Laguage Boarder Marketing

I study Marketing and Economy in Cologne.Milions of People will take part in Crypto but the Boarder of Language is to high.
I live in Germany and the most People i know here dont speak English.
My English is to bad to understand all Tasks ,Airdrops and so on.
If the Cryptoiindustry dont accept that it is needin to translate by Hand and not by AI , EVERYTHING in the Main 20 Languages , it will take the next Ten years to double the Participants.
I feel lots of times frustrated by not understanding everything because the Language.
A serious Cryptoproject will not be (sorry) so arrogant to post everything in english.
To much people DONT speak English.
This is a to high boarder to take Part in crypto.
For example , if you try maybe at Binance to switch to German Language it just dont work.
Crypto Projects ignore this Point to make translation by Hand AND for Dummies for EVERY Text they post.
Big Projects look poore by not having enough Money that everybody on Earth can understand what they write on theyr Pages.
Just my English is by far not good enough to understand all things .
This is a big frustration Point and loosing of Time , for example at Airdrops … people are irritated , frustrated and than they quit crypto.
How to get to the Moon when you dont reach the “Spaceship”.