Introducing Battlepets: a card-battler mobile game with Solana NFTs!

Battlepets is an upcoming deck-builder, auto-battler mobile game on the Solana blockchain with strategic, fun and addictive gameplay!

It was started only 5 months ago, with the intention of coming up with an NFT card game concept that we could validate and test on the blockchain market as soon as possible with an active community/audience.

After having created the game/token basic concepts, our website and litepaper, some designs, a few starter NFTs and kickstarting a small community, we’re ready to take the next step with a token launch that can fundraise a top-quality game on the main mobile app stores!

The concept of Battlepets is based on 3 main elements:

  • Collect NFT battle cards with different pets and rarities to build your deck!

  • Battle against other players to win rewards, including new NFTs!

  • Engage with the game and get exclusive benefits with the BPETS token!

It will be developed in React Native with Solana wallet integration, and first be launched as a free-to-play game for Android and iOS, in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

You can find a more comprehensive presentation in our Litepaper.


  • Phoenix (Discord: @battlepets_phoenix) Full-stack developer with over 10 years of experience. At the present works full-time for one of the most popular Javascript libraries with millions of downloads per month.

Jupiter Ecosystem and Us

Most NFT projects in Solana consist of collecting for the sake of collecting and speculating. There is no real use case behind them, as most of them don’t go beyond randomly generated assortments of elements to create images.

Battlepets provides NFTs with utility to the Solana ecosystem, as they correspond to cards to be used in the game, just like in physical card games such as the timeless Pokémon trading cards!

Another aspect to consider is the “pets” theme — the Solana ecosystem is largely comprised of pet mascots in the shape of memecoins. Battlepets could be the Solana project where all these different memes and mascots from the Solana ecosystem coexist in a single experience, helping provide them value and individuality, and celebrating the Solana ecosystem as a whole (and therefore the Jupiter ecosystem, where these tokens are traded).

It should be easy for us to collaborate with any project with a pet mascot to have their own card variant given the nature of the game, and among many possibilities, Jupiter holders could receive seasonal exclusive limited edition NFT airdrops.

We would love to launch our BPETS token in Q2 2024 or as soon as possible, as we are practically ready!


If Battlepets were to succeed it would be a staple project in the Solana ecosystem, as it’s a very welcoming project to a casual audience and could be well integrated with the Solana Mobile initiatives.

The biggest challenge is definitely the initial marketing and promotion, which is the main reason why we would love to launch on one of the most popular launchpads in Solana. We do not have a huge initial backing: this project has been built with pure effort and ambition from the ground up.

We would advise most teams launching a token in web3 to try to be more creative and original, which is what we think makes us a refreshing project!

What most tokens get wrong is that there is little true utility to them beyond promises and speculation. We plan to fluidly integrate the BPETS token with the Battlepets game without making it pay-to-win, which is very possible, for example, by allowing token holders to access particular game modes or competitions, earn certain rare (but not stronger) card variants, as well as being able to take a truly active and meaningful role in shaping the game if they wish to.



I have no social media, no amazon prime, no subscription games, I don’t even have TV, and try to have very little web2 presence… but IRL I actually play a lot of deckbuilders…

I feel like you could change the name a bit to make it less generic, but count me in for Battlepets. Brings back the pokemon nostalgia, I get to enjoy a game type i really like, and actually gives some utility to the NFT market.

My questions for you:

  1. how do you plan to compete with the other NFT based games (i apologize i dont know names)/do you plan to differentiate yourself in any way?

  2. do you intend for this to be a collectible game like a TCG?

  3. are you paying attention to card/game balance? Getting this right is crucial for a deckbuilder, allowing for some randomness in main decks helps with this but also if it is a collectible type game it can be more difficult.

As an aside: I feel like having them be NFTs makes it so they are collectibles in a sense. So owners could sell the better parts of their collection to others which makes it partially pay-to-win (if there will be cards that are rare-musthaves).

Anyway, will start with this, look forward to your response!

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Hey, thanks a lot for the positive words!

About the name, yeah, we wanted something simple and catchy that everybody could understand, but it’s so early that maybe even that could eventually be changed according to the feedback we get!

