Proposal for Regional Working Groups to be under Working Groups

Welcome to Solana by Jupiter is a massive success.

But we as a community have lots to do after it. Jup made the first step in onboarding newbies in Solana. It is up to us to know where these newbies will come from and what they need that Solana can offer.

Maybe we can borrow some insights from Kash Dhanda and the superteam DAO. It is a very successful Dao that has regional participants.

We know that every region has its different market needs that Solana Dapps can fit. What if we can communicate it to this level?

We can organize IRL events in our native languages and at the same time can address questions more effectively. Plus nice to see this in our Planetary call.

Also if we can see the real persons behind the PFP. That will legitimize our community. Trusting us more in the process.

With this we can strengthen our community and make the pie much bigger.

We can also address more effectively what products this region will need, and with that knowledge we will work our way with the product.

These are just my personal thoughts as of the moment. I know there is more research to be done but I am happy to help here grow the pie.


If you have read this, thanks for your time and what are your thoughts about it?


I remember talking with @kemosabe on discord about Regional workgroups – he mentioned ‘Super teams’ and I admittedly was not familiar with what that was at the time. I’ve mostly been in the ethereum eco system for years, but recently joined Solana about a year ago. Second time now I’ve heard about this superteams and so I finally got round to checking out what that is – yeah, its exactly what I was working on years ago with another DAO.

I wrote about regional teams about a month ago on here too - Expanding the Vision of Jupiter Granted, not a lot of people probably have the time to go through the entirety of that thread.

I really hope to see this change come to Jupiter, and we can get the ball rolling on it pretty easy by revamping the current language groups on discord and asking for members in these to start doing things like translations and moderation.

200% support this – the potential is extraordinary, especially if you pair the funding process with a “decentralized bank” and Gauge voting. When people say ‘Network State’ – its in the context of a singular entity, but where my head is at is one step above that; 240+ network states all connected and incentivized via a decentralized global treasury/bank.

Super teams + Gauge voting for funding = explosive growth and impact. Imagine all these National groups world wide populated on this voting system for grant funding. The more members each regional group has, the more voting power they have to support their own growth through the gauge system. That creates a positive feedback loop, and then multiple it by every nation on earth. All working interdependently, healthy competition towards a common global vision.

Thanks for sharing, more people need to know about these ideas.


Thanks brother this would help Jupiverse expand exponentially. This will be a great way to introduce new catdets and with the coming release of Jup for mobile, this will be very great. I will also take a look at your proposal, maybe we can work this out with the working groups.

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It’s a such a grand idea, and for me its a pleasure to see that these ideas have already had a lot of traction and progress – I didn’t think there was anything like it around. Now I realize – yup, not only is it alive, but we got some serious talent here in JUP that has their heads around this for a while now.

Was talking with kemo just moments ago, he also mentioned CabinDAO which looks like another good case-study. Will also link Superteam for readers to research if they’re unfamiliar with it.

The thing I love most about DAO’s, is that people from all backgrounds and walks of life come together to support a common goal. Its what the world needs more of in the wake of fictitious divisions. Long way to go, but at-least we’re on the right path.


I will check also CabinDao. Lets push this man. Hopefully more catdets will see the potential of this proposal. This will benefit Jupiverse for the years to come.

As nice and beautiful this idea sounds, i think this should be after the Reddit, Cardet and Web working groups have past the trial face and are fully approved and working.

Yup I know we are now in this trial working group phase. But the beauty of it is, it can coincide with a working group that is focused on the same goal as this. It is still up for the community to decide in the end. I know the groups are busy now that is why we are sharing ideas that can help the whole Jupiter community

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