Proposal: Establish a Music-Centered Marketing Initiative for Jupiter DAO

Proposal: Establish a Music-Centered Marketing Initiative for Jupiter DAO

(Full Budget Breakdown With infographic Coming)


Over the past few months, Jupiter has seen significant success in leveraging music to enhance its marketing, brand awareness, and online engagement. This success has been driven by Doctor PreBallin’s musical content for various Jupiter announcements and updates. These musical tweets have consistently received high engagement, showcasing the utility in consistently incorporating music into Jupiter’s marketing strategy. No DAO has consistently incorporated well-branded, on-point music into their marketing structure, presenting a unique opportunity for Jupiter.

The goal is to enhance the quality of content and community, improving engagement and increasing reach by incorporating a wide range of musicians under experienced management and supervision, and placing their creation in the hands of experienced advertisers. This will help us ensure that every piece of video content shared from the Jupiter page is maximally engaging for the viewer, and has the furthest reach possible.

Proposal Outline

Establish and Operate a Jupiter Music Label “JUPRECORDS”

Jupiter will benefit greatly from funding its own music label. We would create compelling audio for all developments relative to Jupiter DAO. This includes:

  • Announcement songs
  • Custom sound-designed backing tracks for videos (animation sound effects, soundscaping, etc.)
  • Music for advertisements/Managing said ads
  • Music for the Community to playback both in the discord and on streaming services
  • Hosting community events such as rap battles, karaokes, beat battles, etc

Label Structure & Budget

1. Primary Direction: (3 month trial phase)

  • Doctor PreBallin will continue to write/record songs for the DAO as well as oversee a head marketing/label oversight position for a compensation of $8,333 per month ($25,000 total)

  • Little Unusual (current Jupiter music video animators) would be grandfathered into the working group as essentials/will be paid $1500 per minute of animation, the same rate will go for any outsourced animators. We’ll assume an average of a minute and a half per week at $9,000 a month.

  • Any other qualifying Artists/video editors in the DAO will be selected and then brought on through a nomination/voting process from catdets/cats of culture, examples could be individuals like Mirea.

    1. Artist Requirements
      a) must have an accessible way to record their music in a studio setting or be willing to set up bandlab/replicate one
      b) must be recognized within the DAO
      c) must be willing to receive criticism/direction/guidance on lyrical content from Doctor, Soju, Kash, etc
  • Artists will be paid up to $1,600 per song written/recorded/completed (cowriting directly with Doctor or through revisions) and then receive all the royalties generated from any streaming. The goal will be a song a week, however some weeks will only need to hire a producer. Any leftover budget will be returned at the end of the year.

  • Producers/Sound designers will be commissioned by the artists within a set budget of:

    1. $500 a week for this at most, producers will be paid relative to length of audio finished, receipts will be logged and made public (as well as for all 3rd party commissions/budgeting)

    2. If extra is leftover from one week, can carry over to the next, anything unused is returned by end of the year or put towards advertising. This structure also applies to all other budgets suggested throughout this proposal. Receipts will be logged and made public.

  • In order to keep content up to date with what is being released from Jupiter at the time, PreBallin will continue to oversee songwriting and will work closely with the artists in order to keep content themes on track.

Additional Initiatives

1. Jup Radio:

  • A Discord channel that plays music from the Jupiter Curated playlist. Includes all the previous PreBallin songs for Jupiter, as well as other tracks made by artists within the label.

2. Jup Radio Podcast:

  • A monthly podcast hosted in townhall by Doctor PreBallin covering the label and upcoming events for Jupiter. This could include:
    1. Auditions for Jupiter’s label to spotlight talent in the DAO
    2. Rap battles
    3. Beatmaking contests
    4. Karaoke contests
    5. POAP prizes for contest winners
    6. Jupiter merchandise for contest winners
  • Winners would be determined by polls at the end of the stream

3. Merch

  • Increase visibility with merch relative to the label, songs, and most importantly, Jupiter.
  • The easiest piece of merch to make currently would be a “” shirt and hat. That is a CTA/Brand/Title/keyword all in one.
  • If merch turns profitable, can take those funds and cycle them back into advertising budget.

