Feedback On Jup Welcome Site

Hi Jup fam,

I recently did a feedback session with a group of trusted web2 acquaintances on the jup welcome site. A product such as this one should have its target audience in mind. In this instance, the overwhelming feedback is that the language was very much web3 native and not geared towards the new web2 user.

We made suggested fixes as well as overall flow feedback. Please take a look below :slight_smile:

This also brings up the topic that there might be a need for a possible web2 feedback working group at some point if onboarding continues to be a main focal point for Jupiter and the JupDAO. Happy to help with this if it’s ever deemed a necessity

Looking forward to seeing these improvements enhance accessibility for all new users!



Great feedback across all, what struck me is highlighting that it very much is geared with web3 native language. I think the thought process initially was to onboard not just web2 users but users from other chains too – a good feature could be to allow user to indicate if they are completely new or crypto native, this will dynamically show e.g. a CEX/on-ramp or bridges respectively

Page looks good.
Humble feedback

a. add to Solana Explorers
b. add Explore Solana Dashboards | Flipside Crypto to Dapp Analytics
c. the color scheme on the swap box in “Step 3: Swap on Solana” feels off. It should probably match the grey color scheme in Step 2

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