How do I track my staked JUP?

Where did my staked JUP go, how do I track it?


Go to
You will see Big green text “Voting power” and under it you will see “Staked JUP” and you will also have the the link to unstake it. If you initiate unstaking you will need to wait for 30 days for the tokens to be available to you.

You should also have in mind, that you would need to vote if you want to participate in the rewards distribution.


One thing you have to know before clicking on the “Start Unstake” button is that you’ll start losing “voting power” after unstacking your locked JUP.


I had the same issue, just go to the voting link and there u can see your staked jup


Where do i find info about the rewards distribution so i can understand how it works?


Can you kindly walk me through the process of how voting works? I didn’t manage to figure out couple days ago and participate in last vote.

Many thanks!


Step by step guide:

  1. Go to
  2. Lock your JUP in the “Voting Power” section.
    NOTE: As mentioned in the bubble, “unstaking takes 30 days. During the countdown, you will be able to vote but with decreased voting power.” For example, if you lock 100 JUP, vote, and immediately start the unlock process, after 15 days, you will have a voting power of just 50 JUP (50% of original 100 JUP locked).
  3. Scroll down to the “Proposals” section. Click on the Proposal. Select the choice you’d like to vote for, and vote. After you’ve successfully voted, the “Cast your vote” in the upper left of the bubble should update to “You voted for: __”. This is how you’ll know whether or not your vote went through or not.

There are currently no active proposals, so you’ll only be able to test this once there is a new one.

Hope this helps!


I’m not sure if the question was answered but I’m interested to know how you can see the value of the token, not just the amount staked. Is there some way to display this on the app?


Doesnt appear atm, but some simple maths can figure that out. Very easy with $JUP now at $1… but not sure how long it will be here

I was also wondering about a way to tracking the rewards distribution, any chatter about a dashboard? maybe the voting/staking page is getting built out further to accommodate all of these niceties ?


Is the Jupiter team actively working with AssetDash (and other asset trackers) to enable them to show staked $JUP?


No clue. But they can definitely get that done in-house without depending on other apps. It all depends if thats a priority dev initiative or not.

It would also be nice to see the voting page develop into a rewards tracking page to show marginal rewards from each vote. The math cannot easily be done at present to get even an approximate APR for the first 6 month 100m JUP period.

My suspicion is the more obvious it becomes for folks, that staking/voting w JUP is an incredibly profitable endeavor the more demand and price of the token.

Price aside, enhancing the Voting page display would increase transparency tremendously which has been a priority for the team all along.


I have 200 jups locked but I cast 1 vote, someone else locked 1 jup and cast 1 vote. What advantage do I have in this situation?


voting is weighted by the amount of JUP you have staked.

so your 1 vote is actually 200 JUP vote power, the person with 1 JUP vote is legit 1 JUP vote power.

As it is now, you get no additional benefit and probably shouldnt stake your jup if you arent going to vote as you will miss out on rewards.


Yes I would like to know this as well


Thanks, it’s easy enough to equate what i have to the price of JUP but that doesn’t show the interest earned whilst being staked. This appears to be a basic need of any investment, to have awaeeness over the value. Hopefully it will be addressed if more people want it. I literally missed the last vote by a few hours, any idea what is next on the cards or where to find info?


Yo, rewards (interest if you want so) are distributed quarterly and before the launches of Zeus and others, it is impossible to calculate the real number, however, on $JUP rewards you can count on 20-25% of the amount staked in 3 months if you voted with it in all proposals cause we have now 200m $JUP voted and 100m $JUP for a half of a year (50m jup in the first quarter)


This still prompting some additional questions.

  1. Is there a weighting mechanism in play for $JUP rewards on each individual vote based on total voted with JUP or does each individual vote over the quarter get the same percentage allocation of JUP rewards?

e.g. Say there are 4 votes over the quarter, each vote instance would have 25% of 50M distributed proportionately to the voters.

  1. If not the above scenario, what is the actual scenario? Looking for documentation from the team if possible. Speculation probably wont clear this up.

In both cases, it wouldnt make sense to not have some basic estimation available for the voting rewards. And if JUP wants to remain the most transparent protocol out here, it feels like this needs to be done.


You can find it on the website after you connect your wallet. Takes 1 month to unstake.


Also, you may use SonarWatch.


I use AssetDash Portfolio from Backpack wallet to see the updated value. It´s free. You need to add as a Manual Wallet.

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