Jupiter Community Tag FAQ

Important Notes:

  1. Being on the community list is not an endorsement of a token, it only attests to the accuracy of the mint address (“If someone is trying to trade JUP, is this the right mint address?”)

  2. Cadets have the right to decline your application at their discretion

  3. Any token listed is not an explicit statement made about the quality or long-term prospects of a token

  4. The process is not necessarily first-in first-out.


Q: How do I get the community tag?

A: There are 2 primary ways:

  1. 500+ holders, >100k mcap, >3 weeks old, and >10k 24 hour volume

  2. Or having enough volume to meet a ‘volume exemption. Over time these requirements will be softened or phased out – but we found that a large number of tokens rug within the first 3 weeks and these thresholds greatly reduce noise and improve list quality.

Q: If I am approved, how long until I get the tag?

A: For quality control purposes, you might remain on the pending list until there is sufficient confidence that your token will be around.

Q: X token applied after me but was approved first. Why was this?

A: The community tag list is not first come first serve, similar to how the strictlist was.

Q: I met the metrics when I applied, but now that I’m on pending they don’t. What will happen to my token?

A: It is at the discretion of the reviewing cadets to decide if your token no longer qualifies during the pending period.

Q: My token doesn’t meet the metrics at this time. Can I get on later

A: Yes, you can apply at a later date.

Q: I have further questions. Who can I reach out to?

A: You can ping Slorg in the token_list chat

Q: My token is not eligible for the community tag, but I feel it is crucial for my token to be verified in some way on jup.ag. What can i do?

A: Over time we will add more tags to the system to cover more cases.

However, if you are a very notable ecosystem token, an LFG affiliate, or a Jupiter partner launch — please DM Slorg in the token list channel in Discord. We will accommodate exceptions on a case-by-case basis until the tag system becomes more robust.

Q: How do I actually apply, where is the old PR system?

A: The old system is retired in favor of this new system, where all you have to do is post the attestation tweet and your token’s mint address. The rest is automatic.

Q: If I meet all the metrics, is it still possible to get denied?

A: Yes, it is up to the discretion of the reviewing catdets. There are instances where there might be concerns about ‘imposter’ names, names that are too close to existing tickers(ie Solana), or other situations that justify disallowing a token from getting the community tag.

Q: What other tags are potentially available?

A: We are starting out with tags for LSTs, clone protocol tokens, and tokens launched from pump.fun. Over time we will be soliciting tags from other sources as well.

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