Round #1 of LFG Voting

It’s been over a month since LFG Introductions have begun, where 20 projects first made their forum posts in the LFG Introductions Category.

Over the past month, the CWG & Community has been interacting with these projects, learning more about their timelines or schedules, conducting YouTube Interviews, Discord AMAs, and learning about tokenomics.

All of the resources, and learnings have been gathered into this forum post. Read through before the vote begins tomorrow.

The 6 candidates up for vote this round are:

  1. Uprock
    Introductions Post: Introducing UpRock! DePin for AI - Share your idle internet and earn $UPT
    YouTube Interview:
    AMA Recording: The UpRock AMA: LFG Launchpad (
    Tokenomics: UpRock | Make AI work for you. Share your internet, earn crypto rewards.

  2. Banx
    Introductions Post: P2P Perpetual NFT Loans - $BANX - LFG Introductions - (
    YouTube Interview: Get Liquidity for Your JPEGS with Banx (
    AMA Recording: The Banx AMA: LFG Launchpad (
    Tokenomics: (17) X (

  3. Srcful
    Introductions Post: Srcful - Decentralized Virtual Power Plant - LFG Introductions - (
    YouTube Interview: The Blockchain Power Plant: Srcful (LFG Launchpad) (
    AMA Recording: The Srcful AMA: LFG Launchpad (
    Tokenomics:Srcful Tokenomics Post Beta Phase - Google Docs

  4. Sharky
    Introductions Post: Sharky :shark: — #1 NFT-lending protocol ($SHARK application for LFG) - LFG Introductions - (
    YouTube Interview: The Largest NFTfi Platform on Solana: (
    AMA Recording: The AMA: LFG Launchpad (

  5. Zeus Network
    Introductions Post: LFG Launchpad Introduction: Bitcoin <> Zeus Network <> Solana - LFG Introductions - (
    YouTube Interview: Bring Your Bitcoin to Solana with Zeus Network (
    AMA Recording: The Zeus Network AMA: LFG Launchpad (
    Tokenomics: [Jupiter LFG Launchpad — Why Vote for Zeus Network? | Medium)

  6. MonkeyDEX
    Introductions Post: LFG Launchpad Introduction - Monkey Dex / Monkey Gold $MOGO - LFG Introductions - (
    YouTube Interview: The Gamified DEX of Solana: MonkeyDEX (
    AMA Recording: The MonkeyDEX AMA: LFG Launchpad (
    Tokenomics: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Stay tuned for the first inaugural LFG Vote! May the best project win!