4. Marketing/Advertising

  • A set marketing budget could begin with a trial period of $10,000 a month and adjusted accordingly after the trial period. This should be enough to test the waters with this angle of marketing. One of the first things we will do is start running youtube/instagram/tiktok ads on

5. Potential Contributions For Post-Trial-Period Initiatives

  • Coordination of live music at Jupiter or Solana public events, ensuring they are engaging and not dull conventions.
    • Potentially book crypto-friendly artists for events who are still mainstream.
  • Facilitate cross-promotion with other Solana projects and beyond.

Engagement Thus Far


  • Across all music videos from Jupiter, we have a total of 860,000 impressions to date


  • Average of 3,500 likes per tweet.
  • Two tweets are nearing 5,000 likes, placing them in the top 5 most liked tweets from Jupiter’s account since its airdrop, with one in the top 3.


  • 2/4 of the music tweets have received upwards of 350 replies, placing them in Jupiter’s top 5 replied to tweets since February (post-airdrop).


  • An average “repost to like ratio” of 25%, outperforming the majority of other Jupiter announcement tweets.

Additional Solana ECO Songs:

  • Sanctum Wonderland - 4,000+ likes, THE biggest sanctum tweet ever, 1.4 MILLION Impressions
  • Meteora - 328 likes, 5th biggest meteora post of the year
  • Shoutout Solana, 740 likes, 7th biggest superteam post of all time

These metrics demonstrate the marketability of music for Jupiter. As I said before, no DAO has really gone this route prior Thus, Jupiter’s innovative foray, incorporating DAO centered, quality music, projects to continue being extremely successful in currying engagement. It is my proposition that there remains even more untapped potential, a path which would lean into a more diverse and developed musical focus, ensuring the DAO’s message remains fresh and vibrant.

Role and Responsibilities

Doctor PreBallin will be responsible for the following operations relative to JUPRECORDS for 3 months for a total of $25,000 ($8,333 a month for 3 month term with a possibility of renewal via DAO vote for a 1 year term at $10,400 a month):

  • Ceasing all work with current IRL clients in order to focus entirely on Jupiter
  • Managing JUPRECORDS’s releases and ensuring songs are uploaded to streaming platforms in a timely manner for debut
  • Songwriting/providing content guidance for artists voted on by the DAO
  • Ensuring that we have something out every week by the time a CTA would be posted
  • Running advertisements through songs such as, turning them into short-form ads (<30 sec) for platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok
  • Mixing and mastering each track (referring current clients elsewhere to focus on Jupiter)
  • Coordination with third-party elements related to content creation (lyric video animators, producers, etc)
  • Handle any music business/licensing, AASCAP/BMI registry & ensuring artists are as well, oversee royalty distribution to artists, etc.
  • Scouting and determining which further collaborators to work with on a continual or retained basis (producers/music video animators and directors/promoters etc)
  • Maintain online and in-person connections with established artists, influencers and A&Rs in LA and throughout the US. International travel may be included as needed.
    • I would be able to travel to other parts of USA, CA/MX with ease. I have a passport and have flown to Europe to do music videos before, so international travel would be no problem. This is more likely a post trial initiative that we can develop and decide a budget for if it aligns with our future goals.
  • Creating and managing a Jupiter SoundCloud page and playlist, and updating the Spotify playlist regularly
  • Doxxing to the Jupiter team/core working group and providing proof of identity

Doctor PreBallin’s (me) Background/Qualifications:

Two decades + of music experience

  • Trained in Piano since 2002
  • Bass/Guitar since 2008, Drums since 2010
  • Began songwriting/composing in 2008, have wrote hundreds if not thousands of songs since
  • Began producing/mixing and mastering in Ableton in 2016
  • Played/performed in multiple bands and as a solo artist my entire life
  • Moved to Hollywood in February of this year and have been already working with artists all over the city mixing/mastering their music

