How do I track my staked JUP?

Yes, we need a more detailed UI regarding personal staking. I staked too much, more than I can count, and I need to log in frequently to remind myself.

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I only see two proposals, both of which seem to have ended. Are there any more, am I required to use the search bar to locate active proposals?

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There have only been two votes so far, and they have indeed ended.
There will definitely be more proposals. The CWG budget and next round of LFG candidates should both be coming up for vote soon. Keep an eye on the #announcements channel in the Discord or follow Meow and the CWG on Twitter for the latest and greatest. Next vote is expected later this week or early next.


Thanks so much for the reply. I will keep an eye out. :slight_smile:

Hey yellowdino,

Wonder if you can help. I use Phantom and staked my JUP tokens using the JUP DEX. I voted on the Proposal: Core Working Group Budget today. However, when I go back to the Governance area, it tells me I have X Voting power, and doesn’t confirmed I have voted. Looks as though the vote didn’t go through. Is there a way of knowing if the vote has completed? And whether my staked JUP is “safe”. Appreciate any guidance, or if you can point me in the direction of someone who can support that would be great.

On the Proposal page, if you see something like " You voted: {your selected option}" then it means that you have voted.

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Your vote carries the weight of 200 JUP the other voter only 1 JUP

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Your vote carries more weight, you get more rewards

I guess it is in works but right now we can’t track staked JUP on assetdash sadly

You cannot see your votes for past votes right now. Maybe the team should add this in the future.

If you see your voting power below it is your staked JUP and currentyl it is the same - so it is safe :slight_smile:

It’s easy to forget, since it doesn’t show up on explorer wallet balance either.
Would be nice to receive soulbound JUPlock tokens (untradable/untransferable) in return whenever staking JUP.
And when claiming unstaked JUP, JUPlock tokens get sent back/burned if found on wallet. Or remaining as a memory.

Btw related Question:
How do yall keep track when votes start?
I try to keep checking the voting site but
then I forget about it. Following Solana news
on Twitter etc. is such an infoflood.

- Someone who just found a good amount of JUP he had staked in his old, ditched wallet… (With active wallets, he’s missed all the chances to use voting power nevertheless, so no difference there.) :penguin:

Thanks yellowdino appreciate the note

This is what I’ve found. Go to and link your wallet.