Tori x Jupiter Integration

Introducing Tori Trade: We’re excited to be helping users access 𝓪𝓷𝔂 token onchain, powered by Jupiter.

Tori is the simple, self custodial crypto wallet that allows anyone to access APY’s and trade via DeFi.

About Tori:

  • Project description: Tori is the simple self custodial crypto wallet that lets beginners access crypto opportunities. With Tori, users KYC, connect their bank account through Plaid and access APY’s through Aave. We’ve now expanded to Tori Trade - which allows users to start trading any token on Solana through Jupiter. Think of us as the “Robinhood” for DEX’s - except we’re non custodial, use passkeys for private key management, and have free embedded onramps/offramps.

  • Project name: Tori Wallet

  • One liner: The simple, self custodial crypto wallet to help you earn and trade via DeFi.

  • What can users do on your project?: Users can earn via Aave, and trade via Jupiter through the most simple UX.

  • How is this integrated with Jupiter? We’re using Jupiter’s V6 Swap API to build the best trading experience for crypto beginners.

  • About the Team:

    • Team member(s) & social handles: Kaito, Jason, Victoria, Alexander
    • Background information in the ecosystem - previous projects or web3 experience: Tori Wallet, built by Utopia Labs is focused on accelerating the adoption of stablecoins. We’re backed by Paradigm and Kindred Ventures, and have been building in stablecoins, self custody wallets, and fintech + crypto for the past 2.5 years.
  • Tell us about your vision

    • Why did you build the project? Our vision for Tori is building the simplest experience for anyone to be able to access crypto. We do this by enabling free on & offramps, a mobile crypto wallet that uses passkeys/smart contract wallets/account abstraction, and abstracting the crypto experience for end users (ie no gas, no chains, no tabs/browsers, etc).
    • How does your project fundamentally change the web3 space? We believe that there’s been 3 platform shifts with the rise of internet enabled finance (aka crypto): 1. Self custody wallet infrastructure is rapidly improving with account abstraction and passkeys. 2. Stablecoins will inevitably be the future of digital cash in a rapidly increasing digitized world. 3. With the maturity of L2’s and Solana, blockchains are finally cheap + fast enough for apps like Tori. Given these 3 platform shifts, we believe that the time to build useable self custody experiences is now.
    • What are your upcoming plans for the project? Our roadmap is highly flexible, and we iterate alongside our users! Our high level product roadmap is becoming the self custodial, mobile stablecoin superapp.
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