Bachelors in Open Music Studies

  • Studied everything from sound design/synthesis to the history of various musical cultures such as the middle east
  • Developed strong musical connections in school that have allowed me to do everything from connect with A&Rs in hollywood to compose for film scores
  • Promoted and Stage Managed multiple shows and musical events with some events pulling in 1,000 people per night
    • Performed at every one of these shows and many others, I have performed live instrumentally/vocally hundreds of times in my life from small intimate venues to larger concert halls

Successfully engineered and marketed a recording studio where I have been self-employed from that business since 2020

  • Have recorded, composed, mixed and mastered for over 300 in-person clients, many of them regulars
  • Have mixed released music for well-known rappers such as Bigbabygucci in LA (255k monthly spotify listeners)
  • Advertised my business successfully across Google and Instagram from the ground up
    Most Recently built a successful online crypto twitter rapper Alias (Doctor PreBallin) and went from 0 to 1750 followers in less than a year.
  • On this account, I have received over 800 likes on a single song, 247 retweets, and 181 comments. This video has 144,000 impressions.*
  • While that is my best performing song and is pinned to my page, I also have multiple others with 100-200+ likes and thorough engagement as well.

Given the extensive list of responsibilities provided above and the cost of living in LA for the purpose of music industry networking, I believe that a salary of $8,333 a month is essential to prioritize working for JUPRECORDS over my own business. It will also allow me to take the brunt of California taxes better. While the podcast is likely to be a discord livestream, if we were to have any live linkups, my location in LA will be optimal as it is the social media and influencer capital of the world.

While this proposal is on par with the other working group proposals in terms of budgeting/total pay, I cannot emphasize enough how far proper marketing can take Jupiter. This is at a great value when you look at everything that can be tackled under this proposal. Most of the working groups are marketing or community related, but none are going so far currently as to actively test ads across platforms.

We are going a step further in creating soundtracks for ads that would appeal to masses. This is all about reaching people who may have never heard of crypto. Jupiter’s great goal is to onboard the masses and be the place where people go to trade crypto, and even more so with G.U.M. and GDSE initiatives. We need proper marketing in order to reach people the way we want, and the stats already show that this will be one of the best ways to do it. Good original music stands out in crypto, and it will also make crypto stand out to the rest of the world.


This proposal outlines a strategic plan to integrate music into Jupiter’s marketing, leveraging Doctor PreBallin’s expertise to create engaging content, foster community involvement, and drive brand awareness via the creation and operation of JUPRECORDS. With proven success in previous musical initiatives, this structured approach will further enhance Jupiter’s reach and engagement.

I am flexible with considering other people’s suggestions, and ready to answer any questions, thoughts or concerns. Thanks!

-Doctor PreBallin


I think your plan to extend Jupiter’s influence to the world of music is highly commendable. To tell you the truth, I’m absolutely delighted. Everyone has already had the opportunity to appreciate your work, and I must confess that I’ve already listened to your productions several times with great enthusiasm!

If this working group is to develop artistic collaborations all over the world around the Jupiter universe, promoting the brand’s image from A to Z as you propose, your experience leads me to believe that you have all the qualities to achieve this goal!

Does this mean you intend to give POAP a utility such as privileged access to a content distribution platform or the like?

What do you think of Audius?


Music is not JUP business.

But to conquer the financial world and become the most valuable brand in the next decade: that´s JUP future.

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I agree, not an ideal mix. No benefit to the financial side of JUP


Does it make sense for Jup? No
Is it potentially dope? Yes
Am I selfishly interested as a musician? Yes

I have no input otherwise for now. Those are just three statements I wrote in succession :sweat_smile:

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I think people may be underestimating the potential of well ran advertisements

Jupiter needs more mainstream push and this would be a really smooth way to accomplish that IMO

It is more of a marketing operation than it is a music operation, keep that in mind. The music is merely the vehicle for the marketing


This proposal would be another step towards expansion of the meta. Having in house music label will no doubt be very contentious. I can see the value in have high quality music to match a high quality product that Jupiter provides. As well as being a product in and of itself beyond the production of music.

