Jupiter Integrations Forum: Introducing Your Project To The Community

A forum for new projects integrated with Jupiter to share what they’ve built and allow users to explore the Jupiter ecosystem.

Are you a project?

  • Please follow the guidelines and template as mentioned below.
  • Ensure all questions are answered.
  • Keep details succinct for community to understand.
  • Answer questions from the community.

Are you a community member?

  • Practice good security habits (such as using a new/empty hot wallet).
  • Read disclaimer at end of the post.
  • Explore the project.
  • Provide questions or feedback to the project.

Project Introduction Template:

  • Tell us about your project

    • Project description:
      • Project name
      • One liner
    • What can users do on your project?
    • How is this integrated with Jupiter?
  • Tell us about yourself (and your team)

    • Team member(s)
    • Social handles & Discord handles
    • Background information in the ecosystem - previous projects or web3 experience
  • Tell us about your vision

    • Why did you build the project?
    • How does your project fundamentally change the web3 space?
    • What are your upcoming plans for the project?
  • Appendix/About

    • Website
    • Docs
    • Socials links
    • Community links

Note: For projects looking for additional marketing support, having high catdet or community interest on the forum post helps! We suggest you engage the catdets in further discussion here and in Discord. Proceed to open a general ticket in Discord if you have any further questions.

Disclaimer: Projects posted in this forum category are not vetted for their security, please ensure you practice good security habits such as using a new/empty hot wallet before signing any transactions. Jupiter will not be liable for any funds stolen, wallets compromised or any other malicious activity.