JUP DAO Record Label - for promoting art, music, jup, solana globally

Jupiter and Solana are full of talented individuals, many within our own community, others from outside it that we can bring in to contribute through spreading art, music, Jupiter, and Solana.

Funds would help facilitate music videos, events, concerts, proper equipment for people to record, advertising, and the spreading of the record label through many means.

Artists and leaders and those interested with some background within the community can be voted on as the leaders behind the Record Label, with re-elections held.

This is a work in progress idea but i think a good one!

A little about me: I am a music producer for the past decade, along with a DJ, rapper, and solana manlet.

Anyone else have any thoughts on this? Good idea? Great idea? Bad Idea? Why?

More details:

For funding:

  • Events and Concerts. Can obtain Sponsors for events and concerts from within the Solana ecosystem like Tensor, Magic Eden, Jupiter (ofc) etc. Events can be more than just concerts I am talking about: Physical/Visual Art exhibitions w/ music, Sound Healing sessions with Visual and physical environments (think Burning Man), massive festivals eventually (think Electric Forest), and classic DJ warehouse / club vibes (think Boiler Room).

  • Streaming: tracks, mixes, tutorials, DJing (YouTube, Apple, Spotify, Twitch)

-Clothing/Merchandise - I want this to be more than just merchandise. I want this to be a High to Mid-end Clothing Fashion Brand on top of all of this.

For releases:
Each tracks will be voted on the committee and/or the community and artists!

We can direct funding from the treasury and sponsors for Mixing and Mastering tracks professionally so they sound good everywhere - this can be outsourced or from our community; funds can also be used for Music Videos to spread the tracks and Jupiter/Solana via X, YouTube, TikTok, etc.

We can collaborate with visual artists over the entire ecosystem helping spread our art, music, and message.

Not all tracks have to be Solana or Jupiter related, although some specific crypto related tracks or references would be awesome, and likely liked by many because of this, the tracks just need to be good and liked by many/voted on.

For events:
Locations, specificity of events, etc., will be voted on by the committee and/or community.

We can delegate funds from the treasury to hire big name artists, rappers, and DJs to come live paint, live mix, and perform, along with having our own community open for these acts and/or close. Having bigger names we bring in would help sell out events and have it be more than just catdets and manlets.

This is a work in progress idea. I just initially want this idea out there, to be flushed out in the weeks and months ahead.


Yeah it’s a good idea! I am a music professional myself (performing musician and producer) and I’d love to release any of my tracks using the DAO.

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It sounds good for me mate, let’s see :wink:


Thanks! I agree! I would love to be apart of this committee!


Nice! Yeah that would be awesome! I am sure there are loads of people wanting to release with JUP Record Label if it happens! A committee along with voting with the community would be a good way to choose which songs, which artists, etc we would release!

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Have you talked to Doctor? Maybe combine your efforts.

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Not sure if I recall this right or mix something up, But I believe I saw 2 other things about music and at least one if not two about visual art.

Like @yot0e said, drum up support and combine your forces, I thing that something around music, art and content creation has always some weird aspects of people needing to show skill while now content creator should work in advance and for exposure only…

And also because of production, managing and high hidden costs in processes there easily artists can come out short.

So maybe a super strong proposal from many different presenters, with own key expertises, would draw in much more user support than a standalone one.

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Sounds like a great idea ngl, the “think Burning Man” line got me hooked :grin:. I’m game

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Great idea, like yot0e said, may be good to discuss your ideas with doctor preballin!

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I appreciate the out of the box thinking, but this seems to have some gaps.

  1. You mention proper equipment for people to record. How? You send the equipment via FedEx and they return it when they are done? You give them money to buy equipment? Do they have to come to a physical location to record on proper equipment? Physical location limits who can participate. Sending equipment means you have inventory that someone maintains. Giving money means everyone will want some, including me. I don’t have talent, but will take free equipment. :slightly_smiling_face:
  2. Unless all the music is about JUP, Solana, or community-related themes, then this is just a business that’s not really related to the community IMO. Kind of like if I wanted to open up a t-shirt printing business to sell shirts, but I’ll put the JUP logo on some. Without a focus on JUP, is the main mission of the t-shirt business really about the community, or just selling shirts?
  3. How does the community benefit? If we had a record label, I’m sure many would want to record and release songs, so who decides which artists can record? If recorded and released, how does the community benefit financially?
  4. Events/Concerts/Festivals sound nice, but are these in-person or virtual? In-person limits participation to only a few. Also, what’s a typical cost to have an in-person art festival like a Burning Man where I’m assuming many artists will need to be flown into the location, housed and fed during their time at the event, plus equipment, etc., otherwise it’s limited to just locals again. I know you mentioned sponsors, but what if they don’t want to support it? Some festivals are associated with heavy drug use and some sponsors may just not want to participate.

Without more clarity, this feels like it doesn’t align well with the community goals/mission.


Personally, I am very supportive of this idea. I believe with a little more work on outlining and planning the progression of such a WG in this proposal that this idea can and should be a success for the Jupiter community as whole.

I believe some valid concerns have been brought forward to be considered constructive feedback in improving the vision of this mission.

More details on the alignment of such a proposal with the mission and goals of Jupiter should help bolster confidence in such a project.

With such alignment in more detail I can see the vision you are aiming to achieve here being a great success in the future of Jupiter and its strong community.

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