xStation x Jupiter Integration

Project name: xStation

Project description:
xStation is SocialFiā€™s one-stop for seamless and instant trading. Seamlessly integrated with popular crypto social networks like š¯•¸, Farcaster, and Friendtech, xStation allows you to trade directly from any of these platforms.

One-liner: SocialFiā€™s one-stop for seamless and instant trading

What can users do on your project?
Just one click while using X, Farcaster, or any crypto social platform:

  • Live track all trending tokens on each chain
  • Access all official links of the project
  • Live access to data such as chart, price, and volume
  • Perform on-chain analysis for any tokens
  • Trade seamlessly within 5 seconds

How is this integrated with Jupiter?
We integrated with Jupiter SDK to allow xStation to trade on Solana with Jupiter.

Team member(s) with Social handles

  • Daniel (Product Manager): tg @xstationdaniel
  • Derek (Tech Lead): tg @DerexStation
  • Hana (BD Lead): tg @hana_chen217
  • Mateo (Community Lead):tg @xstationmateo
  • Joel (Growth Lead): tg @joelxstation

Background information in the ecosystem - previous projects or web3 experience:

xStation team has strong experience in the web3 ecosystem, having developed and launched multiple successful projects. Our collective expertise includes building CEX and DEX, creating trading bots, and pioneering in building SocialFi narrative.

Our vision

Why did you build the project?
We aim to revolutionize crypto trading by integrating directly into any crypto social platform (X, Farcaster, DSCVRā€¦) and enable users to experience DEX trading without leaving the social platform. But trading is just the beginning. xStation aims to become the one-stop SocialFi for users to earn while chilling on the platform.

How does your project fundamentally change the web3 space?
xStation revolutionizes web3 by integrating crypto trading into social media, providing seamless access to token data, on-chain signals, and instant trading.

What are your upcoming plans for the project?

  • Integrate on Farcaster, DSCVR and other crypto social platform
  • Airdrop and Campaign to onboard more users
  • Ambassador programs
  • Enhance security features and user education initiatives
  • Partnerships with more chains, DeFi platforms and projects


Website: https://www.xstation.xyz/
Docs: No public documentation yet
Twitter: https://x.com/xStationHQ
Telegram Channel: https://t.me/xstationannouncement
Telegram Chat: https://t.me/xstationchat
Linktree: xStation | Linktree