Stocks on Chain ? How?

Please be Gentle , my grammar can be harsh

My understanding to the best of my ability. I think jup would have to hold the assets similar to a LP and coordinate with api from a major stock exchange or a stock oracle ( dont know if thats a thing ) picking blue chip stocks first and progressivly working through stocks with potential

Legal aspects, im not sure what licensing but paperwork would be needed( i imagine) and stocks being more regulated will need to CYA and lead to having more of a paper trail (KYC) before being a realistic opportunity

Unless were talking about Speculative stocks and only holding a token that represents the price rather than it being backed by the asset it self, less bullish but could lead into a full exchange on chain over time with fees leading to buying stocks and (in theory) locking them on chain for future LPs.

Im not a coder, legal expert , or day trader
So i could be way off on all of this but its seem possible and im bullish on Jupiters Future !!!


It is a great idea! I was thinking about it too. The best part of the blockchain is that it is a bank/forex exchange that doesn’t sleep. Why shouldn’t the same apply to stocks too? I believe after the regulatory hurdles, it will all be in the implementation details. I would assume there would be a liquidity problem. With stocks trading only 8 X 5, if there is news over the weekend, blockchain stocks will take a hit. It allows for trading outside of trading hours and therefore the low volume of trading could cause significant losses.


I agree that stocks onchain is an interesting idea and will happen sooner or later. Especially because you wouldn’t have to off-ramp your money to diversify your assets /w stocks.

The oracle approach that simply tracks prices that you mentioned could work but I think it would be easiest to speak to projects that already did it and learn from their mistakes (e.g., Mirror Protocol,