LFG LiP Ratios - Advice / Insight Needed

LP Pools and Liq Ratio have always been a favorite topic of mine as an investor, team member and educator so now I’m trying to understand a few things about LFG which changes the whole game in terms of what Ive been teaching people to look at and understand before buying.

  1. How do we figure out what the end LP ratio estimate will be after release schedule / operator is done causing chaos? :rofl. have the test tokens lined up with what you originally wanted?

  2. I know meteora has release schedules for USDC or SOL Pools due to their single asset adding nature, but that doesnt give me any info on how to figure out the supply.or ratio and that’s something I feel is very important to know before buying any token and when making these schedules.

  3. Still trying to learn this new way of LP so any advice or tips you can help me learn from a investor or creator side is appreciated and I’ll be sure to teach others (: my friends have said to me that me teaching them about the LP Ratios was the most important thing they ever learned in crypto in terms of keeping profit lol

If anyone is reading this does not understand this topic and wants to know why I feel it is important info to have I gave my opinions on the subject below from a creator’s perspective. To be frank the LP ratio alone will make buy or avoid tokens entirely.

*Low Liquidity tokens are a cheat code to free marketing, but rarely last
Super Low Liq tokens like Pepe @ 2% and Bonk @ 3% will always get eyes for free and it’s not because the dev is based its because of the ungodly pumps the chart will get from very little buys lol. I’m very aware of how it can help you early because in 2021 I launched a rebase meme token that sort created the same effect as getting pumps from few buys on a low liq and my token was talked about live on Fox Business news the very next day lol. **Meaning no one cares to understand how or why its pumping (rebase or low liquidity games) all they care about is pump.**and this is why I teach people on this subject as often as I can.

I truly believe if Bonk did not launch their LP when Solana was $8 which gave it the benefit of having it sol pools 10X that it would dead lol and I know first hand because I was on a team and walked away from them over this disagreement of 2% LP lol After I could not change their minds I left because I knew it would only end painfully. A month after the shakeup Dogezilla launched without me using 1.8% and literally hit 1 Billion MC in 2 weeks lmao … however after one big investor sold like we saw with Bonk in January 2022 that token lost 80% that same week and died forever and that’s exactly why I left the team because I wanted none of that blame.

Thick Liq Ratio tokens never pump and it should be obvious now as to why
The extreme opposite of low liq big pump is thick liq = no pump and in crypto you need peopl;s attention and they all get bored and will chase the other 1000 memes all up 1000% instead. If you can remember the super hyped Bruv token launch I told everyone not to buy it after seeing they had a 30% ratio. No blame to their team and trying to be different I just knew mathematically that doesnt work lmao. A 30% ration token would need10X the amount of buys and volume on the chart to match crazy pump energy that everyone liked Bonk for.


Hi, this is a really fun topic. I’ll come back to it tomorrow, I have a lot of thoughts!


Do you mind elaborating more on the liquidity pools for all these different pools that you are referring to for those of us who are not too familiar?


Ok. Well for a coin that ya no utility, the pump is exactly what people are going for. It is the game that everyone signs up for.

But like you said it’s a flash in the pan. And gives the rest of the space a bad reputation to the rest of the world.

That is why I’m here. To see how an alternate timeline can shape up and have material impact in real life.

Thank you for the explanation. Low liq. Is high risk. Got it.

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heheh. it is part of community power boom :))

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