Proposal for "Active" JUP Staking

Good BEEP y’all,

I stake BONK and I love that I can claim my earned Bonk on a daily basis. Can we do the same with staked JUP? Being able to claim earned JUP every day will encourage staking.


Doubt it will happen and you can search this forum, Twitter, etc. to find out why things were set up as they are.

There’s a reason the rewards for voting are called “Active Staking Rewards”. Incentive drives action and the ultimate goal here is to encourage active participation not passivity.


Anyone know if unstaking is required now to get reward by July or if automatic?

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Unstaking is not required to receive ASR.

The JUP rewards from ASR will be added directly to your staking balance unles you have unstaked in which case they will be dropped to your wallet.

The other tokens (ZEUS, WEN, SHARK, UPT) will likely have to be claimed and may possibly be vested.

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Thanks BlueZenith, couldn’t find anything about it. Not ready to unstake unless absolutely needed. So will staking automatically roll over to the next quarter?

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Yes, staking and your Voting Power will carry over into the next governance quarter.

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