MoonScape - Fast Paced 1v1 Autobattler on Solana


We all grew up on MMOs with our fair share of friendships&rivalries, pointless drama, clan leaders trying to edate your “sister” which turned out to be just your woman avatar alt, even hustlers that would make crypto scammers blush. It basically was the metavarse of the 2000s.

The game took inspiration from RS and the duel arena where >$1b of games have been wagered.

Introducing MoonScape

What was a year ago a hobby project meant to settle internal disputes between our OSRS/WOW clan members now is looking at a port on Solana Chain. With MoonScape, we are bringing back the equalized 1v1 PvP mode of OSRS where winner takes it all and loser goes “Fock it!”. The UX is pretty straightforward: enter the website > select a wallet > pick a user name > set a bet or join an existing match > live to tell the tale. There are currently 2 gamemodes available:

  • the fast paced Maxed Whip with a high RNG delta which allows for comebacks from a seemingly lost game
  • the snail paced Maxed Box, for people who value smacktalking their opponent over winning


We believe the game as is caters for streaming communities as well since there’s low of barrier of entry and virtually infinite content.


The Boring Stuff

While the matches are being stored onchain, the game servers are hosted offchain with the latter being split into 2 components:

  • the Waiting Lobby → a place where players can kill time by hyping each other up before the unevitable purge
  • the Duel Arena → only the worthy may live to tell the tale

Being browser based, wallet integration has been a non issue, so in order to kill time until we’re launching we’ve added SPL duels and ETH duels on top of SOL bets.

Meet our Team

Few words from Eddie (REDACTED):

“This project was just a meme app for our guild untill it wasn’t. This time 1 year ago it basically had no UI, the duels were buggy as flip, there were no real bets and the load it could handle was abysmall. At some point we figured that we needed to get real and get to work to turn MoonScape into a grade A product. Both of us (Eddie and B) are backend devs at heart and someone needed to handle the UX. Thus, one coinflip lost and a few months later here we are :D. I guess what I’m trying to say is, you’re in good hands, we’re both gamers, we understand our audience. It might not be relevant, but we also like to brag about our achievements, one of us (me) has even a proven professional record in multiple games (unique persona in LOL Challenger EUW, shouted out here, here, here and here, also the best PVE Ret Paladin to bless the EU realm in WOW during Vault of Incarnates. Less impressive feats include being Divine ranked in Dota, Global Elite in CS GO and Legend in HS)”

Roadmap so far

  1. Governance → implementing both cookie cutter and unique utilities for our token
  2. Scalability/Merging → less is more: optimize matchmaking > less servers > more concentrated pools of players on those realms
  3. New Horizons → decide on a direction: more game features or create an ecosystem of similar games


We’ve decided on a “fair launch” approach, pooling between $ 5,000 and $ 10,000 in liquidity. As for the distribution:

Things we didn’t cover and throwed under FAQ

Q: Are there any fees?
A: Yes, house takes 5%.

Q: Wen?
A: Soon, our final infrastructure & initial costs are based on our standing with the LFG program.

Q: Why I cannot join the game after I created it?
A: You cannot join a game until another player has accepted it.

Q: I’ve changed my mind and I don’t want to duel anymore, but someone has already joined, what do I do?
A: Contact us on telegram.

Q: Wen more links?
A: We will update on the go, the game is ready.


Thanks for showing what you’ve been working on!

Would love to get help with understanding more what kind of game this is. What is RS? OSRS?

What is the value proposition?

This looks like an interesting type of web3 game. Even though, graphics wise, it’s not that amazing but the concept of PVP gaming is there.

The problem is, how would this game attract web3 users or gamers to try and play this afk like pvp game?

Common question of “how sustainable” is the game?

So to answer both of your questions:
First of all, my apologies, I guess we were so busy painting the trees that we forgot about the forest.
RS - RuneScape
OSRS - OldSchool RuneScape
I believe MoonScape would be a great candidate for filling the empty slot of GamFi project on the JUP ecosystem. This is mainly because we’re using the blockchain for its intended purpose to the max, that being as a database and transaction layer.
It’s not an AFK game since you can move around/dance/chat. You can definitely stop attacking if you want, but I don’t see how that would benefit anyone.
We’ve developed the game on the premise that, if people enjoy so much watching streamers just opening CS GO cases or Dota 2 chests, they would surely enjoy betting against other people instead of the house and smacktalk each other during the process. Again, we’re putting a strong emphasis on the high RNG delta, which leads to no match being the same.
As for sustainability, the house tax should be able to cover those costs.