Forum Participation Étiquette:

As it pertains to opinions and criticisms:

There are bound to be disagreements and circumstances where people truly believe a project or individual to be a bad actor. However, it is important that we maintain the decorum of the forum by addressing things in a constructive way.

That is why I am presenting some guidelines on how to better interact with posts which you may have disagreements with.

Jupiter never wants to censor dissenting opinions, however, there are better ways to present them than others.

Example 1:
This project is a scam!


This project seems like a scam to me, because XYZ

Example 2:

This is a rug! The founder is bad!


I’ve had a poor interaction with this project in the past, and this is what happened:

It is important to be articulate with your dissent instead of stating pure judgements without substantiation. When you make claims, please present evidence, and additionally please be respectful to other members of the forum.

If your post makes too many aggressive judgements without evidence, or devolves into attacks against other forum members, it will be subject to removal by the moderation team.


Would suggest adding something like this also.

  1. Truthfulness and Accuracy: Members are expected to communicate truthfully and accurately about individuals, organizations, or entities. Making false statements that harm the reputation of others, whether intentional or unintentional, is strictly prohibited.

  2. Respectful Communication: Members should engage in respectful and constructive communication. Criticism or disagreement should be expressed in a manner that is courteous, professional, and based on factual information.

  3. Verification of Information: Before sharing information or making statements about others, members are encouraged to verify the accuracy of the information to the best of their ability. Care should be taken to ensure that statements are supported by evidence and not based on rumors or hearsay.

  4. Responsibility for Content: Members are responsible for the content they post or share on our platform. They should exercise caution and diligence to avoid spreading false or defamatory information.

  5. Legal Compliance: Members must comply with all applicable laws regarding defamation and libel. Any communication that violates defamation laws or infringes upon the rights of others will not be tolerated.

  6. Reporting Defamatory Content: If members encounter content that they believe to be defamatory, they should report it to the appropriate moderators or administrators promptly. The organization will take appropriate action to address the issue in accordance with our policies and procedures.


I agree with u, we shouldn’t slander a project without evidence, its true that some projects may not have a good past but they may be successful in future,

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