Claiming LFG airdrops

I claimed the first round, but never received any type of notification. How do I know when the claim period will be for the second round of LFG? And is there a time limit to claim?


The full rewards drop will occur in July for all voting April - June.


What about the Sanctum LFG 2 airdrop? For LFG 1, I had to take action to claim my Zeus tokens but I was never notified. They were ready to claim. I got lucky by checking back, and I believe there was a timeframe in which I had to claim them, if I’m not mistaken.

the function of elligible airdrops showing in a Phantom wallet pop up is by far the most convenient & i would think effective way to advertise a claim

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Agreed. Thanks for the reply. I have these notifications enabled, but I don’t recall being notified when LFG 1 Zeus was dropped. Perhaps I just missed it.

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For those of us who are new to this process, is there any information on how to claim, what to look out for, simply because as a first time like myself, I would be very worried connecting my wallet to a fraudulent site.

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Speaking of fraudulent site’s and connecing wallet’s. Be very careful of the threads that are posted on Jupiter’s X account after the official threads are finished. I’ve seen a lot of fake Jupiter X accounts with fake $JUP claims, fake and fake quests that look pretty legit. Always check to make sure it’s the real @Jupiterexchange and not some miss spelled knock off.

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For the LFG 1, the claim was done on the official Jupiter site. I’ve yet to find anything official that explains how to claim the LFG airdrops. And I could be wrong, but I think there is a timeframe to claim.

This is how, directly from the just click on the project.


Will all of the ASR be available to claim on the same day?