Exchange $ART application to LFG Launch

I like to see these levels of engagement coming from the art community. It feels organic and speaks well for you guys as a project.
Additionally, i have used EA on one occasion and am happy with both my acquisition and the user experience.
I have had some interesting interactions though…the NFT i purchased (AI Punk # 071) shows up in my Tensor inventory apparently connected to a collection…(Bride-retro punks) but not the artist who created and minted it (DaneliArtist)
Another issue i (maybe) see is that these items seem considerably more illiquid than standard NFTs, so might be more appealing to collectors as opposed to speculators. The problem with that is that much of what i saw tended to be derivative and that might not be appealing to more discerning users.
I am of course, coming from a place of near complete art ignorance, but it seems your platform is more of a boutique firm with a fairly specific target audience. (collectors, who target mid-tier, derivative NFTs)…lol that might sound like a dig, but it really isn’t. I’m speaking directly about myself. My budget is on the modest end, and my art tastes are…unevolved. However, i like the thought of owning a 1/1 with the hopes that I’m holding the digital equivalent of an early Picasso or something lol…
Having said all that, this project feels like an Art-House movie. Very good for what it is, but not necessarily suitable for a Hollywood premier. I guess i just feel like if you launched here, there might not be enough ecosystem support, and your user base probably wouldn’t be enough to hold up prices
Tokenomics are going to be key. a boutique project should have a boutique token project. Something designed to both appeal and benefit your core user base. You have the benefit of not having to please a bunch of different user bases. (assuming my thesis is correct, collectors, but with small budgets and a love for derivative art)
Additionally, as your project isn’t really Any-Fi, you can be very creative with both tokenomics and TGE.
How cool would it be to have a fractionalized NFT as a governance token? The token would have ‘grids’ and if you stake enough, you would occupy a grid and then by having that grid occupied with your stake, you can mint the NFTs that are hosted to that grid as individual PFPs…that would be your staking reward.
Sorry, tangent…my point is that as an art project, why limit yourselves?
There are so many exciting things we can do if we shift our perspective a bit.
Anyway, i could just be plain wrong lol, I’ve been wrong about lots of stuff so am used to it. (bell bottoms)
However it goes, I’m sure you’ll continue to prosper regardless of what i say.
(This post might be critical, but I swear i really do like you guys)


I’ve used your platform. I like it, it’s simple and easy. I see you sitting on the other end of the NFT spectrum to Tensor, who are fully trader driven (they even have a long/short beta product now).
Mallow is interesting as they kinda sit in-between you and Tensor for mine and maintain a solid foot in the speculation camp with their various features.
I wonder if you can be a successful NFT protocol on Solana with such a heavy art focus over speculation. I know a couple of NFT projects like you have succeeded on Ethereum but the purchasing power over there is still night and day compared to Solana. A fast cheap chain leans into more transactions; not less.

What do you think brings the high value collectors and artists you’ll need onto ExchangeArt over some of the more well known Ethereum platforms? Is it the listing fees?
And how do you think 1 of X affects a high end collector market that might be more inclined (and used) to 1 of 1?

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Whilst I know the team here is loathe to lean too much into speculation, which I think makes sense as a stance for their particular product, I think they do have a compelling use case for the token in the grants aspect.

I like the grants program for artists. A lot. I think a lot of people have underestimated the value of this.
Unlike the grant programs you see from other crypto protocols these types of grants, to artists, would directly provide listings (and therefore: revenue) to Exchange.Art.
It’s compelling as there are so many opportunities for properly new liquidity from this (unlike a trading rewards program which often brings recycled liquidity, and mostly recycled liquidity) as you’re bringing in brand new pieces of art to list on the marketplace.

Holding the token might in some ways been seen as holding a piece of an art focused venture fund but one where you’re also the platform your investments are deploying on. And this is sort of like how blockchains fund development but the value capture is less so than what an individual protocol can achieve.

I think a token can greatly benefit EA, but I expected the proposal to delve deeper into the tokenomics even if schematically.

Yes we need better ux, we need to onboard normies, etc. all builders in crypto want that, how do YOU think releasing a token will get you there?

just my two cents


Would you guys be able to expand this idea into the context of Music and album publishing? There’s an infinite untapped potential there I believe

bullish on exchange art