Memecoin $GODLEN application to LFG Launch

Hello community of JUP,

Another memecoin? Yes, but different breed one.


GODLENFISH is a unique meme inspired by the saying that catching a golden fish brings luck and fulfils wishes. GODLENFISH is surrounded by luck and good vibes only. This is not ordinary aquarium dweller, its the golden ruler of memes that will lead the digital ocean and bring luck to its all holders. $GODLEN isn’t showing an ounce of mercy—it’s time to either ride the wave or end up as fish food.


Our team knows the web3 world inside out, with over 7 years of experience in this space. We’ve launched loads of successful web3 games, DeFi protocols, and other utility projects. We’ve managed to raise millions of dollars for our projects and introduced many tokens to the market. We’ve teamed up with about 100 partners in this space, like top exchanges, launchpads, NFT places, and others. We have know how of launching projects, and we’ve partnered with a top design studio to make this meme a reality.

$GODLEN Utility

Just a meme: Our primary utility lies in offering exceptional memes, good vibes, lots of luck, and the excitement of a new mascot.

Staking: We will provide multiple locked staking protocols with various options for our community to stake $GODLEN tokens and NFTs. Users can choose different staking types with varying APR and staking periods. In limited token staking pools, early stakers will receive the most godlens. (already completed)

Game: We will develop a godlen game featuring several engaging mini-games. These mini-games will be simple yet captivating, offering both PVP and single-player options. In PVP, players stake against each other to win more tokens, while in single-player mode, NFTs will be required. Players won’t earn tokens just by playing; they’ll need to stake their own tokens to earn more, relying on their skills to succeed. The team won’t provide tokens; if a contract is revoked, tokens will be burned, ensuring token deflation. (in development)

L2 Degen chain: Godlen plans to launch an L2 chain tailored for meme coins with a longer-term vision, offering scalability and diverse utility options. (future plan)


We noticed that the market is flooded with dogs, cats, or any kind of animals and popular personalities like Elon Musk. And let’s be real, some of these tokens had less originality than a knock-off Rolex, trying hard to ride that temporary wave.

While others were busy copying and pasting their way to mediocrity, we decided to do something outrageous: be original and unique, create charisma and utility that would blast off all those lame meme coins away with new mascot on Solana, Base, or other chains.

We noticed there is no fish, and there is a famous saying that if you catch a golden fish, it fulfils your wishes and brings you luck.

So, we understood that this could be a perfect meme coin, making a lot of sense with great narratives and humour in it.

Our game plan? Make GODLENFISH the Great White Shark of meme coins—minus the scary teeth. We’re shooting for a $1 billion market cap, because in crypto, either you ride a wave or end up as a fish food.

$GODLEN Competitors:

There are many great competitors like BONK, BOME, MYRO, PEPE, etc… But a fish? No one had thought of that.

$GODLEN Partners


$GODLEN Community

1000% user growth within days, and nearly 300,000 USD raised on presale in few weeks to make it a top contender. 8,000 organic Twitter followers, 10,000 Zealy participants, 8,000 Galxie participants, 1K TaskOn participants and1,5K telegram organic members.

$GODLEN Marketing

We run various airdrops on different platforms, PR articles, Twitter ads, Reels, Banners everywhere, tried various KOLs from Twitter to Weibo…


Our TGE is planned on 29th of May, we are closing presale in one week, moving to the last presale stage - launchpads.

Read more about $GODLEN

Whitepaper with all utilities and roadmap in a hilarious, but detailed way - $GODLEN STORY | GODLENPAPER

Website -


All other links - godlenfish | Twitter, TikTok | Linktree


I’m generally anti-meme (memes don’t add value to the cryptocurrency space in my opinion), but the PvP option is something that could work. People are looking for quick entertainment and quick rewards. A game that provides both will attract interest. Low supply compared to other memes is also a plus. I took a quick look at GODLENPAPER and the lack of information about the team worries me a bit. Do you plan to reveal the names of team members and their experience in the near future?

Thanks for the submission! it was well written and made sense. I’m unconvinced however, that this is the launch pipeline for your project. I may be way off, but the way the LFG works is that Jupiter would work with the development team to prepare for the TGE. This looks to me like you’ve already minted and distributed…what do you need Jupiter for?
I guess the second is the Utility section…you it’s ‘just a meme’, and then you lay out tons of utility, but only in the most vague manner. the game sounds like it could be good utility, but that should be a fully fledged concept at this point at the very least. Then you talk about NFTs being required for the single player experience, what kind? what’s the mint cost? where would we mint? what kind of actual value would this create for holders? You mention multiple staking options…what are they? what benefits exactly? are the smart contracts complete? audited? Is your platform live?
I saw that the website was live and the links to your docs worked, but the docs were about the same as this application. no new information. I guess what i find most concerning is that i am unable to actually verify anything you’ve said here.
Much of the functionality you describe in the introduction would require an actual platform, but all i saw was a pre-sale launch site. The quality of the site was very good and your content is very well done. Your visual assets are top notch.
All of that would actually NOT be a deal breaker for me…the thing that makes me most leery is that you haven’t really addressed how you will keep your token from flying and then tanking to the floor the second the sell off happens? Or exactly how you plan to pick it up if it does? It might be pessimistic to say that, but the reality is that your position of listing your competition as the top MC memes might be a bit presumptuous…I’d rather you explain how specifically you plan to become one of the .001%.And while a dank meme helps, what kind of marketing plan do you have in place? what kind of marketing partners? Influencers?
PLUS you’ve already minted and sold and gave away…how is the Meteora liquidity pool gonna work? i don’t think it can…
Sorry if this sounded like a slam. I actually love meme coins and think they have tremendous potential…under the right circumstances.


Seems like memecoin advertising using good ole NFT project roadmap: “after mint we will develop game” aka give money and trust me bro, we gonna moon." Handful of web3 teams still working on games, the rest just left after spending mint funds.
No team is a red flag. A hard NO for me.


Very few meme’s do well and many have a very short lifespan. Currently, your token is available for others to buy on your site, so nothing grand will happen on launch day and I see no catalyst except community that will drive this meme upwards. It’s unlikely this will become the next Doge, Bonk, or Pepe. You said it yourself, this is the stage where you try to move to “launchpads”, plural. Seems like you are trying to get as much exposure as you can to grow your community. Commendable effort, but I don’t see this project being helpful to the community long term. I would say if anyone believes in the future of this meme, just go buy it on their site, but I think the community will do better to launch projects that have better odds of long term success.


It is great for the growth of the ecosystem as a whole, memes have proven to be a good way to onboard new crypto users. Having utility and still tagging as a meme, i guess BONK started that trend.

again one of the banger of a project IMO. this website looks neat and ready to roll.