pass moderation – please save this space for meatier conversations and bring your bullish chants to Discord and Twitter!

For projects writing LFG proposals, here’s a guide: LFG launchpad from application to launch

We hope to hear from you soon!


Thanks - I look forward to engaging!