ASR Retrospective & Feedback #1

With the first round of ASR now under our belt — we would like to offer this opportunity to voice any feedback.

To get you started, we have a few questions:

  1. What did you like about it?

  2. Were there any areas you feel could be improved?

We are considering a few ideas already including a bulk claim on the site. Additionally, we would like thoughts around putting a JUP claim floor.

That is, if you have under this amount of JUP staked, you cannot claim rewards. The purpose of this would be 2-fold. To deter sybilling, in addition to reducing the tech bandwidth required during the disbursement period.

Would a floor of 5 be good? 10? None? Let us know your thoughts.

Also please join us for a Discord Townhall tomorrow on the topic if you will be around to attend: Discord


The ASR was good overall but if we actually see that in detail only the JUP was worth it compared to other tokens so something needs to be worked out in order to make LFG better , also can we consider taking Launchpad fees in terms of $JUP (partly or full)?

Another point is for the tokens launched in starting of the quarter we will recieve ASR after 2 months , so if there’s a way to get it early this would be better (we can make it vested if the project wants to prevent sell pressure)

Overall liked this as it was simple and didn’t involved any complex mechanism - ASR based on voting power and its utilisation :+1:t2:


No impermanent loss.

Keep It simple.

Improved Stacking vote for longer periods:

5 years stacked multiply for 10X your voting Power and decreases linearly.


POLIS from STar Atlas uses something similar.

Let´s talk!


I like that the disbursement of ASR was done quickly and early in the month and gotten out of the way pretty quickly.
On the other hand it is obvious that without the JUP part of the ASR rewards none of the other tokens would have been worth the gas spent or the time used participating in all the votes. A few things could be changed to take care of this problem like increasing the fees they pay to use LFG (3-5%), reducing the time between launches and claims.


Here are my thoughts:

What I liked: the ease of claiming the tokens. Although a “one click” claim them all would be good.

Areas to improve: As this has been my first ASR, I thought the process was easy and nothing comes to mind for improvement.


ill keep it simple! it worked nice


i feel however some people wanted to claim all their tokens in one transaction


I think that it was a very smooth process. I really liked the design, both visually and functionally. Jupiter team nailed it!


Claim floor good idea in my opinion, it does make everything better for the majority of real users

I liked that i got a decent return on my staked jup and dont mind it being added to my stake personally


At this point, it is somewhat obvious that LFG ASR token rewards should be available immediately at TGE.


  1. Tokens at TGE are far more valuable than a few months after. Getting tokens at TGE is an OPTION to sell, LP, lend, stake, etc. There is no question that this option has value that JUP voters are stripped of. I see no excuse to keep making only us forced holders of a project while its own user base or whoever they give tokens to are free to do whatever at TGE.
  2. Only those who voted for the specific LFG will get their tokens. As it’s done now, if someone stakes JUP and votes AFTER the LFG vote he hasn’t participated in, he will still get the tokens and it’s strange.

the process at which i connected and staked $Jup was simple and smooth, although this is my first time
I also think, the claiming process should also be made simple with one click it should be possible to claim all staked tokens.


They collet some additional fee’s from claiming the rewards.
Be aware claiming tokens, they also put a small note on the claim page;
“Note: Some of these rewards might be too small to claim.”


Overall sentiment if positive. I would like to see some of the suggestions aired in one of the community calls implemented to improve the “quality” of participation, but as far as incentivising participation a success.

Some of the suggestions made include:

  1. Time lag before being able to vote to give participants time to read documentation.
  2. Simple quiz (Carrot rather than stick in the sense that getting answers right adds weight to your vote).

Encouraging participation is the first goal. Encouraging quality participation without putting off others a worthy secondary goal.


I loved the process and the way the rewards were set up. True that only the Jup rewards were valuable but I imagine that will change over time. Were the other tokens contributed? All good and unexpected.



So i very much support mutipliers for staking longer periods of time as mentioned by someone above. This is why.

I haved had 10 jup staked during voting. 9/9 votes. I vote against all budgets, i voted for the green energy project, which is to say i actually read the info, and made a decision for each vote. I was invovled in the group chats, etc.

9/9 votes (10 staked jup) Rewards: 2.75 jup, .4 zeus, 412 wen, .412 upt, .04 sharky.

1/9 votes (stake unknown) rewards: 2.97 jup, .44 zeus, 446 wen, .44 upt, .044 sharky.

4/9 votes (stake unknown) rewards: 6.8 jup, 1.02 zeus, 1,020 wen, 1.02 upt, .1 sharky

6/9 votes (stake unknown) rewaeds: 8.69 jup, 1.3 zeus, 1,304 wen, 1.3 upt, .13 sharky

If i could have time locked my stake, i wouldve gotten more than the guy who voted once. Big stakers can now unstake, sell jup and other rewards, only have to come back for next voting rewards period.


  • time lock voting power multiplier
  • minimum time staked prior to votes to vote/get rewards
  • voting power multiplier for each vote (1.5x 2 votes, 2x 3 votes, etc)
  • dont decentivize active engaged stakers, no matter how small

I would like to see a tracker of how much % of jup has been claimed (presuming the left over unclaimed jup goes to the next round).


I would like to suggest to make a forfeit button so everyone that has dust allocation of wen upt shark etc can forfeit the claim and either burn them or distribute to somewhere else


Having dust amounts of random tokens that we may not be interested in was annoying. It involves opening token accounts, selling tokens or burning tokens. Distribution needs to be improved.

Perhaps give an option on how a voter can claim tokens?
Some thoughts below:

  • I would have liked a “Claim All” button, to minimize transactions.
  • I would have liked to claim the rewards only in JUP and/or SOL. I was not interested in receiving dust amounts of random tokens.
  • I would also like to see an ASR claim ability in the same DAO tab on the voting website.
  • I would like to see a benefit for voters who have locked their tokens for longer periods of time than others. 30 days, 60 days, etc… Raydium has a feature similar to this. We are penalized on the unlock but not rewarded for long-term locking, just voting. For projects that might distribute NFTs or other airdrops to JUP holders, voters suffer.
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Since the distribution of JUP is linear to voting quantity and activity, is a floor really needed? Wouldn’t the outcome be the same whether it’s 1 wallet or 2 wallet?

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