LFG Launchpad: From application to the LFG Launch!

Let’s take a look at the whole LFG launchpad application to launch the process.

Anyone can apply through our open process via the Jupiter Research Forum. The J.U.P DAO then votes on who is accepted to the LFG Launchpad through on-chain governance using the JUP token.

This is a 4-step process

Step 1 - Jupresear.ch forum post
Step 2 - Candidate Introduction
Step 3 - DAO Voting
Step 4 - Launch!

Step 1 - The Jupresearch forum post

Anyone can apply by posting on the Forum in the LFG Introduction section and following the rough outline provided in the first forum post explaining the LFG introduction section in this forum, and then make your case to the DAO. Every project is free to initiate a discussion on the Jupresear.ch Forum or within the #lfg-candidate channel in Discord.

Step 2 - The candidate stage

Certain candidates are then elevated to the candidacy stage based on criteria such as community sentiment, Catdet feedback, traction, TGE timing, and quality of introduction.

When a project reaches the candidacy stage, it’ll get a dedicated Discord forum thread where the project can engage in a more intimate discussion with the DAO. They’ll also automatically qualify for the next LFG Launchpad vote, contingent on partaking in an AMA with the working group.

Step 3 - The DAO vote

During the first week of each month, the DAO votes on which 2 candidate projects get to launch in the coming month.

For example, the first week of January would hold the vote for candidates to launch in February.

The vote will be held on vote.jup.ag and will run for 3 days (72 hours). After the 3 days, up to 2 projects will be allowed to launch next month.

Note: The LFG approval vote can only be initiated if there are 2 or more viable candidates for the voting period.

Step 4 - LFG, launch! :rocket:

Once the vote has concluded, the working groups will coordinate with the approved projects alongside the Jupiter team to set their launch dates.

Built by the community and for the community, empowered by the DAO

It is important to note that this initial process will not resemble what the process ultimately becomes. Sourcing feedback from the community will enable changes over time to achieve a more refined launch process. After the initial projects are voted upon and launched, there will be a period for feedback sessions where the community will be able to voice any concerns or suggestions to the working group.

Over and out!


Great execution on the staking platform and a smooth voting process two votes.


Love it! The staking and voting processes were both such a smooth, seamless experience. Can’t wait for all that’s in store for JUP and the community! LFG!