The answers:

  1. To be honest we aren’t super aware of the exact mechanics that other NFT based games on the market might have… We assume that this exact type of project is probably quite rare in the Solana ecosystem at this point, and we looked at and took inspiration from deck-builder / mobile games in general such as mainly Marvel Snap and Super Auto Pets. We assume that no other game in this genre has this exact combination of rules/mechanics and our hypothesis is that it’s just going to be more fun to play. We want it be strategic but accessible and easy to pick up at the same time.

  2. Yes, the game will naturally have a collectible angle too, just like a physical card game would have. Some NFTs, especially the ones we are already distributing to early community members, have very small supplies (78, 50…) and eventually when the game comes out would be extremely rare. We will have some kind of screen / web page where people can track their collection, and if someone wants to collect all variants of every pet it’s probably going to be difficult, but possible.

  3. Yes: that’s why just because we have some limited edition variants of cards, it doesn’t mean that the same pet with the same exact stats and abilities won’t be available in a standard variant, which we aim to make accessible to everyone (even though some will be more rare than others). About general balancing of the game, it will all be about experimentation - and that’s another angle to our BPETS token, which will be a convenient way for people to have access to early versions of the game and offer feedback on them. Lots of people tend to be very opinionated about this type of game which should work well with the token!

We will start with a good amount of Series 1 pets/cards that hopefully will offer a small variety of different, balanced strategies.


nice work, can’t wait to play this game. :grinning:

Interesting, this is kind of giving “Sanctum for memecoins” vibes :smiley:

I find myself in an interesting position. I both love TCGs and have personal experience with ‘Auto Battler’ style games…on the blockchain.
It will be key to get the card tokenomics right the first time. You have to guard against both power creep and devaluation.
I will personally vote no if there is not a clear, concise and long term plan to maintain card values. I’m not just talking about this bull market. There has to be long term support for NFT assets.
You will need to actively manage scarcity and playability…and do it in a way that can keep onboarding new players with shiny promos without negatively effecting the ecosystem or founder assets.
I say this because i have been involved with Splinterlands on the Hive blockchain since the frothy part of the last bull run. and i saw seemingly innocent choices trash an economy years later.
SPS (the Splinterlands governance token) was at something like 1.08…and while everybody has been enjoying good price action…er…for the most part…SPS hit it’s all time low.
I am not going to disparage the team or the project, because i really do love that game, even though I’m not engaged in either Hive or Splinterlands currently.
And here’s the pisser…I still have my deck parked over there. I’m renting it out using an automated service. I make about 1000 DEC a day (ecosystem currency, pegged at 1000 per dollar…“Product Backed Stablecoin”)
My collection is currently worth about 3k USD…I have about 25k invested in that project, and i have very little hope that even in the frothiest part of the upcoming bull run, I’ll be able to break even.
I’m not trying to vent my trauma here lol, I’m simply pointing out some very real world issues that must be addressed before you start releasing assets into the wild.
If you are interested, go check out the game. It’s actually very well done and innovative…for an auto battler lol. They are definitely a niche game type. nearly the entire game is in the team building phase, and then you just see the results play out.
If you decide to check it out…you know, reconnoiter the distant competition, I’ll delegate my champion level deck for you to play with.
and botting. that is a killer. Splinterlands had hundreds of thousands of ‘users’…all extracting…there’s currently between 500 and maybe 3000 actual human players…and still 30k active wallets a day…they’ve instituted some truly draconian anti bot measures…and each one hurt human players just as much, if not more than the bot farms…
So it will be incredibly important to either institute effective anti-bot measures from the gate or integrate them into play and embrace them. but the tokenomics have to have bots in mind. an auto battler is probably one of the easiest game types to bot.
Lots of things to consider…but we do have cute animals so i guess that might just be enough lol

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So far in the materials we provided we haven’t expanded a lot on that type of card tokenomics for example, as it’s still early and there’s going to be lots of iteration.
However, our plan is not that every player needs to buy a full deck as NFTs from the market in order to be able to play - the in-game cards don’t even always have to be NFTs, but any card can be turned into one if the player decides, for example, to sell them on the blockchain.
Just by playing the game, any player should be able to get any card in the game no matter how strong, without having to spend anything if they don’t want to. But that’s just the standard variant/design for that card.
Some limited editions of cards are just special rare designs, with the exact same stats and abilities as the standard variant. For those cards, the market will decide their value. They’ll be given out not just as prize rewards for winning in the game itself, but in lots of other ways that bots won’t always be able to game that easily, such as engaged community members.
We will take all the anti-bot measures that we can to protect not just card prize values but the game fairness as much as possible.