Any initiative centered on quality content production, and or skills development are low risk and high reward in my opinion. The more Catdets are engaged within Jupiter the better. And the more skilled Catdets become the more valuable they are to the ecosystem.

I support this proposal and want to see it passed. The main obstacle will as always be budget related. I highly recommend creating an infographic outlining budget specifically. This will be the main issue to overcome. There will be the same angry debates, inevitable AI / “I know a guy” is cheaper, personal attacks, and fud. Anticipate these issues, consult with the other trial working groups and prepare accordingly.

The quality of what you and Little Unusual have already produced tells me all I need to know to support this. Focus on the budget, listen objectively to feedback and show you are egar to be flexible with the proposal terms.

Lean in man, you got this.


Hey thankyou so much for your thoughtful words man, super exciting to see people understanding the vision.

I have been working on revising budget for a little bit now and think the infographic is a great idea and will help break things down nicely

Will be updating this proposal this week and re-sharing once i do, trying to make sure i have everything accounted for and then know there will still be revisions after.

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Musicians get $300 per song written, recorded, and completed? That seems low. It should be 4-5x that at minimum, if you’re going with a flat fee. I would potentially go with a different structure.

Are musicians “signed” to the label? If they are, what does the label provide them? Are they contractors? The only per diem they get is for production sub-contracts?

Also, someone who makes AI generated music should in no way be compensated equally to someone who makes an actual professionally produced song with real vocals and/or instruments.

A 50/50 royalty split doesn’t seem right either; I would say more like 75/25 favoring the artists at worst…maybe even 90/10 favoring the artists. This could also possibly be dynamic based on some input factors we decide, but generally, I don’t think a 50/50 split on royalties is fair in most cases depending on the initial conditions.

What would JUPRECORDS do with the money from the royalty split specifically?

I don’t think you’re asking for enough money here. I think it’s a cool idea. I mostly support it.


Effective marketing and communications are a key aspect of growth, and this obviously includes music embedded within social media and other marketing avenues. The CV of DocP is impressive, and the proposal is clearly and logically laid out. I support this proposal.

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I am more than happy to raise the suggested rate musicians are getting paid, i just figured most content will be less than a minute long and am currently getting paid this amount per minute roughly for a lot of the work i do. If you think we should raise their prices, maybe I should have raised my own too by now and probably will lol.

Musicians would be more contractors in my original thinking, unless people believe the DAO would benefit from a signed structure - I’m open to reasoning either way.

I am all about incentivizing good quality detailed work, and I think that there are viable routes through both. However if they are “signed” - we would need to determine how exactly does their pay structure work and maybe incorporate more accountability into it. This route would likely involve giving them more creative control in compared to one where they are contracted/comissioned for specific jobs. In my opinion contracting is a little easier to navigate on an as needed basis and would be more flexibile for the DAO.

Agree on the AI generated music and the 50/50 royalty split points, will clarify this immediately and im going to propose changing the splits to 100/0 for now unless anyone can think of any reasons why the DAO would actually need these royalties instead of letting an artist fully benefit from their work if a song were to blow up. Upon revision I think you’re right and it makes sense that whatever $ the label would bring in from royalties would be better if just asked for up front, while we can the artist reap the benefits of their royalties/publishing on these songs.

As for AI creators, we are going to primarily try and steer away from that as far as the music itself is concerned, it’s pretty obvious still when music is AI created and we will want to keep solidifying real sound and display that talent wherever we can (hence the monthly podcast/karaokes/rap and beat battles that will help us see who is the best for these artist positions)

Your comment was really helpful and gave me some good insight to go back over what i had proposed and reconsider/restructure some stuff, VERY much appreciated. Thankyou again