Kicking off #3 of LFG Voting!

Today, we are excited to kick off the next round of LFG!

Expect to meet the candidates over the next week, and the vote will be on 22nd May!

This round comes with a few key changes, with the goal of implementing the lessons learnt from the past votes and community feedback to improve the LFG platform.

We will also release a detailed calendar of events on Monday, containing AMA dates, Planetary Call appearances and the vote itself.

1 Vote, 1 Winner

We envision LFG as a platform for the projects with the strongest and most widespread community buy-in to launch a token on Solana. That’s why, for this vote the project with the most votes from every round will launch on LFG. This is a big change, but ultimately allows for closer intimacy and collaboration between the winner and the Jupiter team and community, which is a key ingredient for a successful launch.

Blind Voting

Over the last 2 votes for LFG, votes were public and available on the UI. What we observed is that projects with a lead will see their lead build over-time, and generate tons of momentum.

We’ve experimented many times with displaying the results, and think it’s worth experimenting with keeping the results hidden for this vote.

Blind voting will remove the bias for voters to vote for the project that is currently ahead in the hopes of receiving more rewards.

Expect more discussions about this after the next vote, before a decision is made.

Side Note

Additionally, @MeteoraAG has made significant progress on anti-bot features, and expect to see them when UpRock launches this month.

Multiple other smaller changes will be made as well, which can be found on:

We’re very excited to go through the third round of LFG with the wider Jupiter community, after making these improvements.

Let’s keep pushing together to make LFG the best community-driven launchpad in whole of crypto. See you next week as we introduce the candidates!


Really like Blind Voting idea.


Humble suggestion: we may want to combine blind voting with random ordering of the vote options on the UI. Should be trivial to adjust the code to do so.


It’s good to see concrete steps being taken to enhance our project token launches! These are good, logical steps that should add value to the process.

This makes tons of sense—kinda like in the real world when you vote for a government / president.

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Will losing proposals have a chance to go again? (Like Uprock did.)

Also is there a shortage of good proposals?


I think blind voting really does encourage people to read more into each project and understand it more rather then following a crowd mentality. Overall better for the projects long term.