Hadn’t heard about Splinterlands, will look at it for some market research :slight_smile:


Being a big fan of Magic The Gathering, I am obviously very interested in ideas around card games such as these. Good presentation!

There have been several attempts at similar card games using NFTs like this before, but these games never reached a critical mass audience. Do you have any thoughts on why these projects “failed”?

Thank you!

Well I don’t know the reasons why those other games failed, and it’s obviously a very competitive space, but there are a few reasons why we think we will succeed where others might have failed:

  1. Many blockchain projects are not welcoming to a casual audience, either due to all the complexity or just unfamiliarity with many concepts. We plan to make it so that our game is very easy to start playing for anyone, even people completely unfamiliar with blockchain. The login process might create a Solana wallet behind the scenes, but it should be a seamless experience, and no one has to “print” their card into NFTs unless they want to take them to the market, for example.

  2. I think that many of these card games can be overwhelming to pick up, with cluttered screens, lots of rules to understand, cards with complex effects… At least that’s the perception of many casual mobile game players. This appeals to a certain niche audience, and as that “small” space gets crowded, it can be difficult to be profitable.
    We’re trying to make Battlepets more apparently simple, accessible and welcoming, but with a good amount of depth for when players become more experienced from spending time playing the game. This is all going to require great execution of course, a lot of which will come from experimentation/tuning. And all the visuals, presentation, etc are made to be appealing to people of all ages and genders.

To succeed, the game must be able to smoothly onboard new players and retain them for a long enough time, so that as new people come every day from our marketing strategies such as ads, our player base grows continually. We will have an offline adventure mode to help with that, and I think we have the right ingredients to attract those people and be able to keep them playing.


Thanks for the reply!

If you’d raise funds, do you plan to expand the team with hires? If so, what kind of hires would you prioritize, to form a team?

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Possibly something like a community manager or some marketing people could take some of the responsibilities, so that I could focus more on the development/game side of things.

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Understood, thanks for elaborating on it!

Will be following your project and wish you the best. See you in the community!


Interesting, I like the appeal of the artworks so far, are there a few more examples from the lineup for a vibecheck? I mean I get that most are rather curious about the technicalities, but to me the visuals play a big role here and would be nice to see more!


The ones presented are mostly what we have so far - I figured they would be enough for everyone to have a good idea of what the overall style/visuals are going to be, and we have 15 card variants on display.
For the first series at launch there’s probably going to be about 40-50 something different pets.
Are there any particular screenshots or visuals you would like to see? That’s always great marketing feedback and we could work on including more.

Another thing we didn’t mention yet in this introduction is that we plan to collaborate with artists in the future so that they create their own variant of every pet. Hopefully artists with very particular styles that can translate into different vibes inside the game!


It is really mostly just about the battle pets, 15 is ok but then again if the target is 50-ish I would reserve some for launch and social media (as in making a tweet for each single pet to drum up hype with a neat eye catcher) but then again contemplate is you can give people here “some candy”. Maybe just 5 more that are particularly outstanding or exotic? So far I note that things like red panda, fox, turtle, wolf, squid, dog, cat, doge, frog, pig, etc… are probably regular fan favorites but would be curious for something out of the ordinary. The hellcat or the hacker cat are kinda going these routes.


We’re not creating any new ones at this specific moment but we do have a long list of ideas both for pets and what they can be such as a pirate, a gladiator, a ninja, a president, a vampire or a disco dancer! There’s really no limits to the possibilities, and then we can also get really creative with their in-game abilities.
And yes, sharing them one at a time is definitely something we plan to do already when we create all the Series 1 cards!
Thanks a lot for your positive words, your encouragement really helps us keep going!