Newmoney.AI X Jupiter Integration

Project name: NewMoney.AI

Project description:
NewMoney.AI is a cutting-edge AI-powered wallet and financial platform designed to simplify and streamline cryptocurrency transactions. Our platform supports major networks and provides seamless access to financial services via popular messaging apps like Telegram, Discord, and Viber. Users can send, receive, swap, and bridge cryptocurrencies effortlessly using our intuitive AI chatbot, Newton.

One-liner: A digital cash and wallet powered by AI.

What can users do on your project?

  • Send, receive, swap and bridge cryptocurrencies
  • Access financial services via messaging apps (Telegram, Discord, Viber)
  • Manage their crypto portfolio seamlessly

How is this integrated with Jupiter?
NewMoney.AI integrates with Jupiter to provide users with access to Jupiter’s advanced trading tools and functionalities, such as optimized exchange rates, staking, DCA, limit orders, and perpetual trading options. Users can connect their NewMoney wallet directly to Jupiter’s platform for a streamlined trading experience.

Team member(s) with Social handles & Discord handles:

  • Dan (Community Manager): tg @danzero1; discord: @dan_ij
  • Ayrat (Moderation Lead): tg @ayratmodhaqq
  • Kir (Content Lead): tg @rektus_9
  • Jo (Project Manager): tg @johanga_n
  • Artem (Dev Lead): tg @arrr_tem

Background information in the ecosystem - previous projects or web3 experience:

The team behind NewMoney.AI has extensive experience in the web3 ecosystem, having worked on various blockchain projects and financial technology solutions. Our combined expertise spans smart contract development, blockchain integration, and AI-driven financial services.

Our vision

Why did you build the project?

We built NewMoney.AI to simplify cryptocurrency transactions and make them accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical expertise. By leveraging AI and integrating with popular messaging apps, we aim to remove the complexities associated with crypto transactions and provide a user-friendly experience.

How does your project fundamentally change the web3 space?

NewMoney.AI revolutionizes the web3 space by introducing AI-driven transaction management through familiar communication channels. This approach democratizes access to cryptocurrency services, making them more intuitive and accessible to a broader audience. Our integration with platforms like Jupiter further enhances the user experience by offering advanced trading tools and seamless asset management.

What are your upcoming plans for the project?

  • Expand support for additional blockchain networks
  • Sending ‘cash’, or basically gasless transactions
  • Trading stocks & equities
  • Adding additional chat apps for Newton ( Whatsapp, SMS, Messenger )
  • Foster partnerships with more chains, DeFi platforms and projects
  • Enhance security features and user education initiatives


Docs: No public documentation yet
Telegram Channel:
Telegram Chat:
Discord: Newmoney.AI
Linktree: Newmoney.AI | Linktree
Medium: Newmoney.AI – Medium

This is sooo jupiter


awesome news!! nice wallet, easy to use


Given that it is AI, a wallet, potential high stakes, liquidity multi-sig transactions…

…and on first glance an anonymous team, is there anything tangible and relatable? Voluntary doxes, Linkedin, real names, faces? I mean I could deep dive on the links, but ideally I would like to know that beforehand.

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Thank you for your interest and your thoughtful questions. We understand the importance of transparency, especially in a project involving AI and financial transactions.

Our core team, while valuing privacy, is committed to building trust within our community. Here are some details to provide more tangibility and relatability:

Team Members

  • Dan (Community Manager)
    • Telegram: @danzero1
    • Discord: @dan_ij
  • Ayrat (Moderation Lead)
    • Telegram: @ayratmodhaqq
  • Kir (Content Lead)
    • Telegram: @rektus_9
  • Jo (Project Manager)
    • Telegram: @johanga_n
  • Artem (Dev Lead)
    • Telegram: @arrr_tem

LinkedIn Profiles

While we currently do not have LinkedIn profiles publicly shared, we are working towards a voluntary doxing process to increase transparency and trust. We will keep the community updated on this progress.

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to maintaining a secure and transparent environment. Our team is always available on our Telegram and Discord channels to address any concerns and provide assistance. Additionally, our development processes are open for review, and we are planning to release detailed documentation soon.

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Thank you for the reply, and I hope you do not take it as an attempt of discrediting, but give or take, Discord and Telegram accounts are not gonna cut it in the slightest.

Saying that you are dedicated to maintain a secure and transparent environment, and pointing to Discord an Telegram Accounts or channels in the process, especially with modifiers amounting to one number or letter added, is by all means and intentions, giving a strange vibe.

Aside from that last statement you also start (almost sandwiched the post in an initial statement and an end closure) strong with understanding importance of transparency or being committed to building trust. A bit far fetched that you resort to the TG and Discord names as details to provide tangibility and relatability.

No one would have anything against valuing privacy, but let’s be real for a moment. This integration is not about having some bunny emojis or some NFT game, where this could totally slide.

There is not much to work towards on a voluntary doxing, in fact it is not even such a big deal to blow up about on.

If a company does not even have a public CEO, CTO or someone that claims expertise, actually underlining it, it is a Nothingburger, however you look at it.

The initial claim is rather big in perspective:

The team behind NewMoney.AI has extensive experience in the web3 ecosystem, having worked on various blockchain projects and financial technology solutions. Our combined expertise spans smart contract development, blockchain integration, and AI-driven financial services.

Now how would anyone believe that only by anonymous usernames?

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