LFG Launchpad: Introducing Your Project To The Community!

Welcome! Interested in launching your project with LFG?

Start by introducing yourself to the Jupiter DAO by utilizing the template below to craft your intro post. Make sure to create a new forum post in the LFG category here in the forum!

The community will be able to discuss the projects introduced on the forum both in the forum thread and in the Discord channels under the “LFG LAUNCHPAD” category where we’ve created a “candidates” chat, we hope to see y’all there!

If you are approved for the next step and become a launch candidate (which is based on general community sentiment), the Core Working Group will reach out to you for multiple follow-up opportunities including the creation of a Discord channel dedicated to your project and a townhall event, ultimately leading up to a Jupiter DAO vote.

The Core Working Group believes in gatekeeping as little as possible and leaving the final decision up to the DAO. The working group simply provides some guardrails with transparency to ensure that the DAO can focus its energy on the actual decision-making.

Note: We are generally not accepting memecoin applications at this time due to overwhelming demand. That said, if your meme is particularly good, fill out this application with your best memes. Additionally, the community working group is keen to hear your feedback and ideas for improvement to design the LFG model together with the community.

This is the process, starting simple and we’ll work from there

  • Projects will begin by introducing themselves on the jupresear.ch forum LFG section. Based on community sentiment, expected TGE and project readiness, we will then proceed with Discord introductions before a DAO vote and LFG launch. Read more about the process from application to launch details here.

Community Introduction Forum Post Template:

  • Intro Questions:

    • Introductory Story: How did you get to today, and what do you want to do next?
    • Describe your project in 5 sentences.
  • Tell us about your team

    • Team member
    • Social Handles & Discord handles
    • Background information in the ecosystem - previous projects or web3 experience
  • Jupiter Ecosystem and you

    • Main pitch on how the product collaborates with the Jupiter & Solana ecosystem
    • Describe partners, supporters, or collaborative efforts
    • Potential synergies between you and Jupiter users, DAO, holders, etc.
    • Approximate date for TGE
  • Vision Category:

    • If your project were to succeed, how would it fundamentally change the web3 space?
    • What would you say is your biggest challenges or obstacles as a project?
    • What advice would you give to another team launching a token in web3?
    • What is something most tokens get wrong, and what steps are you taking to ensure that you won’t experience these pitfalls?
  • Appendix/About

    • Website
    • Socials links
    • Community links

Note: For projects looking to proceed from the Jupiter Research Forum introduction to the subsequent steps, having high catdet or community interest on the forum post and Discord LFG-candidates channel helps! We suggest you engage the catdets in further discussion here and in Discord to be potentially selected in subsequent introduction rounds!

The process is not necessarily first-come-first-serve. And if your project was not chosen to be introduced in 1 round, that does not indicate that you will never be chosen. Feel free to reach out to the CWG at any time for some immediate feedback to your inquiries regarding introductions.